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  1. Who here would not be saying, “Yes Officer, I understand my miranda rights,” if any of us behaved this way? Justice for some? Yes, that’s how it appears.

    “Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser, the man who called the Chief Justice a “bitch” while threatening to destroy her and went on to be re-elected after a dubious election of “found votes”, has allegedly choked his colleague Justice Ann Walsh Bradley during discussions surrounding the union-busting bill last week.”


    • wicked

      Just how much are these people allowed to get away with?

      If Posser was a liberal, he’d be hanging from a (metaphorical) tree. My disappointment in liberal men over the past dozen or so years has been complete, considering Clinton, Edwards, and Weiner. I believe two of those were setups, thanks to a handful of conservatives. Yet those same conservatives and more will give a pass to fellow conservatives such as Vitter, Foley, Craig, Ensign and others. It’s a bit one-sided, to say the least, and this Posser thing is just one of many. I want to see some JUSTICE! Nail ’em all!!

    • Freebird1971

      saw a gal on a clip the other night who was being given a ride home by the police after her friend was arrested for DUI. Once she was in the back of the car the young lady reached in her purse,pulled out a beer and started to drink it.

  2. Was just reading an article about Michelle Bachmanm and her insistence that the Founding Fathers (John Quincy Adams) were instrumental in stopping slavery. That article also included a video of George (the hunk) Stephanopoulos trying to help the poor woman get her facts straight. Obviously an impossible task, so kudos to George for trying.

    What makes me nauseous is watching women like Bachmann and Palin bring all women down. These two women need only to open their mouths to show their lack of intelligence and make all of us look the same. Even more sickening was the way the Right went after Hillary’s thighs, because that’s all they had to use for bashing material. Bachmann and Palin make all women look like brainless twits. A little super glue in their lipstick would do wonders.

    • I read where she called John Quincy Adams a Founding Father. She is either dumb or terribly ill informed and that doesn’t slow her down. Is ditzy an appropriate term? We had a ditzy man as POTUS from 2001 to 2009 and we know what damage he caused so we don’t need to find out whether the ditzy female can outdo him!

      • No, these females are not ditzy. As one of the founding ditzes of the Ditzy Chix, I can assure you that Bachmann and Palin are not ditzes, nor was that POTUS you mentioned. All three and more belong in the CLUELESS category, followed quickly by TOO STUPID TO BREATHE, BUT WE’RE HUMANE AND LET THEM.

  3. W.R.Locke

    To the header, Liberals better get off their dead backsides and do something. American voters aren’t very bright and that makes ripe pickings for the Republican noise machine. The Republicans are winning the PR battle right now. Democrats as a whole need to grow a pair or we’re going to lose….big time.

    • Hi, W.R. It’s sad to have to admit what voters do fall for, isn’t it? But I agree with you we don’t seem terribly bright.

      Most of us here are pretty sick of all of them. We can’t find many politicians that do much to encourage confidence or trust. They’re all too busy raising money and trying to get reelected to actually do any governing.

    • In many respects I agree with you. And I think many of us have been saying for many years that the Dems need to grow a pair. Unfortunately those who have grown them have let that pair also do their thinking for them at the wrong times. Or they’re too outspoken for some people who believe themselves too sensitive to hear the truth.

      As for winning the PR battle, I can see the Dems slowly making steps forward. Too bad slowly is only a little faster than stopped.

      True story for my lib friends here. I have a dear friend who has 3 grown children. Her oldest is a brilliant young who walked straight out of college into a $50K a year job several years ago and has never looked back and continues to make more $$$. Although he was raised by liberal parents, he was rabidly conservative. He now works for an enormous and well-known company based in Seattle and has changed, not only his tune, but his way of looking at things since moving there a few years ago. Why? He’s seen what liberalism can do for common, ordinary people and the place where they live. For him, it started with the ecology of the area, and it’s grown far, far beyond that. Sometimes it takes a miracle.

      • W.R.Locke

        Sad, but true, especially lately. Weiner was something of a hero to my wife and me. We were so disappointed at his poor judgment. We were even more disappointed when his fellow Democrats threw him to the wolves. Republican drones would have never done that.

      • I still think Weiner could boil any issue down to the facts and then communicate them better than most people! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him tell us like it needed to be told! Yes, he used poor judgment. Yes, the democrats threw him under the bus. The so-called “liberal” news kept the story alive longer than it deserved. The GOP keeps their deviates, covers up for them and then pat themselves on the back for being morally superior.


    “If you threw a barbecue yesterday for the Memorial Day weekend, it was 29 percent more expensive than last year because Barack Obama’s policies have led to groceries going up 29 percent,” she said.

    Political fact-checking website PolitiFact.com said the actual increase in food prices has been about 10 percent.

    Bachmann’s gaffes and habit of being loose with facts have drawn comparison to fellow conservative and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who made a number of misstatements in the campaign and after.

    Beyond gaffes, Bachmann is facing scrutiny elsewhere.

    The Los Angeles Times said an examination of her record and finances showed that a counseling clinic run by her husband received nearly $30,000 from Minnesota and the federal government in the last five years.

    The newspaper also reported a Bachmann family farm in Wisconsin, where she is listed as a partner, received about $260,000 in federal subsidies.

    This from a candidate who argues vehemently on the need to cut government spending.

    Bachmann told Fox News Sunday that she and her husband did not get the money to the clinic which she said was training funds for employees, and that the farm had belonged to her father-in-law and she and her husband “have never gotten a penny of money from the farm.”

    Jennifer Duffy, a political expert at the non-partisan Cook Political Report, said Bachmann, after rising to near the top of the Republican 2012 field in a Des Moines Register poll of Iowa Republicans, will face greater scrutiny from the news media.

    “She hasn’t really been vetted by the national press corps and that’s going to start happening, and it happens starting today,” she said.


    • Not a penny from the farm? Oh, I’m LMAO at that one. They own a percentage of that farm and have received subsidies for several years. Is she too stupid to know that that information is easily obtained?

      Believe me, plenty of people on the Right receive subsidies. We’ve been over this before.

  5. Although the most crazy Bachmann quote is, “I’m running for President,” here’s a list of The 32 Craziest Things GOP Presidential Contender Michele Bachmann Has Said.


  6. Alienated nation: Americans complain of government disconnect

    Americans see their leaders in Washington as overpaid agents of wealthy individuals and corporations who are largely disconnected from the concerns of average Americans.

    Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20074813-503544.html#ixzz1Qb2A7bE2

  7. badbiker

    I know, I am a sick SOB with his mind in the gutter and I will laugh at the worst jokes, pix and whatever other nonsense that happens to cross my desk or my mind. I am sorry for any offense that might be taken to my post.

    But ya’ gotta see this.


    What the Hell, since I am in the gutter, you may as well see this, too.