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  1. wicked

    I’m not even able to post on the newspaper site, including the ‘blog,’ anymore. They have so many people, who obviously have nothing worthwhile to do with their life, posting on articles, that I can’t even log in. Believe me, I’m just as opinionated on some things as the rest of them. 🙂

    • Your opinions are always welcome at Triple Ps!

    • indypendent

      I’ve had some trouble lately also but I just thought it was their server having troubles???

      Sometimes the Opinion Line seems to freeze up and it takes me back to the sign-in screen. That has happened in the last few weeks.

      • wicked

        I can’t even sign in, and every time I try, it’s something different.

      • indypendent

        I’ve even be directed back to the sign screen and when I do sign in (with automatic password inserted) , I get this error message that the wrong password has been used.


        Then I do the exact same thing as before (letting the computer fill in the remembered password) and this time it lets me sign in…..

        So, go figure….

  2. If Republicans pull the plug on Medicare, if they cut off benefits for every citizen except the most wealthy before the debt ceiling can be raised, will they have sufficiently taken America down far enough? Will they finally have satisfied their corporate masters? Will they be able to deflect all the blame to President Obama and democrats? Quite an election strategy, isn’t it?

    • wicked

      Answer: No, it isn’t down far enough. Social Security must be abolished.

      • indypendent

        That’s next on their agenda…..

        And then whatever anyone else might be getting that they deem ‘unworthy’ – unless, of course, you’re a corporation making record profits and then you are ‘worthy’ of every taxpayer dollars at the govenrment trough.

        The piggies at the trough are alright if they are the ‘right’ piggies.

    • indypendent

      Now, fnord, I just saw on the Letters to the Editor segment of WE about the fact that the Paul Ryan bill will not take anything away from people age 55 and older.

      Hmm, does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that what these folks say this year can be taken away next year?

      Who really trusts these folks when they say something? I don’t.

      • Even making that statement is not true TODAY, without waiting to go down the road. The Ryan Plan abolishes The Affordable Care Act and one of the benefits Medicare recipients already enjoy is the closing of the donut hole. There are many lies being told in support of Ryan’s plan.

      • You also hear and read that Ryan’s plan will give seniors the exact same choices and coverages enjoyed by members of Congress. Do you believe that lie too?

      • indypendent

        I don’t believe anything that comes from these folks’ mouths because they are also the ones that told us the Bush tax cuts are needed to create jobs.

        Bush tax cuts have been in effect for 10 years…..and they are still in effect – where are those jobs?

      • indypendent

        You’re right about the Ryan plan doing away with the Affordable Care Act’s provisions.

        And the Medicare Drug donut hole is but one of the benefits everyone currently on Medicare will lose.

        But I have challenged many Republicans on that very issue – if they are serious about spending cuts – then get rid of Medicare Drug Program. That is the program that George W. Bush put in and it is costing about a trillion dollars a year.

        But I don’t hear them ever say anything about taking away that – and it’s probably because Republicans got the political credit for giving Medicare recipients free drugs and now they don’t want to look like the bad guy when taking it away.
        But hidden in the Ryan plan , there it is – Medicare Drug donut hole is back on….for these people.

        So, why not just come clean and get rid of all of the Medicare Drug Program?

        That is political suicide and they know it. But I guess they think by this back door Ryan plan – they can start chipping away and nobody will notice until the whole house falls down.

  3. indypendent

    Have you heard the news about Jack Kevorkian’s death?

    The only thing I found wrong with what this guy did was the fact that he used a van and a set-up machine to carry out the patient’s wish.

    I’ve worked the health care field long enough to know that there are doctors willing to ‘help’ someone have an easier death. Then, again, I know of some doctors who brag about how they changed a family member’s mind about instituting life saving measures when the patient had already declared a DNR for their wishes.

    I find that bragging doctor every bit a criminal and morally wrong as some doctor that was prosecuted for assisting suicides.

    • I think Kevorkian helped many people.

      • indypendent

        I did not mean to imply that I thought Kevorkian did not help his patients – I just have a difficult time dealing with the fact that he had a van set up to do his work.

        There are many ways to help someone with an easier death – and in the olden days – this practice was quite common – not talked about in open society though.

      • indypendent

        But I do want each person to have the final say in their decision as to what they want done. That is the most important – IMHO.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I am convinced my late wife was determined to have the final say, and to the extent she could, did so. This is still a bit raw for me, so I’ll not go further, but if I can ever get there, I’ll share.

      • indypendent

        Hopefully I did not bring up any painful memories for anyone.

        I saw this announcement today and Kevorkian did bring up the issue of giving the power of the patient over their own health decisions.

