Friday, 6/24/11, Public Square


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    Something to read and consider. The commentator disturbingly spends little time on the concept of “knowingly”, an important element of the criminal statutes in this area (to my knowledge).

  2. Freebird1971

    Obama could end the wars now by bringing our troops home NOW instead of waiting right before the election,and even then not bringing them all home. He is bringing just enough home so he will look good in the polls running up to Nov.

    • W.R.Locke

      Freebird, I quite agree. I was so disappointed with Obama’s speech. Looks like the Republicans and the military/industrial complex have more pull with the president than the American psople

      • Hi, W. R. Locke. Welcome to Triple Ps. Sorry it took so long to approve your comment, I’ve been out of town. But now that you’ve been welcomed, join in any time.

      • Freebird1971

        As much as some don’t want to believe it Obama is no different than any other politician. He will use whatever and whoever he has to keep himself in office.