Thursday, 6/16/11, Public Square


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  1. Speaking of weather, not climate, I think Wichita could get wet soon. I’ll bring the cushions in…

    • Freebird1971

      Do that and it won’t rain

      • It has rained (w/a bit of small hail) Downtown. Now finished, the storm resulted in a significant temperature drop, and a wind shift to the Northeast. It’s almost cool out there. Of course, once the skies clear (well, that’s the prediction, at least), I’ve a feeling that it will be quite uncomfortable.

    • Brief weather update; sun out, extremely windy (just about blew me over when I went out for a break). Still pleasant, temperature wise. I’m sure the golfers are enjoying this (not).

  2. My daughter-in-law received her medical degree from Dartmouth. She sent me this link to: Conan O’Brien Delivers Dartmouth’s Commencement Address

    If you have 24 minutes it is absolutely fun! I could actually enjoy commencement services if they all included this kind of commencement speaker! đŸ™‚

  3. indypendent

    If you want to see what is coming to America sooner than we think, tune into the news about the riots in Greece.

    Maybe that’s what this country needs – good old riot. Or maybe the Tea Party mad hatters will giggle with delight that their revolution has finally arrived.

  4. indypendent

    I seriously think if anything is ever going to change in our government, we need to get someone into the White House is so unknown and so ballsy to do what needs to be done.

    But that will take alot of ass kicking and the only way to do that is to get the young people involved. It’s the younger generation that is going to be buried by all the crap our current politicians are doing by kowtowing to the corporatists, religious bigots, minorities being pitted against one another, and all the old people who get the lions share of the government trough provided by taxpayer money.

    Of course, we all know that young people do not vote. But they voted in 2008 and they will vote again in 2012 – especially when education is not valued, there are no jobs to be found, and they are expected to work for minimum wage while the fat cats get fatter.

    Greece is just showing us what will happen here if we don’t throw ALL the bums out on their collective butts.

  5. indypendent

    Anthony Weiner is expected to resign from Congress today during his press conference at 1pm ET.

    Well, that’s good and he should go. But can I make just one little suggestion? Can he take the other 434 Congress Critters and the 100 Senators with him?

    Just imagine how much money we could save by not paying these buffoons for doing nothing?

  6. indypendent

    This is just a peek into our country’s future. With results like these and the upcoming education budget slashers that want to cut to the bone in order for Big Business to become even wealthier and bigger – what exactly is this country going to look like?

    Like I said – let these buffoons take the country back and let them show us how wise they are in what they are currently doing.

    If I was Obama, I would not run for reelection and let the people get what they deserve.

    • indypendent

      I’m curious as to how many of these students have a cell phone, go on Facebook or Twitter, or how many have a job, a car and money. But I’m sure each one of the ones thta did not pass the proficiency tests can name off the winners of American Idol or what the latest celebrity gossip is because, after all, that is what America is all about – the superficial and shallow stuff.

      But yet we wrap it up in an American Flag while thumping that Bible. God help us all.

  7. indypendent

    Deja vu – these Neo Cons are just waiting their time until the right-winger crazy gets into the White House. I wonder how these budget deficit hawks are going to justify starting even more wars?

    From the first day of the Republican president walking into the White House – I hope they get the same treatment as they are giving Obama every day. Now wouldn’t that be karma if Herman Cain managed to get into the White House and he is the target of all those racist jokes and emails that Obama was subjected to. Personally, I think we should demand to see Herman Cain’s long-form birth certificate right now and I think he should divulge everything about his personal life – right now. Let’s put him under the microscope.

    As for being such a successful businessman – what happened to his Godfather’s pizza chain? I don’t see very many of them around anymore – did they go bankrupt?

  8. indypendent

    I wonder how many cash-filled US planes are planned to fly into Libya and maybe this time there should be a third party person to account for where all that cash goes?

    Both parties are rotten to the core.

  9. Robert

    Has anyone noticed whenever a liberal constituent speaks out at a republican party they immediately get the handcuffs? I call it brown shirt tactics! Maybe it’s time we liberal’s fight fire with fire and bring some old vietnam vets with canes and nothing to loose to republican gatherings. If I’d been at Anthony’s resignation there would be a few sore heads. I told you not to step on my foot again!

  10. Robert

    Indy, I’m still waiting for a proper investigation into the 12 billion that came up missing!

    • indypendent

      I would like an investigation into alot things, but as you can probably tell my from my comments today, I am fed up with the whole bunch of them.

      If Democrats cannot stand up and fight fire with fire (as you just asked), then let’s just hand the country over to the right -wingers right now – because they will take it by force.

      And while taking it by force, they will preach to you how godly they are.

      But Obama and the Democrats are just sitting there , twiddling their thumbs or tweeting their abs to some woman.

      I do not condone what Anthony Weiner did but I want to see each and every Congress Critter be held to the same standard Weiner was held to – kick all of them out of there.

      And not just for some stupid sexting – let’s go after the ones with ethics violations and questionable campaign dealings.

      I am tired of this whole bunch…..

      I would like to see someone from neither party come in and just kick ass.

      • Robert

        I’m totally empathetic to your disgust with the way the system is working now. History may be repeating itself. The days of the robber barons during the gilded age are upon us again and I’m affraid were along for the ride.
        The hypocrisy of the GOP is incredible. I never liked people who went around thinking their better than everybody else because they’ve got a bible under their arm. Selfrightous you know what! Isn’t it funny thinking the same way about a political party in the same way? I agree, I’m tired of this whole bunch!

  11. indypendent

    Along with hypocrisy, the Republicans also are very condescending folks.

    If Mitt Romney tried to make a joke, then he needs to stop making plans for his gig as a stand up comedian – because this guy is just not funny.

    Thanks to Rachel Maddow, I now know that Mitt claims to have lived in his son’s basement – even though he has several multi-millition dollar homes.

    This is the best the GOP can offer – Romney is not your usual right-winger but he has bent over backwards so far to kiss the right-wingers’ butts that I suspect he is made of flexible rubber or one of those pretzel boys.

    • Ya know, I wish he had kept his mouth shut! He actually did better when he remained quiet, gained in all the polls. To me he is still the best of what the GOP is considering as their nominee.

      • indypendent

        He may be gaining in polls, but the rest of the GOP pack is out to bring down Mitt. The book ‘The Game Change’ has what all the GOP good ol’ boys said and felt about Mitt Romney during the 2008 presidential campaign. The guy is not well liked.

        I think Mitt feels 2012 is ‘his turn’ and that has been the GOP’s playbook for years – just give the nomination to the next rich white guy…….and that would be Mitt in 2012.

  12. Today Senate Republicans told Grover Norquist to shove it. This is something to celebrate!

    • indypendent

      A small victory – Tom Coburn’s amendment allowed the preservation of $6 billion in tax breaks to the very people he is so proudly professing we are taking the ethanol subsidies away from.

      But Tommy never said that part – did he?

      I will probably never see Tom Coburn in a positive light ever since I learned he helped John Ensign cover up his adultery. Tom and the rest of the C-Street Christian buddies who profess they all have such godly family values but by the way they act, it’s hard to see how godly they are.

      And really – what’s the difference between Weiner or Ensign and his C-Street buddies – not one iota of a difference. Weiner and Ensign are both jerks and then their friends help them be the jerks. I heard one Republican pontificating as to how Weiner was worse than the Republican hound dogs because he lied. Well……didn’t the Republicans all lie when they tried to cover up for their buddies and they all certainly circled those wagons to keep their precious little buddies from harm.

      I’m sick of all of them..