        And, sadly, that debate still lingers to this day.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        No problem, indy. The rawness of the feeling has more to do with certain things I recently was apprised of that I’d suspected, but not known, before.

        As to your final point, unfortunately, you are correct.

  4. indypendent

    John Edwards has been indicted. I don’t remember which show his mistress was on but she was trying to get some pity party going for her and what she had been going through.

    WTH…….she was a big girl and obviously chose to take those big girl panties for some fun but now expects the rest of us to feel sorry for her?

    Seriously folks, I remember when there used to be such a thing as feeling shame – or at least embarrassed – when caught in a scandal of your own making.

    Now it seems we are to feel sorry for these people…..please, just give me a frickin break.

    Hopefully, Johnny Boy will get everything he deserves.

    • I hope justice is served too, and John Edwards is punished. He is a snake in the grass!

      The only good that might have come from his philandering being exposed while Elizabeth was still alive was that she may have had the opportunity to rearrange financial dealings in an effort to make sure her children and not their father benefited.

      • indypendent

        From what has been reported, Elizabeth did just that. Elizabeth was a lawyer also – so I assume she was a good one – LOL.

        In fact, I heard one analyst state that Elizabeth was the smart politician in that family – not John.

  5. indypendent

    Here’s an issue I just stumbled onto – what are your thoughts?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      This is a tough one from a legal perspective. I am of the opinion that the ruling, as I understand it, together with the fact that there is to be a trial on the application of the rule, is correct.

      The rationale I have is fairly simple. The league does not ban all straight players, just limits the number. Presuming the league is a private entity, with voluntary membership, it may establish its own rules for governance. If member teams do not like the rules, the team may compete in other leagues (not necessarily a “gay” league), or work to have the rule changed.

      The above rationale is loosely based on a SCOTUS opinion from a decade or more ago, involving the NCAA and Jerry Tarkanian (IIRC).

    • I think the people who organized the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA) are stupid and insensitive. In exactly the same way I think any group who excludes, includes, shows favor or disfavor toward someone because of sexual orientation is stupid and insensitive. Reverse discrimination makes no more sense than discrimination!

      Unless sex is part of the game, then why is this even mentioned? I think straight people and gay people are people and can’t imagine sexuality has any impact on playing softball. In fact, why would a sports team need to know about sexual orientation?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I understand, fnord, and in a perfect world, that’s how things would be. Not a perfect world, though, so some sense of “rightness” was felt, I’m sure, in reversing things a bit (although I’d wager that there were no “two gay player” maximum in any straight league) on the part of the NAGAAA in promulgating its rule.

      • wicked

        I suggest they simply play in coed associations, and if there aren’t any, they should be formed.

        Now that I think about it and considering the rules in coed games, it might be a total mess.

  6. indypendent

    Do you think the fact that June 1st was the official first day of hurricane season and Haley Barbour is governor of Mississippi – a Gulf state – has anything to do with his breaking from the GOP leadership on how we handle disaster aid relief money?

    I don’t have any trouble with our government helping people out after disasters – that is not the biggest problem we have at this current time – IMHO.

  7. Hold on tight everyone, I’m about to explode from anticipation — dilated 9 cm now! 🙂 S/he is almost here!

  8. What’s with those GOP women who think they could be president but don’t think they need to understand or know about American history? Palin and Bachmann both are as bright as doorknobs!

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Please, on behalf of doorknobs everywhere, watch what you’re asserting. 🙂

      • indypendent

        I watched the video when Sarah Palin was rambling on about the meaning of the Statue of Liberty and about the countries warning us and yada, yada and more yada.

        It makes anyone with an actual knowledge of history stop for a moment and say WTF……

        but then there are her specific targeted audience that can only hear the fifes and drums playing, the American Flag waving in the breeze and Betsy Ross doing the two-step Yankee Doodle Dandy dance.

        In other words – people see and hear what they want…..

  9. 6176746f6c6c65

    Back to the impending arrival…

    From what you have shared, your daughter-in-law strikes me as a no nonsense, take charge person. I’m guessing she has taken steps to efficiently complete her part of this transaction, and we’re all waiting for the other party to get his feet on the ground (or to be picked up from the floor, as the case may be).

    Watching #2 being born was a high point of my life; didn’t get to see #1, as I was busy completing the necessary paperwork when she came con rapido.

    • indypendent

      I remember when our kids were born – me , my husband, nurses and doctor were only ones in the delivery room. All were gowned – even me down to the certain required area….

      When my first grandchild was born – it was in a regular patient room, daddy was in street clothes, nurses and doctor were gowned but nothing like in my time of birthing babies…

      Then I remember the multitude of people that were allowed into the room after the baby was born.

