Wednesday, 6/22/11, Public Square


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  1. I understand from scanning some headlines GOP women are attempting to ward off the facts of their parties war on women. Well, they have a very long row to hoe!

    Here’s one of the stories I read —

    • wicked

      Because GOP women are allowed by the men to even run for office, they don’t see a problem. But like all good Republican women, they know their place, and it’s 2 steps behind their husband/daddy/uncle/boyfriend or any Republican male in their life. These women are brainwashed, mostly by their churches and the Bible. They have no idea how to think for themselves.

      • I note this was about the GOP women in the House. Surprised the writer didn’t mention Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, the two GOP senators from Maine. Talk about a major contrast between them and Guano Crazy (and the Moose-hunter).

      • wicked

        Good point. There are always exceptions. Those two women are a blessing.

  2. indypendent

    Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins (IIRC) have not always followed the GOP lemmings off the cliff – so I am sure these two fine strong and indepenent women are labeled RINO .

    We need more RINOs and less CINOs (Christians in Name Only) – IMHO

  3. This does not surprise me:

    Can we say “Bye-bye, Sarah”? Probably not.

    Gripe: does anyone proofread anymore? “Mislead”, as used in the above linked piece, should be “misled”. Sheesh.

    • indypendent

      I suspect Palin’s much-ado-about-nothing bus tour had nothing to do with anything more than getting to the town next to Mitt Romney on the day he announced his candidacy for president. As most news coverage reported, the major headlines had Palin as the subject and Romney was relegated to second billing.

      I am no Romney fan – but I think this was really a classless thing to do. If you were paying attention, you no doubt noticed Palin left her beloved bus and flew home the very next day after crashing Romney’s party.

      It’s chic and trendy for Evangelicals to say WWJD – but I wonder if Jesus would approve of ruining a fellow American’s announcerment day?

      But then, Romney is a Mormon and I know how Evangelicals feel about Mormons. So maybe THEIR version of Jesus is okay with classless behavior?