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  1. Sounds like Weiner is cooked. He did it to himself. I still won’t throw the first stone, and wish him well.

    I’m moving on and hope the media will too, sooner rather than later. However it will probably take something new that would garner as much interest to get them moving on. It sure won’t be the old stuff like our economy, jobs, the debt ceiling, Medicare, wars, Middle East revolutions and unrest… Nope! All of that boring stuff is depressing and not nearly as interesting as someone’s sexual escapades. The news gives us all the opportunity to be observers of sensational or sordid subjects because we’ve let them know that’s what our society wants to read and hear. I’m finished reading more, listening to more; I’m not cut out to be a voyeur.

    • Zippy

      I realize this is in the TMI category, I think what it amount to is that Tony should have taken his oral issues up with HIia instead a bunch of presumably female chat buddies.

      I just hope he’s been fair enough to realize you have to give if you receive.

      Ahem. Sorry.

  2. Very interesting. Do you think as this piece contends that, “Often women are seen as more honest, more sincere, as harder working…”?

    Are these quotes from the piece accurate?

    “In every decision, diversity leads to better decisions,” Shipman said. “In other words, a group of all white men are not going to reach the best decision.”

    “The shorthand of it is that women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody.”

    • Not as many women have ever held positions of authority as men so it makes sense to me the numbers of men who have disappointed would be higher.

      Mainly, I would like women to be appraised as individual human beings. I think when true gender equality has been reached that’s how it will be. Just as when true racial equality is met we won’t need to call a person a black man or woman, the qualifiers won’t be needed.

      Do you suppose we could also hope to achieve the ability to be just human beings in the political world and not rely so much on the little letters beside the name?

  3. This is encouraging! If a reasonable person can be nominated our entire country is better off! I do consider Romney reasonable and smart, and not one of wingnuts the GOP field is crowded with. If the 2012 elections follow the trend of the 2010 elections it would be great if it was Romney who beat Obama.

    New Polls Show Romney Winning Over Weary Republicans

    A new poll shows Mitt Romney catapulting over a large Republican presidential field in which few candidates earn enthusiastic support from tepid voters.

    A University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll released by The Boston Globe gave Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, a strong lead over his GOP brethren — 41 percent of likely primary voters. The next closest candidate is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, with 9 percent even though he has not said whether he will enter the race.

    Read more:

    • WSClark

      I would be very concerned about Romney’s penchant for flip-flopping. Of course, the flops always put him squarely in the ‘far’right’ category. He flips on major issues, which is greatly concerning.

      Just two issues lead me to believe that Romney will say anything to futher his political ambitions – healthcare and abortion.

      Romney is on YouTube saying that he unequivalently supports a woman’s right to choose – now he is firmly in the anti-choice camp.

      Romney stated that MittCare was a ‘model for the nation’ and now he attacks ObamaCare, stating that it is nothing like the Massachusetts plan that he championed – the difference being that one was a ‘State plan’ and the other a ‘Federal plan.’

      Romney has also been overheard saying that he now strongly prefers tea with breakfast instead of coffee.

      • WSClark

        I also read that Mitt has flopped on gay marriage/gay rights. I hadn’t known that before now.

        To me, that is just as grievous as his flops on HC and abortion. I cannot support or consider or respect as politician that reverses his course for the worst on these key issues.

      • I’ve heard all those flip-flops, and I just think he knows he can’t be nominated unless he passes the strict litmus tests of the wingnuts. You sure can’t win without first being nominated! I tend to believe what he said before he began his pandering for the nomination and that gives me comfort.

        I would sure rather see him as president than any of the others vying for the spot!

    • Zippy

      I am concerned about Romney’s actual positions, which he will have to try to maintain if he became president.

      I don’t think America can take another 4 years of an effectively regressive tax structure, huge, intentional borrowing, and the outsourcing of everything to do to the cheapest sources our multinational masters can find.

      Despite all the space-alien weirdness of his religion, I think Romney has a core of sanity, but that is tempered by an investment community that is completely pathological, and likes him simply because of his chances in the general election, and that he, in turn, is wiling to read directly off their scripts.

      I wouldn’t trust him, at all. I don’t..

      • I hope you all understand my thoughts that Romney is only the most sane and reasonable among the crowded GOP field. President Obama has done a superior job to what any one of them would be able to accomplish. I simply think Romney might not try to turn America into a theocracy and might not be as inclined to continue the war on women. He is, to me, the best they have and that’s not saying much.

        As for the ability of the GOP to address our economic situation, I have no need to rewrite history as they all do, and can clearly see how they’ve failed miserably, learned nothing from it, and their policies will do nothing but make everything worse. They’re still calling wealthy people, “job creators” while complaining about the jobs situation.

  4. Zippy

    Haven’t read your link yet, 6, but I will later. I already wonder how extreme and unpredictable the weather will have to get before people realize this is now.

    Gabby Giffords poses for pictures:,0,1010787.story

  5. Zippy

    P.S. A good friend of mine has a t-shirt site that’s in the processing of , as they say, ramping up, called Shirts For The People. Cool stuff — You can suggest ideas for designs, all water-based inks, and the t-shirts made by Guildan , products of Haiti and Nicaragua.

    Everything but the shirts themselves is done “in-house,” here in Arizona, : the concepts, the designs, the screen printing. I’m biased, but, hey, it’s definitely worth a look.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.