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  1. Freebird1971

    Happy Birthday Wicked! May you have many more

  2. Happy birthday Freebird and Wicked! Two special people celebrating — I hope whatever makes you happiest fills your day!

  3. indypendent

    Happy Birthday Freebird and Wicked……

  4. indypendent

    Where are the deficit hawks on this idea? Where is the money going to come from to pay for this and I wonder how many cash-filled planes are planned for Afghanistan?


  5. indypendent

    If I was Obama, I would suddenly announce that I was bringing all troops home from each and every base around the world.

    And then just sit back and watch who in either party gets their panties in a bunch. That would be the most telling thing Obama could do.

    In fact, if I was Obama, I would probably tell everybody ‘screw you’ and not run for reelection and we deserve what we get.

    I wonder how many Republicans would be squawking then? And let’s just see who steps up to the plate and puts their big boy pants on and start thinking of our country rather than their own personal career and pockets and/or their blind loyalty to their party.

    • Freebird1971

      I would applaud Obama for having the courage to do what should have been done long ago

    • indypendent

      I am saying this because I heard some political analyst say yesterday that no politician is telling us the truth as to what we need to do to fix our problems.

      I suspect we cannot handle the truth. Everyone wants something done but nobody wants to be the one to sacrifice.

  6. How many soldiers are we talking about? What will we have them do if they come home? The military industrial complex is bigger even than Eisenhower warned against. It sounds great, but the devil is in the details.

    • indypendent

      Aren’t alot of those soldiers Bush sent off to war in the National Guard? If so, then these folks should return to their previous jobs.

      I have no problem having a ready military based on our own soil but I suspect all the military defense contractors would be the ones yelling and whining the most about the loss of their milllion and billion dollar contracts.

      • I DO NOT know and am speculating… Did some soldiers join the military because there were no jobs?

      • indypendent

        Wasn’t that the issue that John Kerry was demonized for alluding to when during his presidential campaign he said something to the effect that those who do not go to college end up in the military?

        I do not remember the exact story – but it was something like that. But I know personally there were several people that joined the military because they were inspired to join due to 9/11 attack. But after the first few years of the Iraq War and jobs were becoming scarce, I think the military was an option for many unemployed.

        But were that many needed to join the military since the National Guard soldiers were doing multipled tours of Iraq and/or Afghanistan?

        Are the National Guard considered a part of the military or are they a separate entity?

      • Freebird1971

        My son joined(pre 9/11) to test himself and to get a leg up on the career that was his goal in life,which I was fortunate enough to see him achieve. Granted this is just one instance,but I think if you take a look at a lot of the public service jobs you will find quite a few who got their start in the military

      • indypendent

        I think alot of people join the military with the promise of that college tuitiion money they can get after they serve. Maybe that is the main reason people join?

  7. indypendent

    This is one fact as to why there is such a deep-seated hatred of Obama.

    But when reading this article, this Fox News person was complaining about Obama having a dictator to the White House.

    WTH?? George W. Bush held hands while strolling through the lovely garden with the Saudi King when all but one of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia – did GWB even ask his BFF the King if he knew what the hell was going on?

    I heard several prominent Republicans defend Egypt’s dictator president.

    How many dictators has the US government help to put into office – and still are defending to this day?

    For being so mad at Obama for having this particular dictator to the White House – perhaps Fox News should investigate all those other dictators that are ‘not such bad dictators’ as ws said about Egypt’s Mubarak?

    I guess when it comes to the GOP and Fox – some dictators are okay as long as someone on the ‘right’ side says it is okay.

    Hypocrisy ?


  8. indypendent

    Remember when NJ Gov Christie (the darling of the Tea Party set) took the state helicopter to his son’s ball game?

    Seems he would still make the same decision today. He uses the excuse that he is a father first and he misses alot of his kids’ activities. Well, join the rest of the world Gov Christie – I know alot of fathers who would love to simply be able to take time off work to attend their kids’ activities but they are not allowed to do so. In fact, some employers even threaten their employees with loss of their job if they do take time off for any reason – including being sick.

    Is this a case of arrogance on Christie’s part or is the media just looking for something to nitpick him on?

    Besides the helicopter ride – I wonder why nobody is also mad about the black car that was waiting for him to drive him the 100 yards to the ball field? Who paid for the car and driver?

    And one more thing – this devoted father left after the 5th inning of the game – why didn’t he stay for the entire game if he was already costing the state $2,500 for the helicopter expenses and the black car that drove him the 100 yards was really not needed – IMHO. The man looks like he could have used the exercise from walking those 100 yards.


    • indypendent

      P.S. I suspect he had to leave at the 5th inning of the game because he had to go to a meeting with some Iowa Republicans who were wanting this Tea Party darling to run for president as one of their infamous ‘fiscal conservatives’.

      Yeah, sure, I’ll buy that – as soon as I buy that infamoug bridge to nowhere.

  9. indypendent

    Is Newt correct when he told the reporter that people are not concerned about something like this when that reporter was questioning why Newt’s charity group would give cash to Newt’s for-profit business?

    Whatever happened to that old adage – avoid the appearance of wrong doing ?

    Again, we have an example of someone in a long-term career in politics and who obviously knows how to use the system to make themselves even wealthier. No wonder these folks do not feel they need to pay any taxes. How dare us working people question them


  10. indypendent

    Oh my, lookie here, another article about Ginbrich’s empire of charity work, non-profits and for-profit ventures. Perhaps there was more than one reason why all of Gingrich’s staff resigned suddenly last week?


  11. indypendent

    This is rather hard to follow but it concerns ending ethanol subsidies. I gather this is involving the debt ceiling debate also because if we end the ethanol subsidies, then that would mean more revenue. But the GOP powerbroker Grover Norquist views the ending of these subsidies as a tax increase – of which he is totally against.

    Hey – if we can end ethanol subsidies, then let’s end those oil subsidies also.

    If you read through this, Koch Industries sided with Sen Tom Coburn on this vote – even though they benefit from these ethanol subsidies. Okay now, what gives?? This is what I meant when I said it is hard to follow.


  12. indypendent

    I have a question regarding the the topic of today – Flag Day. Are the schools teaching the kids the proper way to display the flag and the flag rules?

    I remember during my school days – we had a brief class during my elementary school days and a entire semester required course on government – which included the flag rules – during my high school days.

    Do they still do this?

  13. WSClark

    Happy Birthday to the Wicked One and that old dude.!