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    • If Republicans were ever able to let go of their hate they could see that President Obama is the perfect GOP candidate / office holder. I won’t hold my breath on them being able to do that.

      • indypendent

        I have to laugh at these Christian Conservative Republicans who profess to only vote for candidates that demonstrate family values.

        The perfect candidate in that category would be Obama. Both Barack and Michelle have demonstrated what a true committed marriage could be and their devotion to their kids is an example many of these so-called Family Values voters should be following.

        But, instead, these folks seem to sit and justify their Family Values politicians who have to have their Christian buddies help them cover up their sordid affairs and then act like it is no big deal.

        Actions speak louder than words -..

        And when confronted with their side of the aisle having to to be told ‘put your pants and go home’ – these folks retort by saying – both parties do it.

        Well, the sordid affairs are true – that does happen on both sides of the aisle but let’s review the story of the two Johns – shall we?

        John Edwards -the Democrat – his wife kicked him to the curb before she died AND it looks like Johnny is soon to be indicted.

        John Ensign – the Republican – his wife is standing by her man and he is on the hook but no charges or indictment yet.

        Hmm,…….which side holds their wandering lusters’ feet to the fire?

        BTW – It really hurts the right’s side when their politicians flaunt their Family Values platform and still act like alley cats. At least the Democrats do not flaunt the Family Values platform – that is at least some comfort to know they may be alley cats – but at least they’re not hypoocrits and liars when it comes to those good ol’ Family Values.

      • indypendent

        My grandpa had a saying that is still true today – if someone has to constantly tell you how godly they are, watch your back.

  1. indypendent

    In keeping with the theme of the cartoon – What do you think about Paul Ryan now using the term ‘premium support’ rather than voucher to describe his Medicare plan?

    Of course, the GOP still think the problem with their plan is the wrong messaging .

    So I guess they think by changing the name of dogpoop to roses will actually make it stink any less.

    That’s the logic of these buffoons – pitiful, isn’t it?

    • I expect them to use several different words as they refine their message. I heard Rove called them all in and gave a lesson in a behind-closed-doors setting. I think it’s hilarious that the tables have turned! Republicans sat back with their slogan opposition to health care reform while the democrats went on defense and tried to explain it. Explaining to people whose attention span is a few seconds — long enough to hear a slogan — is difficult! When you’re explaining why ending Medicare in a few years is a good thing it becomes more than difficult!

      Medicare is not something we can’t afford. It’s something we can’t afford at current levels and in combination with major tax cuts from the Bush era and before. Look up what the top margin tax rates have been historically, they’re a pittance compared to what they used to be.

      The Republicans will never sell cutting Medicare while protecting the most wealthy. It can’t be done so I get a kick out of watching them flail, spin their wheels, stick to their guns and move even farther to the right. Like I said last week — what they’re doing is working! Working for the Democratic Party anyway.

      • indypendent

        What a difference two years make in this town halls meetings – huh?

        I wonder if these GOP buffoons think about how many hospitals and doctors will be financially struggling if Medicare goes bye-bye?
        And then throw in Medicaid – and these places will really go belly up and fast.

        Medicare and Medicaid are cash flow -plain and simple.

        If doctors and hospitals had to rely on private insurance and/or private pay – they would be out of business in a New York minute.

      • indypendent

        Do you believe these folks when they profess that no one over the age of 55 need worry about losing their current Medicare benefits?

        Why would anyone believe these same folks who told us the Bush tax cuts would create jobs?

      • There is much much more in ‘the Ryan plan’ than just killing Medicare that will turn voters away! And there is plenty of time to get it all out in the open! Plus, they’re ALL endorsing it! Parts of Ryan’s Medicare ‘fixes’ do affect people over 54 now! They take away all benefits of The Affordable Care Act and one proviso of that bill already in effect is ending ‘the donut hole.’ Oh, yes, their lies will be exposed! And all the GOP candidates will fall on that petard.

        Essentially what the Ryan plan does is turn our health care over to private FOR PROFIT companies whose first obligation is to turn a profit not to provide health care. In fact it is in their interest to deny health care at every point because it increases their bottom line.

      • indypendent

        For profit health insurance companies have been conducting those infamous ‘death panels’ for years.

        I’ve heard it all before – the GOP claims to not want a government beaucrat in charge of your health care – but have you noticed they never say ‘a health insurance executive’? That is because when it comes to making a profit – these GOP buffoons really do not care the insurance exexutive making those death panels decisions – that is different in their world – money trumps people every time.

        It must be very sad to be that obsessed with money all the time.

