Tuesday, 6/7/11, Public Square

It was on June 7, 2001, that President Bush signed into law the high-end tax cuts that added $2.6 trillion to the national debt.  It was these tax cuts, along with two wars and a recession, that created the deficit now being cited as a reason to pretty much scrap Medicare and once again make a college education a pleasant, impossible dream among the lower classes.

The GOP is still using the same tired line that lowering taxes on the wealthy will create jobs — ten years later!


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  1. It’s less than 30 minutes long, and it will inspire you. Stunning …and glorious, watch and be lifted up.


  2. Eliminate All Bush Era Tax Cuts and Reduce the National Debt by 50% by 2020

    The CBO has calculated that the Bush era tax cuts have directly placed the U.S. in it’s current dangerous economic condition. The CBO stated; If the Clinton era tax rates were still in place, the national debt (which was $10.5 trillion when George W. Bush left office) would have now been TOTALLY payed off and the U.S. would now have a SURPLUS of two trillion dollars.


    • It has been reported, and Paul Ryan hasn’t denied, that he requires staffers to read Atlas Shrugged. Requires.

    • I know we all read “Atlas Shrugged” many long years ago. Have you listened to the 1959 television interview Rand gave to Mike Wallace? The entire Wallace interview, lasts about 25 minutes and can be seen in three parts on YouTube. Part one will lead you to the next two.

      Definitely gives more insight to people like Paul Ryan who adhere to her beliefs, are fans of her philosophy!

  3. wicked

    Back to the discussion of hot dogs…

    Meet Anthony Weiner’s wife.

  4. Here we go. The idiots that comprise the GOP portion of the Congress are again attacking social security.

    House Republicans Look To Privatize Social Security

  5. Robert

    I wonder if Rand Paul was named after Ayn? I was thinking that if Ayn’s ideology had been a reality back in the 1940’s Dad would have thought during the Battle of the Bulge, what the hell am I fighting for. These politicians that think this scatter brain Ayn has any credibility are nuts. Oh, and how do these GOPer’s explain all the monopoly business that’s going on today?

    • WSClark

      “Randal Howard “Rand” Paul” – The ‘good’ Senator from Kentucky selected his own nickname. He says it has nothing to do with Ayn Rand.

  6. indypendent

    I have been down sick since Sunday night and just now got up without feeling like going back to bed.

    I have just read all the comments and I have to say:

    I am disappointed in Anthony Weiner for lying about his juvenile act of sexting but I am ANGRY that he has now allowed Anrew Breitbart to appear to be one of his victims in this whole mess.

    What has me the most SAD is the fact that we have huge problems in our country such as the budget and the debt ceiling but yet we are continually talking about juveniles with their cellpone sexting.

    What has our country become – a middle school somehwere in Yucksville?

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, and tickled you’re getting better. Don’t overdo!

      Yes, it does seem like we’ve slid backwards. I was in middle school once and I don’t remember this kind of childishness.