      Boy, in my time – the baby was rushed down to the nursery and behind the windows and not allowed unless feeding time.

      Alot has changed – hasn’t it?

      I also remember a ‘normal’ delivery was no less than 3 days in hospital. Now they let mom and baby leave after 24hrs has passed. I am not quite so sure that is a good thing, though. It depends on the specific case.

      My second grandchild was a C-section baby – so his birth was different. But he patient room procedure was the same. Anybody and everybody could go in there.

      • wicked

        My stay in hospital with my first was a week, due to the C-section. I was ready to go home after 4 days. Each one after that was shorter, until the 4th daughter was only 3 days. But the nurses were really nice and took her down to the nursery, especially at night, knowing I’d be going home to 3 more kids.

  10. badbiker

    Happy First Day of Riverfest – which means it is probably going to rain like Hell for the next two weeks.

    Justa coupla thoughts……………………

    Pawlenty – military spending is off the table for cuts. Say what? Really, I love our troops and believe in a strong military but to suggest that anything is ‘off the table’ is just……………. stupid. Does anyone really believe that there is no room for cuts in the military budget?

    Cantor – Really, you want to hold up aid to Joplin until………….. you get some meaningless concession out of the President? Really?

    (Language alert – not for children.)

    Dear Mr. Cantor – I hope God shoves a F5 tornado up your ass and scrambles your brains like a greasy-spoon three egg omelet.

    (More, not for children.)

    Weiner – enough with the mealy mouth stuff, Tony. Is it the Weiner weiner or is it not? End this story. And Nancy? Your comment that you were a “later comer to the issue” didn’t help. Come on, get it over with.

    Palin – oh, Jesus, please……………………………

    Bachmann – Late night comedians everywhere are salivating at the prospect of a Bachmann campaign. Can she top the latest Palinism? “Paul Revere warned the British?”

    Christie – Shut up. End of story.

    • indypendent

      Come on Will – tell us how you really feel – LMAO

      Just kidding, my blogging friend, you’re absolutely correct on each and every point you made.

      I suspect you’re also correct on the late-nite comedians salivating at the prospect of Bachmann campaign, or Palin, or Pawlenty, or Romney, or Newt or any of the current GOP clowns all claiming to be holier than thou, God’s favorite, more fiscal conservative, more patriotic, or just any ______ more than the other guy (fill in the blank with whatever).

      • indypendent

        P.S. – I saw a video of Glenn Beck saying that Paul Revere would say that he never intended to ride that horse all the time. This was in reference to Beck leaving his show. I guess Beck was comparing himself to Paul Revere as in being some sort of hero.

        I wonder if Beck know that Paul Revere warned the British – do you think Beck consults with Palin? Aw shucks, probably not – I still remember Beck making that comment about Palin keeping her mouth shut in the kitchen (or something like that).

        I suspect – no, I know – these media types will say just about anything to hear the sound of their own voice. And to keep the money coming from the gullible.

    • wicked

      Oh, please, there’s much more to debate about RiverFest than the possibility of rain. Want to join me?

      What childless moron decided the Twilight Pops Concert and fireworks should follow the Sundowner Parade?

      I’ve attended RF for much of those 4o years, without children, with children (small and nearly grown), and with grandchildren. I began taking my oldest to the parade when she was 1-year-old, and then several years after as more sisters came along. We had a system. They would hang onto the beltloop or waistband of the pants of the sister ahead of them. If anyone broke loose, they yelled. We’ve sat on the west river bank, year after year, even when the fireworks were called off. In the past nine years, we’ve only missed one with the grandkids, and that was because my oldest foolishly set her wedding date on the same evening.

      I can guarantee that there will be total chaos as people try to get from the crowded remains of the parade and the fenced-in area of the Star stage where the symphony orchestra will be set up. And of course there will be those people checking to make absolutely certain you and anyone breathing is wearing a button. After all, I have no doubt that the concert location was moved for this purpose only.

      If only I knew from where the fireworks are to be launched, I could make an informed decision. One year we were so close we watched the fireworks straight above us. And then we were pelted with the fallout and eventually had to RUN from the area, along with other fools just like us. 🙂

      Tradition is tradition, folks. Sure, changes can be made. I won’t complain about the change in RF dates. Change has happened over the past 39 years and we often don’t notice. Remember the tug of war? Bathtub races? Bed races? I even participated in the River Run one year and lived to tell about it. But when you suddenly decide to turn everything topsy turvy, expect to hear me complain…and complain LOUDLY.

      I would stay home as a protest this year, but family members are pressuring me.

