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    • I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. It appears ALEC is using a similar approach as was “pioneered” by the folks who were responsible for the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), Uniform Trust Code, URESA (Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act) and other “Uniform” state laws, the correct name of which currently escapes me (something like the Commission on Uniform State Laws). The major difference I see is that the latter group sought uniformity among the several states in areas that affect everyone without any particular political ideology involved.

      Looking at Kansas, the decline in the number of lawyers serving in the legislature makes a group like ALEC even more powerful. I’ve a feeling Kansas is not isolated in this.

  1. Everyone OK after the storms?

    We have a decent-sized limb on top of the house. When it fell it made such a loud noise and shook the house enough we thought it might be much larger than it is! The rain, hail… has kept us from going up to see what, if any, damage it may have caused. We had 2 1/2 inches of rain in our gauge. What will this do to the ongoing harvest?

    • Depending on where the rain fell, it can cause a delay in the harvest, which, given the forecast for more rain tomorrow, could affect a significant portion thereof.

      As far as damage, I didn’t see anything remarkable around my place this morning. I freely admit I wasn’t alert enough to notice anything “minor”.

    • indypendent

      Up in our neck of the woods, we got alot of rain, wind and lightning. There were some large tree limbs down but none hit the house – thank goodness.

      Kids out in Augusta got about the same we did. But everyone is okay and safe – so all is well in our world today.

  2. wicked

    I need a new country.

    • indypendent

      To quote all these Tea Partiers – I want MY country back. But I want the country as it could be – a place for everyone regardless of their race, religion or non-religion, any political party you choose and the freedom to to speak your mind without being demonized as a heathen going to hell.

  3. wicked

    Just skimming through an article on our favorite GOP female and started wondering who’s watching the kids, especially the youngest one. For a mother who was so determined to have her baby in her home state of Alaska that she would risk that baby’s life, she certainly has managed to delegate the raising of it to others. For a woman who proclaims herself a “Mama Grizzly,” does she know where her cubs are at this moment?

    What a joke.

  4. indypendent

    So today is the day for all those emails to be released. These were requested in 2008 and they are just now getting around to releasing them? The reason given was because the volume was just way too much to handle. WTH,,,

    But I wonder why we are not hearing the demonization of Sarah Palin for not releasing her emails the same way that the Palinettes demonized Obama for not releasing his long form birth certificate?

    But I had to laugh when one reporter made the remark that the 3 year wait for these emails was longer than Sarah’s term as governor. LMAO

  5. indypendent

    The biggest laugh about Palin is the fact that she is the biggest problem the Republicans have right now. She takes all the oxygen from the media so any serious candidate does not have a chance to even be heard or seen.

    Maybe this is the reason no serious candidate has even attempted to jump into the 2012 race? They are waiting for Sarah’a ego to get the best of her and force her to jump in the 2012 race and then get beat by a landslide? Those that tend to lose really big are never heard from again.

    And I think Sarah would get beat very badly – especially when there are Republicans who are not even willing to vote for her.

    Having her run and get beat is probably the only way to finally get her out of the media spotlight or maybe the media would get a backbone and stop giving this woman the attention she so desperately craves.

  6. Freebird1971

    Glad to see Gates telling NATO we are tired of supporting them with our blood and our money. Time to get out of both NATO and the UN

    • indypendent

      I agree 100%…..hate to see Gates retire. Gates is a true American because he never let politics dictate with what he thought was right.

      I think IF we do belong to NATO and the UN – then things need to change. But that would mean stepping on certain toes and that will never happen.

      The last I heard, USA had not paid their UN dues for quite awhile – is that still true?

  7. WSClark

    News Flash Hollywood: The long awaited Sarah Palin docudrama “The Undefeated” subtitled “If you cross off 2008 because that was Johnny’s fault” will be released this Summer.

    Some are already calling for a sweep of the Oscars for the film, including Best Actress- Sarah Palin, Best Actor – Mr. Sarah Palin, Best Screenplay – Sarah Palin and of course, Best Picture about Sarah Palin – “The Undefeated.”

