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  1. I read recently more Americans can name The Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government, by a large margin.

    Perhaps this explains why?

    The Problem of Republican Idiots

  2. Freebird1971

    Idiocy is not confined to the Republican party

    • I agree! This story however rings true. Have you listened to those Republicans who imagine they could be elected to the presidency? Have you listened to their supporters?

      As a woman who listens carefully to how much they hate women, how little they trust women, and how much they want to dictate what I may and may not do it is beyond reason to support this idiocy (and those who must pretend to be as big an idiot to pass their litmus tests). Yes, they all talk about economic issues, but once elected their time is spent legislating morality and limiting freedoms, especially for women! Take a look at that idiotic crew elected in 2010 and actually note what they’ve done — both at the state and federal levels. Count up how many bills they’ve passed that have anything to do with the economy and compare it to the number passed that affect women’s reproductive rights. They declared war on women. Women don’t have to pound our chests and make angry spectacles of ourselves, so we’ll just say, we noticed.

      • This ‘men’s club of politics’ is simply not acceptable any longer.

      • Freebird1971

        For the record, I have never pounded my chest

      • đŸ™‚

        Sorry. I get carried away when I think of the buffoons. Not all men fit that category. Some are very nice, kind, and tolerant! I know you’re a good guy.

      • The truth is, there are extreme beliefs in both parties. For instance, last year Democrats in San Fransisco banned Happy Meal toys. ( ) Recently, Florida Republican Governor, Rick Scott, signed a bill that bans baggy pants in school. ( ) It seems that both of the laws are designed to micromanage our lives – something we truly do not need.

    • WSClark

      I have to admit, us Dems gots a few doozies of our own. We may not try to rewrite history or interject our religion into world politics or generally roll through life like a bowling ball headed for the gutter, but……….. wait, yep we gots a few of those too.


  3. I’ve decided that since I’ve been through the formative years, the non-formative years where I was happy maintaining the status quo that I must now be in the deformative years a.k.a the Golden Years. I seem to be less formed with each passing day.

    To make matters worse a loved one withdrew their offer of a kidney. I don’t actually need a kidney but it never hurts to plan ahead for body parts.

  4. Have you ever noticed that when you are forced to get up to respond to the doorbell, or nature calls, or… when you return a pet is in your spot? Evidently dogs and cats like it when we warm up a spot for them.

    • WSClark

      What is really, really bad is when you don’t NOTICE that they have taken your seat……….. and you SIT on them. I don’t have that problem with Rufus, since he weighs 100# and is hard to miss, but the cats get really, really annoyed when you sit on them.

      And they have CLAWS.

  5. indypendent

    What I find disturbing is how Sarah Palin can ramble on and on with such nonsense and not one actual fact about Paul Revere’s ride and yet this woman still gets on the Fox Channel and berates the ‘lamestream media’ for being obsessed with her.


    But when I thought how the majority of people can name the Three Stooges but cannot name the three branches of government – should I be surprised that Palin does not know anything about Paul Revere?

    But, on second thought, Palin’s father is a teacher (science IIRC) – but nonetheless – he is a teacher and that fact alone makes me shudder if his kid is the example of what he thinks passes for knowledge.

    • She’s a joke! The sad part is that there are voters who think she is presidential… Yep, American citizens who are equally as stupid as she.

      • indypendent

        While I watched that video several times (because every channel played it numerous times), I really tried to listen and make some sense out of all the word salad that was being spewed.

        If Palin or Bachmann think that women will vote for them just because of their gender – then they really do not know the majority of women.

        They are both like the Mean Girls in Junior High. They really believe their nonsensical babble after awhile.

        But I have to laugh because the more press Sarah and Michelle gets – the more the established GOP males are going to be running even further to the Rabid Far Right – and that percentage of the voters is what – 18%

      • indypendent

        Even though I am not a Romney supporter or think he is what we need for the country – I did feel that Sarah showed an entire lack of class the way she obviously planned to rain on Romney’s day of announcement.

        I’m torn between whether Sarah did it out of political spite or that’s just the way some of these Evangelicals are – they don’t care who they stomp on to get what they want.

        Now that is really pathetic – IMHO.

      • indypendent

        Of course, these Evangelicals will be thumping their Bible and smiling ever so sweetly as they stomp anyone and everyone they disagree with or those who dare to question them.

        Well, move over Evangelicals, I will not sit by and watch as your fake religiousness takes over and ruins a perfectly good country. I don’t care who you think you are.

        BTW – I’m on solid ground with my Christian god and he has yet to tell me that any of you Rabid Far Right Evangelicals are correct about anything!

      • Me and God are OK too, but I have issues with some of His so-called supporters. They do His name no good.

  6. indypendent

    Republicans have zero incentive to help with the economy. Because the worse the economy is – they know that Obama will get the blame.

    So when you’re doing nothing but playing to win the game – even if you win by default, I guess you can still call yourself a winner.

    Sad and pathetic IMHO

  7. Did you read about Palin supporters trying to re-write online resources like Wikipedia to match her account of Paul Revere? Sick! Dangerous! Idiotic people!

    Palin Fans Trying to Edit Wikipedia Paul Revere Page

    Palin Defends Her Take on Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

    • Palin is (once again) blaming the media — saying it was, “a shot-out, gotcha-type of question.” Didn’t we hear that excuse when she was asked about what she reads? She needs new material!

      • WSClark

        Yes, that evul librul reporter asked “what have you learned today?”

        Damn, gotcha fer sur.


  8. indypendent

    School vouchers – what are your thoughts?

    I find it interesting that some of those private Catholic schools were on the brink of closing before the school vouchers funding was signed by Gov Mitch Daniels.

    My thoughts are basically two-fold –
    1) I want each child to have the best education possible.
    2) I wish each and every school (public and private) to be the best school possible.

    What I do not like about this school voucher program is this – it pits the private schools against the public schools and the only factor in this game is about the money. What about the goal of the best education for the kids?