      I’ll let you all know tomorrow how the concert and fireworks turn out.

      • indypendent

        My workplace gave us all two Riverfest buttons. That was a nice thing to do for everyone. My husband and I have not been to Riverfest in years (we are not Kansas natives) so sometimes I think that has alot to do with whether people attend or not.

        But my daughter and her husband is going down and I gladly gave them the buttons. But really, for $5 a button, that is a good deal. If for nothing else than a place to walk around and see what is going on.

  11. I have a new healthy grandson! 🙂

  12. 6176746f6c6c65

    wicked, not where I can access the “Go” section of the paper, but fireworks launching will be different this year; still visible from the West Bank, but not as. You’re right; the idea is to make it hard to participate w/o a button, which should have been the way it was done from the beginning. An added benefit; better security, too (something tells me that will be a very good thing this year).

    As a downtowner, this is, by far, my least favorite time of year, i.e., River Festival time, regardless of the calendar.I am thankful that most of the buffoonery has been moved closer to the river, where it always should have been, but I’m sure the drunks still will wander, the panhandlers will still be out in force, there will be folks still making unlawful turns at intersections, there will be more traffic accidents, etc., as always.

    As to the parade, the map in the paper made it appear that it would travel South on Market, rather than Main. I fail to understand this change.

    • wicked

      I don’t do the parade, and even my kids have quit taking their kids, thanks to rude people who insist on blocking the view of small people.

      $5 might be a good deal if I attended more events. I’ll fork over the money this evening, although I’m considering staying home where I can listen to the concert on BOB-fm, which I’ll have to do anyway because I refuse to be herded into a holding pen with thousands of others. Security? With this heat and humidity and too many people in close quarters, they’ll need every bit of security they can get.

  13. This might be of interest to frustrated authors:

    Please note its availability for Windows and Mac.

    • wicked

      Weekend project? ROFL

      Looks like Linux, like everyone else, wants to jump on the digital book bandwagon and make some money.

      While I think digital books finally have earned a legitimate presence in publishing, and I’m very familiar with Amanda Hocking’s story, those who dream of overnight riches might want to take a walk through reality.

      • The “weekend project” is the installation, etc, of the application(s) and not the writing, publishing, etc. Linux makes no $$ from that (nor does MS nor Apple) as the app is FOSS. Perhaps there are users w/these delusions, or who have large egos that need massaging, who dream of making money “overnight”, I would hope that most would know that isn’t going to happen. My late law partner could have used this, though, in constructing his memoirs, and saved a ton of paper, etc., to produce copies for his family, after multiple cases of paper (and weeks of secretarial time) were used in the drafts.

      • wicked

        Sorry, 6176. That first paragraph of the description tickled my funny bone. I understand that converting is the quick part. I’ve converted from Word to html with the click of a button. For those using another word processor, the more the better.

        Maybe it’s a good thing everyone is jumping in on this. Apparently the last free book I downloaded could have used the software, seeing how poorly the formatting was. If only the writing hadn’t been even worse, in spite of including a “publisher” name. At least I wasn’t out any money.

        Yes, for memoirs it might work well. And yes, there are many, many people who truly believe they’ll become the next Amanda Hocking.

        I’ve been research digital publishing, so if anyone is considering it, let me know. I’ll pass on the few things I’ve learned. 🙂

  14. Something of interest for those who need an office suite, but find MS Office a bit dear, Libre Office 3.4 will be released soon. More at

    • Zippy

      Heh, OMG, 6, I love you, dude (in the strictly platonic sense, of course)

      You get it. Full on. The software politics, all of it.

      You are our advocate.

  15. And, there were no personal computers in my undergrad days. Had there been, would have been most helpful (although those of us who have left the ivy covered towers might find something useful in this list).

  16. Zippy

    I gotta give props to Rahm Emmanuel. Being a man of obvious Jewish descent, supporting Resolution 242, when there’s no obvious political benefit in terms of Chicago politics.

    I must also give Obama credit for coming out and saying it, because, even though it’s been it’s been the official position of the US government since it was passed, the militant wing of Israelis and their benefactors in the US would rather that uncomfortable UN vote be forgotten.

    Of course, with the whole “Right of return” thing, the devil is in the details. I personally would be okay with one state-Israelistine, say,–which actually operated by pure majority rule.

    But apparently the horrific aftermath of the Holocaust has turned too many of the abused into abusers. Sad, as I’ve heard that polls show a majority of Israelis are cool with cutting a deal of with the sane Palestinians.

    In the meantime, Likud drives a significant number of them—in Gaza anyway– into the arms of a vile organization like Hamas, and then wonders why it happened.