    Other major studios have withheld releasing their own summer blockbusters because they are so afraid of Sarah Palin. “Lawrence of Arabia – the Early Years” and “the Godfather – Part IV – the Resurrection of Michael” are among the films that will be released at a later date. “Jackass IX” and the never awaited “Rambo Fights Rocky” will still be released as planned.

    Hollywood rumors of a nude scene for Sarah Palin in the film have not been discounted, apparently in an effort to get up even more Tea Party male viewers. The rumor that had been circulating in TPA circles that the title of the movie was to be “Rogue Tits” has been proven to be false, or at least augmented.

    In other Hollywood news, Michelle Bachmann has begun work on her own docudrama tentatively titled “NaNaNa BooBoo” The schedule for release is unclear, with a target date of April 19, 2012.

    • indypendent

      Are you a part of the lamestream media just trying to ‘make stuff up’ again?

      You big meanie – picking on a defenseless little woman. LOL

      If you’re not careful, the Palinettes will make up stuff about you on Wikipedia – maybe you were one of those Brits that Paul Revere was shooting at and ringing those bells as a warning we have the right to bear arms. God Bless America!!!

  8. Freebird1971


    Saw this and you came to mind. Enjoy!

    • I watched it at YouTube — it’s those ‘nice’ church people behaving in less than kind, compassionate, peaceful ways. You know, like normal people who don’t lord their superiority over others also sometimes behave — like human beings with emotions they don’t keep in check.

      • indypendent

        Oh, you mean like when I get mad, I just go ahead and cuss because I figure the good Lord knows exactly what I mean, so why prance around it and act all holier than thou.

        I figure if I go ahead and cuss, God will only have to forgive the one sin of cussing. If I pretend and prance around it – then I am guilty of the thought of cussing and then guilty of the cover up – so my way – I just have one sin to confess…

        And sometimes the only thing that fits the scenario is a good old cuss word.

  9. indypendent

    Freebird – cannot get your gift video to work. Got message – embedding disabled by request – watch on youtube.

    So I need to see if I can find it on youtube – unless you can repost it to work here?’

    Thanks for the thought – from the title, I assume someone has no trouble speaking her mind?

    • WSClark

      Clink on the “Watch On YouTube” link that is right below the notice. It will take you to YouTube and the video.

    • indypendent

      Now why would I assume it is about someone who has no trouble speaking her mind?

      My grandfather jokingly told me once that no one would ever kidnap me because they would bring me back within the first 30 minutes because I would never shut up from telling them excactly what I thought. They would rather go to jail and get some peace and quiet.


    • Freebird1971

      Were you able to watch it?

      • indypendent

        Yes, just now got into it. It was funny. Reminded me of a few rather funny times during my college days.

        I’ve shared this before with others on the blog – the things I could tell you all about the way those fundies really live will curl your hair (or grow some hair if you’re bald).

        But I have to tell those tales in person because some involve hand gestures.

        Thanks for thinking of me when you saw this……..

  10. Video: Sarah Palin Rides With Paul Revere
    Posted by The New Yorker

    Ben Greenman reads his poem “Paul Revere’s Ride, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Sarah Palin.”

    Read more

    • 🙂

      “That’s why the 2nd amendment is first.”

    • wicked

      I found this article after watching the video. Very sad, but as the commentors said, not unexpected.

      • 😦

        And the comments lead you to more reality.

      • That article is truly reality. Serious brain trauma, whether due to stroke, gunshot wound, auto accident, whatever, often leaves the survivors in the same or worse condition as the Congresswoman. This was the reality surrounding me while I was in rehab.

        Do I realize I’m lucky? With apologies, “You betcha”. I am given to understand that had the site of the bleed been in a slightly different location (less than 1 cm.), I would also have difficulty in oral communication.

        I’m told by a former patient there that the facility treating her is “as good as there is” in dealing with the after effects of trauma to the brain. My personal best wishes go to the Congresswoman, her family, staff and friends.

