Sunday, 6/26/11, Public Square


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  1. badbiker

    God, last Winter I said that I wouldn’t whine about the heat in Summer if You would just give us a break on the icy winds and cold weather.

    I lied.

  2. It’s really, really hot! Like a blast furnace. I returned from Boston this afternoon where the high might have been 72, we wore sweaters and jackets at night… I’m ready to go back!

  3. badbiker

    Welcome back, Ms. Fnord!

  4. indypendent

    Welcome back fnord.

    Now Freebird – We Grandmas never spoil babies – that is just a myth.

    FYI – My husband – Pawpaw is the one that spoils the grandkids more than this Grandma. And I’ve got a little Princess Diva to prove it….

    • Freebird1971

      If you would take the time to read the PawPaw’s handbook you would know that spoiling is our sacred duty.

      • indypendent

        I know, I know…..LOL

        I am glad PawPaw is so involved in his grandkids’ lives and has the time and patience to enjoy them.

        Since I watch the two grandkids during the week, I am more of the ‘old lady’ that makes them mind. PawPaw is the one that comes home and is the ‘cool guy’.

        And I would not want any other way. Our granddaughter is 5 yrs old. Last week I had to get after her about something and she promptly came out to the living room where I was trying to get the 9-month-old baby down for his nap and she says ‘I like PawPaw better than you’. I had to laugh. But I’ve seen PawPaw get after her little tail also. She is a very normal 5-yr-old and knows how to push those buttons and push those boundaries..

        But it’s good to be grandparents. That is the reward we get for surviving our kids – right?

  5. indypendent

    This comment should be on the thread from a few days ago – but I want to make sure everyone sees this.

    Obama’s speech about Afghanistan and the troops was no big surprise – was it?

    Like has been said here – he is not unlike any other politician that when hit with the reality of politics – what was promise in a campaign somehow goes bye-bye.

    But when you think aboiut it – the troops that are to come home within the next year are those additional troops that he sent for the surge – remember?

    So in reality, even when these 33,000 troops come home – we will still have more troops in that hellhole than we did when this insane Afghanistan war was started. So exactly where is the victory?

    I’m tired of being the policeman of the world – let someone else do it for awhile. I want to see foreign aid be cut off to EVERYBODY – that includes Israel (which we know, will NEVER pass in Congress).

    I’m tired of being the one that finds out years later that our president was sending US planes full of US dollars to some godforsaken Middle East country to be unaccounted for when somebody finally decides to go looking for it.

    If people want to fight the Muslims for religious reasons – then they can join those Muslims on any desert in the Middle East and go have their holy wary. But they all need to be given one-way tickets – IMHO.

  6. indypendent

    Interesting dilemma is happening in South Carolina. Will the GOP state budget cuts actually get rid of their GOP primary election?

    • I love it! The GOP just may have painted themselves into a tea trap! Who wants to wager that THIS will be government spending they approve of?