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Born To Cut


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  1. indypendent

    Once these budget hawks are done with their draconian spending cuts on the public sector jobs, do you think they will look at another bunch of public sector jobs – their OWN jobs and start cutting there?

    Have I missed it or has there ever been one single Congress Critter that has proposed to cut their own pay and to make them pay for their own health insurance and cut those pensions and other benefits?

    I pray I am wrong – but has there ever been one single Congress Critter that has even suggested that?

    Or maybe if one of these Congress Critters were to even propose to lay off half of their office staff? Has that been done?

    In fact, I think Republicans hired the office staff of some other Republican that lost his seat recently – so exactly HOW are these Congress Critters taking the same budget axe to their own Congress budgets?

  2. indypendent

    I feel so much safer now Michelle Bachmann has announced she is running for president.

    I wonder if she is going to tell us all how to use the same system that she has used – like farm subsidies and payments for all those foster kids?

    I also read somewhere that her husband runs a Christian Counseling group. In the past they have had former gays testify that they were ‘cured’.

    I suspect there are alot of things we will be learning about the Bachmanns – and I’m looking forward to hearing every one of them – aren’t you?

    • You’ve read, haven’t you, that when she says she “raised” all those foster kids it is a lie? Some were in her home for a few hours…

      She’s a piece of work! Holds herself up as above reproach. God told her to run and all that. Maybe God will tell her what he thinks of liars. But then she’d have to actually be listening instead of pandering, she’d have to actually live a Christian life whereby she worked on her own challenges and left God to His work with others. She, like too many, gives Christianity a bad rap.

      • indypendent

        Some article stated that those foster kids were mostly teenagers – so I wonder how many of those ended up in the Counseling business being cured? I’d like to hear from these foster kids and see what their version of the story is – I suspect it would be quite telling.

  3. Freedomwriter

    The GOP has trouble looking beyond their quick fix mentality. Cutting taxes and programming compounds the problem, it does not resolve it. Try asking them, “do you know how this is going to affect you?” Then connect the dots for them. They have been indoctrinated into a belief system that blocks their ability to question what they are being told by their leaders. They come from a position in which loyalty to a party, religion, is not questioned.

    Progressives have always questioned. It comes natural to us because it has always been a part of our culture. This past weekend I went through a very tedious exchange of emails with a conservative thinker. They criticized my intelligence and were adamant that the viral email we were debating was factual. I looked up every video clip and fact checked items and forwarded them back to them. It was a gut wrenching experience to face up to their negativity, but I learned a lot about them and myself.

    I don’t know if the effort I put in will open their thinking, but it did affect others who were listening in. They really don’t see what is obvious to us, because their culture does not support them being able to do so.

  4. I didn’t give it the effort you describe, Freedomwriter, but did send a Snopes link yesterday in response to one of those viral emails. I can almost guarantee the only thing that will happen is that my friend won’t send me the emails that spread hateful rumors about President Obama in the future. She doesn’t want to be bothered with the truth because it doesn’t fit her agenda. The purpose is to continue the hate and disrespect of our current president, and it doesn’t matter whether the email contains any facts or truth. They’ll believe hateful rumors because they want to.

  5. “The Internet, facts, history, science… It’s all just left-wing bullshit, man.” — Jon Stewart on Fox News—week-of-6-20-11?xrs=synd_facebook

  6. “These organizations were established as nonprofit corporations under a section of the tax law, 501(c)(4), and the rules governing them say their primary purpose cannot be political.”

    I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics

    Big donors like David H. Koch and George Soros could owe taxes on their millions of dollars in contributions to nonprofit advocacy groups that are playing an increasing role in American politics.

    Invoking a provision that had rarely, if ever, been enforced, the Internal Revenue Service said it had sent letters to five donors, who were not identified, informing them that their contributions may be subject to gift taxes depending on whether the donations exceeded limits under the tax laws.

  7. It’s the Inequality, Stupid

    Eleven charts that explain everything that’s wrong with America.

  8. The FDIC has interesting data on the banking system. They tell us that we have close to 7,800 banks in the U.S. but the asset break down is really as unbalanced as it can get:

    105 banks (about 1 percent of the total banks in the U.S.) control close to 80 percent of all banking assets in the U.S. The top 105 banks control over $10.3 trillion in assets. Keep in mind banks can call things assets like commercial real estate loans and questionable real estate loans as well. The FDIC backs this system up with an insolvent reserve fund. All it would take is one of the bigger banks to fail to cause the system to shut down. Of course, this wouldn’t happen because the FDIC has a $500 billion lifeline to the U.S. Treasury just in case this should happen.

  9. Median Income in the US for a family is 42K right now.

    Limits are placed on the salary a congressional staffer may receive. For 2009, the maximum salary for a staffer in a member’s personal office was $169,459 in the Senate and $168,411 in the House. Committee staffers, in certain instances, may be eligible for a slightly higher salary.

    • indypendent

      Where are the Republicans with their budget axe to cut out the public sector jobs of these Congressional staffers?

      I mean really, if it is fair to cut the jobs of the the firefighters, policemen, teachers and other public workers – then why do we continue to pay for all these congressional staffers?

  10. The Disastrous Legacy Of Ronald Reagan In Charts

    Reagan said we had a debt crisis in 1980 (when our debt was at a 50 year low). He then proceeded to triple it.

    • indypendent

      Reagan also said ‘government is the problem’ and then proceeded to show us how to go into further debt – as you have shown.

      But isn’t is telling the same phrase is being said today – government is the problem.

      Maybe the problem is not the government but it’s the REpublican piggies at the government trough?