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  1. It appears that the Republicans have decided they need a little more than just a new messaging strategy on their Vouchercare plan. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has now said that he’d be open to making the plan optional.

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday that he is open to reforming Medicare in a way that would still leave traditional fee-for-service Medicare as an option for future seniors.

    Such an option-based reform could eventually emerge as a compromise way to prevent Medicare’s projected bankruptcy in 13 years.

    Ryan, speaking at a policy discussion hosted by The Hill and sponsored by No American Debt, an advocacy group, said that he has all along been open to an option version of his controversial Medicare plan, which Democrats have seized upon as a campaign issue.

    “I have always said all along all of those ideas are ideas we should be considering when it comes to legislation,” he said. “When you are down in the details, should there be a fee-for-service option alongside premium support … they are all good ideas.

    “We didn’t decide not to keep [traditional Medicare] as an option,” he said of his budget plan. “When you write a budget resolution, it’s the macro structure of an idea, not the specifics.”

    So we never really wanted to privatize Medicare. It was just sort of an idea that we put into sort of a plan that’s not, like, legislation or anything. Just an idea that we put out there that maybe we could all talk about. Really.

    • Let’s not lose track of the fact that they already ALL voted for it! No matter how often they try to say they don’t want to take away Medicare, it’s not the truth! They do, and they’ll keep trying. It’s one of the reasons we can’t give up, must fight the good fight.

      • indypendent

        I just want Paul Ryan to stop using the phrase ‘premium support’ and go back to his original word ‘voucher’. When he starts telling the truth, then perhaps – just perhaps – I might consider listening to this buffoon.

        Until then, Ryan and the other GOP buffoons can call someone who cares…..

  2. While sex scandals occupy the small-minded, here’s some interesting work being tackled —

    Special report: Government in cyber fight but can’t keep up

    (Reuters) – The Pentagon is about to roll out an expanded effort to safeguard its contractors from hackers and is building a virtual firing range in cyberspace to test new technologies, according to officials familiar with the plans, as a recent wave of cyber attacks boosts concerns about U.S. vulnerability to digital warfare.

    The twin efforts show how President Barack Obama’s administration is racing on multiple fronts to plug the holes in U.S. cyber defenses.

    • indypendent

      Whenever the Pentagon is involved, I don’t trust anything will get done. Oh sure, the taxpayer money will be all used up and and then they’ll come back for more – but as for actual positive results, I won’t be one of those thinking they will accomplish much more than just burning through alot of tax payer money.

      • Well, indy, I truly understand your skepticism, but I have some hopes here. To be (un)fair, the typical A1C will know more about this topic than a typical Colonel, and the A1C is cheaper.

    • FWIW, this is what should be (and have been for the past 20+ years) concentrated upon, rather than “Star Wars”. Cyber attacks can be mounted by just about anyone, at any time, and without any outward signs of the ability to do so, while (usually) the existence of Ballistic Missiles may be determined and safeguards put in place well before the same are operational.

      • indypendent

        Reagan should have done alot of things – like keep those solar panels on the White House or take a proactive approach to the AIDS epidemic – but Ronnie did not do these things.

        St. Ronnie and his worshippers loved the Star Wars because programs like that make their certain buddies even wealthier. And it’s all about the money….

  3. WSClark

    Well, boys and girls, I am off on my photographic expedition. Like Lewis and Clark (no relation) before me, I am headed out with just the basics for survival – change of clothes, razor, toothbrush, thirty pounds of gear – all in my trusty Honda Conestoga wagon, with plenty of Diet Pepsi.

    No map, no compass, no Indian lady for a guide.

    Just me, left to my own devices, out in the wilderness of Kansas.

    Oh, and I will be sure to take my cell phone, laptop and credit card.

    Ya’ can’t get too carried away with this ‘expedition’ stuff!

  4. Be careful of those marauding deer, WSC.

  5. indypendent

    Wichita Kansas has made national news – again.

    My only comment is this – if this woman feels empowered by what she thinks, then who am I to say she is wrong?

  6. I hear the SEC is ready to file charges against some of the credit-rating agencies for their role in developing mortgage-bond deals that helped bring about the financial crisis. It’s about time!

    • indypendent

      If there is a real God and real justice in this world, the appropriate people will find themselves in a jail jumpsuit for many years. And I want to see the Wall Street fat cats and all their banker friends in those pretty orange jump suits.

      But, I know better than to expect that from the current system we have in place.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      A criminal SEC case takes a long time to develop, and, given the complexity of the securities laws, a tough case to prove. I’m impressed that the cases seem to close to ready to go so quickly.

  7. indypendent

    We have Direct TV and I saw an advertisement for a new network called Free Speech TV. It’s Channel 348 on Direct TV. Well, I watched some of it this morning and the show I was watching sounds like what this article is referring to.

    Give it a try if you can get this channel. I am also looking forward to seeing Keith Olberman on his new show starting Monday the 20th (IIRC) on the Current Network. I think that is 101 on Direct TV lineup (not sure though).

    • Robert

      Indy, On Direct TV, Current is channel 358. I already have Keith’s program set to record monday night at 7. On Free Speech TV, the Thom Hartmann show is interesting.

      • indypendent

        Thanks for the info – I knew 101 did not sound right when I typed it – hence the (not sure though post)

        So, you’ve already found the Free Speech TV – huh? I did not even realize it was there until I saw it advertised.

        Just curious – do you think Rachel Maddow will follow Keith to Current TV?

  8. This will be of greatest interest to any professional colleagues who are involved in litigation:

    I believe this could help even the playing field between the mega-firms (and the clients who can afford them) and the smaller guys (who mere mortals use). It could also aid in reducing the growth in the costs of litigation.

  9. Being the weekend and all, here is a highly-regarded, easy to use, Linux O/S. A bit too much handholding for me, but I see how true “newby wana bes” will be interested. Note: the install iso will need to be burned on a DVD, or put on a flash drive (2 gig minimum). BTW, this would have been of high interest to me about 5 years ago, when I was a “newby wanna be”.

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