      • indypendent

        I’ve never been faced with trauma or rehab in the same way as Gabrielle Giffords has or the way 6176 had to face after his stroke. But I have worked in the health care field long enough to see alot of stuff – and sometimes it is just not pretty.

        I had to face my own potential death sentence a few years ago and my prognosis was not good. The surgeon gave me about a 10% chance of survival (of course, he did not tell me that until a year later – after all the chemo treatments).

        I would like to echo 6716’s sentiment that I know I am lucky to have survived that time and have had the chance to live a normal life since that horrible year.

        But I remember thinking to myself alot of days – nothing is in my control so I had to let everything go. I had great support of family, friends, co-workers and I fired one oncologist and hired another oncologist because he was more on the same playing field that I wanted to be on. And the funny thing is, I found that oncologist in the Yellow Pages – and I attribute my success to him and his approach to my case.

        His first words to me were these – to fight this battle, it will take you, your hsuband, your kids, your granddaughter, your friends, your co-workers and then it’s me as your doctor working with all of you to be as positive as we can as we find the best treatment plan for you. And we will all work together as a team.

        That’s when I felt for the first time that I had a chance in beating this cancer. Finally, I found a doctor that knew health care was more than just shooting toxic chemo drugs through my veins or poking me with more needles for more tests – true health care encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

        I don’t care what god you believe in or if you don’t believe in god – everyone needs to find the right path for themselves. And never stop looking for the right path just because the first doctor you were referred to was the ‘best in the business’. If it does not feel right – then it’s not right for you. Keep looking until you find what YOU need.

        Just being faced with something as traumatic as my cancer journey – I can only imagine what a gunshot trauma survivor goes through. But I know one thing – count your blessings every day because you never know what life will bring when morning comes.

      • 6176 and Indy,

        You’re my heroes!

      • indypendent

        fnord – thanks for the thought, but I don’t consider myself a hero.

        I had a follow up visit two weeks ago with my oncologist. My oncologist is from Sudan and he is on medical leave due to one of his family members back home was diagnosed with cancer, so I had to see a new oncologist. I’m not sure which country he is from but he is definitely not a white caucasian guy from America.

        When he reviewed my chart with me, this oncologist told me that I must have done something very good during my life to have been given such a great gift of beating the dire cancer diagnosis I was given only a short 4 years ago.

        I knew when he made that statement that I found another oncologist that treats his patients exactly like my Sudan doctor approached me – with body, mind and spirit.

        I think that is what is lacking in our health care system in America – we tend to treat the symptoms and not the entire human being. And this is why I am so passionate about health care reform – this current system does not work…

        But I had to laugh when he said I must have done something good – there are several people that I know and have had heated political debate who would scoff at that idea. LOL

      • indypendent

        P.S. – As most of you know, during my journey – I lost my brother to liver cancer. He was and will always be my hero.

        I think of him every day and I know that wherever we go when we leave this Earth that he is there watching over me. Maybe he is the one telling God – go easy on this one, she belongs with me.


      • Zippy

        I well understand the defiance too — the “this will not stand” thinking — but it’s approached surreal in Tucson, with the competing assholes focused on keeping the seat in Congress and/or winning a Senate seat, without giving any real thought that we’re talking about a human being here.

        Much of the coverage of her recovery has been almost ridiculously upbeat, and then you wonder what’s really going on when you never see her on camera.

        Pia, a font of abiding good sense, has been consistent on Gabby’s recovery being the most important thing. A 41-year-old woman should be worth more than a political chess piece, or a symbol. Maybe it’s easier for me, I dunno–I’m in no one’s inner circle–but it all went from touching to a little creepy.

        For the survivors in this forum: I am inspired, though I realize the only other choice was despair (which, sadly, is sometimes the one made, or the only one that can be made).

        Ms. Carusone reports the Ms. Giffords remains “undecided” about running. No kidding. That has to be an absurdist understatement.

        I just know the filing deadline is a long way off, and it’s not my decision to make. Good enough.

  11. wicked

    Quote from Bill Maher on last week’s Real Time regarding Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere explanation:

    “She should not be on vacation. She should be in summer school.”