    • I saw that video! Hooray for this calm, brave young woman! And, yes, Indy, you’re right that our problems are small and petty in comparison.

      • Freebird1971

        My Mom always says that you don’t have to look far to find someone who has it worse than you.

  2. Rupert Murdock intends to do to education what he did to news.

    Rupert Murdoch, Who Bought 90% Of An Education Software Provider, Launches Initiative ‘To Make Education A Top Issue In 2012 Presidential Campaign’

    At the end of 2010, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp paid almost $400m in cash to purchase 90% of Wireless Generation, a company that bills itself as “the leading provider of innovative education software, data systems, and assessment tools for reading, writing and math,”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/rupert-murdoch-news-corp-education-2012-presidential-campaign-2011-5#ixzz1NypB4800

    • indypendent

      Does that educational software also come with their own blonde news anchor wearing too-tight, short skirts and crossing their legs while swinging those stilletto heels?

      • badbiker

        God, I hope so. Wait. That’s right, I prefer brunettes with big, dark eyes.

        The rest is cool.

  3. indypendent

    Has anyone seen this yet? It’s about Anthony Weiner. Be sure to read whose website this story is being featured……Andrew Breitbart. Does anyone remember this name?


  4. Zippy

    I realize it’s been said as much in many different ways–hence my brevity–but the Republican position finds taxation on the lower and middle classes quite acceptable (i.e. Social Security and Medicare tax receipts, which are drawn from the lower end–you notice how those arrogant bastards want to shell-game away the money that’s been collected?), while objecting to progressive taxation on those who are at the higher end of the scale.

    Paying taxes sucks, yes, (I am quite familiar with the concept, and fuck you again, Frank Antenori), but the pretense that the burden is equivalent with equal percentages–the basic argument against progressive taxation–is a Libertarian fantasy that presumes the prerequisites of survival fall equally upon all economic classes, despite the obvious absurdity of such a claim.

    The second claim against progressive taxation–which, if examine the rhetoric is really the one and only argument being made, despite the smoke-screen nonsense about the excessive costs of say, keeping planes from crashing into each other (e.g. the tiny budget of the FAA).

    People remain confused because, yes, entitlements like Social Security and Medicare cost a lost of money but, amazingly, absolutely none of that spending–not one dime–has contributed to the public debt but neither has huge public spending. Things that alleged conservatives moronically and immorally disdain–things like unemployment insurance, public health programs and, yes, that favorite target of racist assumptions, food stamps–have quite literally kept people alive who would very likely be dead.

    Of course, that is exactly the flawed logic of Social Darwinism, presuming, incorrectly, that what can be done should be done (those who actually understand Darwin understood the natural selection has nothing to do inter-species annilitation, except to the extent that it makes the survival of, say, Homo Sapiens that less likely.

    Adam Smith argued for progressive taxation in the Wealth of Nations, but, to hear these types, you’d think he was the reanimated corpse of Josef Stalin.

    I think someone needs to start dragging out political rhetoric from 1880s and 1920s. As they say, nothing is new under the sun.

  5. Zippy

    Okay, bad, bad. Wrongsense typos. The overall point, facts: Social and Medicare may have actuarial issues, which is the more reason not to be stealing the money already invested in the those trust funds to cover debts created by looting the pubic treasury for private gain.


    • indypendent

      I think Republicans are fine and dandy with massive government spending as long as THEY get to choose where to spend that money.

      ie – Medicare Drug Program came from George W. Bush and fellow Republicans…

      So if these folks hate Medicare so much – then why did they give this huge entitlement program?

      Could it be due to the fact senior citizens vote and/or pharmaceuticals were the real winner in that Medicare Drug Program?

      • Yes on both your reasons, plus it was another attack on a program they’ve been trying to end since its inception. Besides, IOKIYAR. Their side isn’t actually responsible for that unfunded mandate because… Choose some excuse from the many they use.

      • indypendent

        You’re right about the attitude they are not responsible for what they do…

        I suspect that is why they like having those Evangelical Christians around – these are the so-called godly people that have the every-ready excuse of ‘I am just a sinner, so God forgives me’.

        Which I totally agree with the concept of forgivenesss because I do believe God forgives us – but we actually need to be repentant.

        I do not believe that God gives us a Golden Free Pass to pull out each time we supposedly ‘mess up’ and want to make everything to away without any real repentance.

        IMHO – these Evangelicals are not exactly the repentant type – they are ones that treat God like he is Willie Wonka giving out those Golden Tickets to the Chocolate Factory.