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  1. WSClark

    Good morning – it’s finally happened – I stayed up so late that it’s now tomorrow.

  2. America’s defense spending at nearly $700 billion, is bigger than that of the next 17 countries combined.

    Take a look at this chart.

    • Freebird1971

      Just wondering how much would be saved(not only monetarily) if we closed down all foreign bases,brought all of our troops home and refused to get involved in other country’s problems. If it were only a few dollars it would still be worth it

      • I don’t know where we would employ all the men and women who serve. Not saying someone else couldn’t answer that question, but I’ve never heard it addressed. Are there limitations of what duties they can be assigned? Our country’s infrastructure could sure use some help. Getting medical records digitized is another area of need — eliminate such things as those that were lost in the Joplin tornado and make our history available to the doctors we see… Lots of needs here at home, but I don’t know whether people in our military could fill these needs.

      • Would the same people who complain about government and make it sound like all things government is involved with are bad complain if talented military personnel filled the many jobs that could address needs of our country? Many of them directly affect the security of our nation.

        I am not among the crowd that think government is bad so I can’t fathom the rationale behind those who denigrate government out one side of their mouth. It usually comes off sounding like those many signs we saw at Tea Party rallies. You know, the ones that demanded government stay out of Medicare…

  3. Another interesting chart here shows the return on America’s investments in bail-outs. Not so bad when you see the investment in America is paid back!

  4. The top GOP presidential contenders sat out last month’s first Republican presidential debate, but they’ll duke it out Monday night at the next debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Newt Gingrich—all of whom skipped last month’s debate—will be among the seven presidential candidates to take the stage, joining Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul. Notably absent still is John Huntsman, who is expected to formally declare his candidacy soon.

    • An op-ed piece about tonight’s debate said this about Michele Bachmann: “…Tonight is a watershed of sorts: the first GOP presidential debate in TV history featuring a prominent woman at the podium (unless you include Elizabeth Dole’s over-before-it-began campaign effort more than a decade ago). Representative Michele Bachmann is a Tea Party favorite with a talent for notoriety and strong credentials with social conservatives—sort of what you might come up with if you combined Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, and Mike Huckabee with PT Barnum (Warning: Do not try this at home)…”

  5. Freedomwriter

    Hi Prairie Populists and Progressives! I just wanted to make you aware of our grassroots effort to begin tackling the misinformation used to sell political ideas. We represent a small local group of progressive thinkers and doers who have begun meeting the third Friday of every month to discuss and plan ways to impact the roadblocks that prevent effective communication. We meet on the west side of Wichita and meetings are open to all who are interested in examining these issues. It is time to take the elephant by the trunk, and show him what an ass can do when a bunch of elephants trample all over his ideals and values!

    You are invited to our third Political Party this Friday June 17th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. RSVP to and I will send you details on the location. We are discussing how to activate the base by exploring impediments and opportunities for effecting change in the political dialogue. Bring a friend and a sense of humor, as we will be sharing information on how to decrease resistance.
    This is a grassroots effort to empower each other in our efforts to create change.

  6. indypendent

    The cartoon depicts what is wrong with our deeply divided, partisan politics that we are seeing today. But with the corporate-sponsored media driving the constant squabbling and fighting to raise their own ratings, we are only going to see more of this deep division.

    I view politics today on the same level as professional wrestling – it is all just a bunch of big bags of wind blowing but the outcome is always the same – the fan (the taxpayers) are the ones that get shafted.

  7. indypendent

    I found this interesting article while surfing through Huffingtonpost blog site.

    If these Republicans currently yelling about the budget and spending money we do not have – I wonder if any of these same folks dared to ask GWB and Gang why they sent planes filled with cash over to Iraq and now no one can seem to account for $6.6 billion?

    I don’t know about you – but I think $6.6 billion is alot of money and we need to find out exactly where that money went.,0,4414060.story

    • wicked

      Good luck. If I remember correctly, that money or most of it has been missing for several years. I’m sure it found its way into the “right” pockets. 😉

    • Is this an example of the GOP being the party of fiscal conservatism? Cash, huh? Airlifted? To a war-torn country? Stuffed in gunnysacks and hauled on pickups?

    • And now Iraq wants the money they were guaranteed. And we might just have to cough it up again! When will we ever get to the end of what bush the lesser wrought? Take heed because each one of the crop of GOP presidential candidates will continue this malfeasance.

      • indypendent

        I suspect you’re correct about each one of the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls will continue Bush’s Iraq war and want to take on Iran.

        I still remember John McCain’s little bomb, bomb, bomb Iran song he was was singing during the 2008 campaign.

        And with the Rabid Right Evangelical Republicans pushing for that holy war – how many more planes fulll of cash will be sent out?

      • Freebird1971

        Obama could end it

      • indypendent

        Obama did withdraw most of the troops in Iraq. But as for the money Iraq claims they want – wouldn’t he have to let Congress do their job since they are the ones in control of the purse strings?

      • Freebird1971

        My statement stands,All he has to do is issue the order,in fact I wish he would issue an order to bring all of our troops home.

        BTW I see we are now conducting armed drone flights in Yemen. When will it end?

      • indypendent

        I agree about the troops being called home – and Obama could do this.

        But I was referring to fnord’s comment about the money Iraq is wanting from us. I suspect that is already a done deal and that is wrong – IMHO.

        I distinctly remember GWB stating that the Iraqi oil would pay for the Iraq War. Whatever happened to that? Surely those cash-filled planes was not money from the Iraqi oil. In fact, IIRC – the Chinese got the majority of that Iraqi oil – didn’t they?

  8. My thoughts on the GOP debate: They all sounded like American citizens who are sure they have the best ideas for their country.

    There sure are a bunch of them! And this wasn’t everyone, I heard. How long will it take to narrow the field? You don’t hear much that differentiates them when there are so many talking. I heard what they ALL believe, just didn’t hear where they disagree, what makes one a better candidate than the others.

    • indypendent

      I did not watch the debate but I watched MSNBC Morning Joe this morning for the highlights. As was mentioned by someone on that show, the GOP hopefuls there did not have one new idea how to resolve our problems.

      They all regurgitate the same old tax cuts for wealthy and spending cuts. Well, we tried that in GWB two terms – 8 total years – and what happened? Economy crashed and deficit went sky high.

      And let’s not forget about that $6.6 billion of unaccounted cash that was sent to Iraq on those planes.

      But I suspect not a one of those GOP hopefuls in that debate even mentioned that fact – huh?

    • No, there were no new ideas expressed, but they truly ?think? tax cuts for the most wealthy and cutting spending on those who are most vulnerable and needy is what our country needs. I think their god (whom I don’t recognize) told them that! They don’t ?think? they need new ideas and to satisfy their constituents, they’re correct. In fact, it really isn’t necessary to repeat the old ideas that caused our financial collapse. All they need to say is they hate Obama and, of course, have that little ‘R’ beside their name.

      Remember their hero who will save America is Rand Paul —

  9. The biggest problem I see for the GOP is the fact that taxes are at their lowest level in the past 60 years. How’s that working? When all they’ve got is the old tax cut meme and it’s so easy to show what the lowest tax rates in generations has created they’ll need to come up with a different meme.