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  1. Did anyone else awaken about 1 a.m. and realize how hot it was? Well, the National Weather Service reported that the temperature rose from 85 to 102 (Fahrenheit) in 20 minutes due to thunderstorms falling apart, creating a microburst downdraft of hot air. It was very strange to wonder what was happening at the time, but reassuring I’d not imagined the discomfort.

    • wicked

      I was on my way to bed when the lights kind of blinked, then dimmed, then did it again. The lack of power shut down my computer. My daughter gave a WTF shout from in front of the TV, and I thought it was probably one of those overload grid things.

      I watched those storms fall apart on the radar. Kind of depressing. The official low so far today at McConnell is 99. I remember it was just around that 85 mark when I decided to turn in for the night, so that downdraft of hot air explains the early morning low temp being much higher.

      Read an article yesterday that we should get used to the heat. By mid-century, the average summer temps will be well over 100 in the summer…everywhere.

      But of course there’s no global warming or climate change.

      • indypendent

        In order to accept that global warming or climate change is real requires one to be open to science. And as has been evidenced by all the loudmouths Conservatives denouncing global warming and climate change, science is about as proficient as their history of Paul Revere.

        Enough said…

  2. It was closer to 2 a.m. when I woke to the sound of my male cat growling and making guttural sounds. I got up, followed that sound, and found him at the back door. On the other side of the glass was a black cat I’d never seen before. Then I realized how hot it was. First thought was the A/C had failed, a scary thought. I didn’t know a thing about that rise in temp until this morning, but I’m glad to know the A/C didn’t have a hiccup that could mean it wasn’t working well.

  3. indypendent

    Found this article on WE online site about the fight over the debit card fee cap.

    My friend works for the big bank downtown and she says the bank president is furious over Obama making all these bank rules and not letting them make their profit. The poor bank only made $400 million profit last year – the poor things.

    But my bank, Fidelity, offers a free checking account and one can pick two benefits from a list of about 7 or 8 things. One of the things is 5 cents back on each signature debit card purchase (those are purchases where the PIN is not used – ie: gas pump, fast food places).

    This basic free checking includes 5 cents off each signature debit card purchase – so combined with my chosen benefit of 5 cents for debit card purchase – I get 10 cents each time I use the debit card without using my PIN.

    For my second benefit I chose the $25 yearly bonus .

    All in all, I have to say this free checking is a good deal. There is no minimum balance required and I have never had any problem with this bank.

    So the question is – if this bank can do all this – then why are some banks moaning and groaning about the debit card fee cap? Kinda like that other bank that moans and groans about only making $400 million last year?? Maybe it is just greed – pure and simple?

    BTW – My checking account is the OPT checking at Fidelity if anyone is interested.

  4. I was sitting outside on the porch around midnight or thereafter. Not sure of the time because our power was out and had been for some time. I live 32 miles from Wichita, not sure where the center of the heat burst was at, but I felt a sudden hot breeze and went inside and told my husband about it. Our power came back on just shortly after so I stayed in the house. Then the power went out again about a half hour later and I went back outside and the breeze was cooler again.

  5. indypendent

    Here is what happens when a GOP 2012 presidential hopeful even utters a moderate view of global warming and climate change:

  6. WSClark

    “Senior Gingrich aides resign campaign en masse”

    Rut roh!

    Come on now, were you a bad boy, Newt?

    • indypendent

      That story was just on MSNBC and all these aides resigned when Newt and his third wife returned from a two-week cruise to the Greek Islands that they insisted on taking.

      I think one analyst had it right – Newt was in the race the simplyr raise his profile and his speaking fees and was never serious about beign president.

      But I must take issue with so many people categorizing Newt as a political genius and an intellectual. I must be blind, deaf and dumb because I just don’t see that at all.

      • indypendent

        I know this is catty – but at least with Newt’s third wife out of the running for First Lady, the taxpayers will not have to be paying for all that platinum blonde hair coloring.
        That shoudl save us a few million bucks.

      • wicked

        Not if Gov. Hair gets in office. đŸ˜‰

      • Gov Hair is one of the lesser dangers. I think he wouldn’t rush to turn America into a theocracy and I can’t say that about many of the GOP hopefuls. Yes, he is tracking right nowadays but we have history on him that tells us he wasn’t always what he needs to be today in order to pass the crazy litmus tests of the ding bats. He, like the rest of the crop, must first get nominated and Romney is aware of what he must be to accomplish that.

        I also don’t think Romney wants to continue the war on women. He is to me a safer choice than any of the others.

      • indypendent

        If we have to have a Republican win in 2012, my choice of poison would be Romney.

        I don’t think Romney is as bad as the rest of the crazy clown circus – but I don’t think the said crazy clown circus are going to allow Romeny to run as their candidate.

        I saw a poll on Sarah Palin’s running for president.

        There are 50% of the TEa Party Republicans do not want her to run.

        Overall there are 66% of voters do not want her to run.

        If I can find that poll, I’ll post it. I think I saw this on Chris Matthews tonight….

        Anyway – with numbers like that – anyone with one working brain cell would know not to run for president. But……..I’m sure Palin and her Palinettes see this as a vindication that she is right and justified by God to run for president. She;ll show us all – you betcha!!

      • indypendent

        I think this is the poll I was seeing tonight – but if not this specific one, this one shows the same dismal results (if your a certain half-term ex-gov of Alaska.