Saturday, 6/18/11, Public Square


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  1. Freebird1971

    The cartoon pretty much sums up what congress is ,a brothel with the critters selling themselves to the highest bidder.

    • I agree.

      And the people who are a step below those occupying the brothel are those who keep sending them back — the voters.

      • indypendent

        And the ones a step below the voters are the ones that use their religion as their weapon against the political enemies.

        Politics and religion should never be mixed.

    • I have a Canadian friend who works at the Salk Institute in San Diego. I first met her when she was working on her PhD at Harvard.

      She wonders why some Americans think anyone should be denied health care. She sees that some use this as a weapon to belittle others they find undeserving.

      Undeserving of health care. Think about that.

      In Canada there might be some people who look down their noses at others and think of themselves as superior, but no one questions the right of another human to available health care. Every human is treated with dignity.

      Yes, the American Dream is alive and well in Canada.

  2. Maybe it doesn’t yet reach “mob” status, but it’s a great start. đŸ™‚

    • wicked

      Cool. I would’ve been joining in when I was younger.

      Did you see the ICT S.O.S. flash freeze on the Douglas bridge a couple of weeks ago? All to stop child trafficing in Wichita, the 5th largest in the country.

  3. Water is the new liquid gold in Texas

    Water will soon be the new liquid gold everywhere. T. Boone Pickens will probably have the right to most of our nation’s water bought before anyone wakes up to how scarce and precious a resource it is, how unregulated it is, how unusually lax are any laws about pumping groundwater.

    • Seems like another poster here has reminded some of us (in another place at an earlier time) about how precious and important potable water is. I have joined into this discussion in the past, and will do so in the future.

      Interestingly, a colleague of mine with an oil and gas practice and I were discussing this earlier this week. He mused that it might well be time to change fields, from oil and gas law to water law; he had a point.

      We can live without petroleum; we, as a species, cannot survive without water.

  4. WSClark

    RIP, Clarence.