Monday, 5/30/11, Public Square


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  1. indypendent

    Yes, some did give the ultimate – their life. And those who are left behind are never the same.

    • Freebird1971

      And some wonder why I say close our foreign bases and bring ALL of our troops home NOW!

      • indypendent

        Exactly…..I wonder how quickly our budget would get towards being balanced if our military was used only for our national defense and not for protection of corporations wanting to get at their perceived treasures.

  2. As we become more global all people must learn to respect and live in peace. We cannot continue killing one another or treating our differences as something to fear and hate. Education is the key to understanding and understanding will erase the fear.

    I hope more and more people learn the agenda of neo-cons is world domination via military strength and stop letting them make inroads. If democracy is a superior model demonstrate it through peaceful means, if Christianity is a superior religion make it look like something others want to emulate. As long as hate and violence are what represents that which you think is superior why would it ever look like something to strive for?

    I think the agenda of the religious bigots is pure evil. Hating a person because they are Muslim or gay or… is evil.

    Wars are built around fear and hate and prejudice. I hope people around the world learn the value of diversity, learn to celebrate our differences, learn to love.

    • indypendent

      I was on the Huffingtonpost blog and the issue was the opening of the Israel borders and the expected violence.

      Some of the comments on that blog were atrocious – and these were all from professing Christians. These are the folks that want to go in and drop bombs, go in with a blaze of gunfire and kill everybody that moves.

      On what planet do these people live? After all that bloodshed and bombs dropping on this planet – do you think anyone’s quality of life could even be remotely good?

      If any religion wants to keep on fighting – then perhaps these are the ones we need to send on the first rocket to Mars and let them have fun.

      Of course, we need to make sure their ticket is one way!!!

    • Yes, I’ve heard those who want to turn the middle east into a sea of glass profess what loving Christians they are. They’ll sometimes go into a rant about the Qur’an. Seldom do they acknowledge the violence in the Bible. They have their minds made up, they’re on God’s side…

      • indypendent

        The tragic thing – as I see it – these are the folks that can twist their Bible into justifying whatever violence they want to inflict.

        But don’t these same folks moan and whine at their perceived persecution they seem to think they receive from others who do not fall into lockstep with their perception of God’s mission?

      • Yes, they lord their morality over those they find lacking. There seems to be no love, no compassion, no desire to help, and they must have no ‘good news’ to share — or they forgot that’s what they should be sharing.

      • indypendent

        I have to share this – because it is just one of the many things that feeds my confessed (yes, I confess it) bias against evangelical Christians.

        As I’ve shared before on this blog, I listen to the radio while I work at my weekend job. I like the old time 40’s and 50’s music so I found KSGL which I love their music.

        BUT…..when Terry Fox or Joe Wright come on the radio – it is instant turn off time for me.

        But – this one day a few weekends ago – I was listening to some preacher going on and on about how God wants everyone to give. Of course, I knew this guy was just using the old time-tested con game of separating the gullible from their money – but there was something different about this time – so I kept listening.

        This time the guy kept saying that God was telling him that they needed to remodel and that would take a SPECIAL giving. There would be TWO giving times the next week. WooHoo…..

        Ah, ha…….a special giving – which means even MORE money separated that week from the family pot.

        Anyway – this guy actually told these people to get a piece of paper and write down what they thought God wanted them to give for that special giving time – that blessed giving time – and deposit that piece of paper in the back as they left the church that day.

        This preacher then stated what church he was from and wouldn’t you know it – it was a mega church here in town.

        Do you think maybe God knows there is a huge gold cross in front and maybe – just maybe – that gold cross could be pawned to pay for that remodeling job that God wants done so desperately?

        I know I am being flippant here – but this is what grinds my gears the most. I’ve been in churches like this where they talk and talk and talk until people really do start hearing voices in their head (that’s from lack of oxygen to the brain because these churches also like to turn up the heat at certain times during these special giving services) Being physically uncomfortable helps the intended victim to be more willling – IMHO

        I just wonder how many family budgets are broken sky high every week due to some preacher some where that has that uncanny con-line ability to separate people from their money??

        And really – what possible remodeling is so desperately needed? That place is huge and it does not look like it is is falling down to me.

        But at the end of my little rant – I can only say this:

        There is a BIG difference between church people and spiritual people.

        And IMHO – we have way too many church people – these are the ones that will let their families do without so they can look like big donors to their fancy preacher man….

  3. How can a parent or grandparent look at their child with love and hope for their future without realizing every parent all across the world feels the same way?

    Why does learning a parent (person) is something different than us cause us to lose this basic fact of humanity? And once we’ve lost the ability to treat all humanity with dignity we have started down a path that leads away from respect and love.

    • indypendent

      It starts with that US and THEM attitude. And all too many times, that is just the attitude in these churches and political parties.

      I still remember Sarah Palin on the 2008 campaign trail calling Obama ‘not one of us’. Whenever anyone uses that kind of language, then there will never be a chance to unite this country.

  4. Zippy

    I suppose the stepped-up drone attacks in Pakistan are using the intel that came from the Abbotabad raid. But at some point, the thinking forward-looking people in Afghanistan and Pakistan will need to assert themselves, and this will not be easy will constant deaths, whether at the hand of the US, and the extreme elements who see continuing conflict as in their political interests.

    The maintenance is fear and hatred of Western democracy is easier to maintain when there are real, deadly consequences to our intervention. Add an unhealthy does of regressive fundamentalist religion, and you have a much simpler propaganda vehicle than the one used to control our thinking here after 9-11 (the damage our democracy and freedoms continues, as we saw with the almost casual reauthorizaton of the dangerous, overreaching Patriot Act — and in that regard, I must give Rand Paul props for sticking to his Libertarian guns, so to speak).

    Closer to home, I walked by a local cemetery just a little while go. There was a sign that said “please take a moment to salute,” so I gave a crisp, military salute.

    And then I wondered how many of those buried there were recent arrivals.

  5. Zippy

    P.S. Sometimes to kill the dream you kill the person.

    • Thanks Tracy. I hadn’t read anything, but your blog post brought me ‘up to speed.’ Sounds like those haters didn’t stand a chance! đŸ™‚

  6. indypendent

    I had a co-worker try to blame Obama for being in Europe when he should have been in Joplin MO picking up the pieces.

    Hmmm…….I did remind this Republican that GWB was in the White House while 24/7 news coverage of Hurricane Katrina was playing and then GWB had the nerve to tell the FEMA Director he was doing a heckuva a job.

    I also asked this person what was Obama supposed to do? At least he showed up and even knowing that Missouri does not particular care for him as their president.

    Obama could just be mean and sit in the White House and watch the news coverage of the Joplin destruction – but he did not. He actually came and did what presidents should do – look like they care about our fellow Americans.

    Geesh, wouldn’t you think these Republicans could find something more to rake Obama over the coals for than this snarkiness?

  7. indypendent

    Did you hear Sen. Tom Coburn is defending the way he handled his part in th John Ensign sordid affair?

    As you probably recall, the Senate Ethics Committee released their report – which, BTW, was released the day after Ensign resigned from the Senate – interesting timing, huh?

    Anyway – Tom Coburn is the one that tells it like this – the mistress’ husband – Doug Hampton – called him and asked if he would be get a message to Ensign. Coburn’s version is that he told Hampton that he would ask Ensign if he wanted him to do that, and if he did, he would be okay with it.

    So, now that it’s been reported that the Hamptons were paid money – of course Tom Coburn is trying to distance himself from the whole mess.

    Personally, I do not care who did what or when – but I do care when these folks all profess to be such godly Christians and they all act worse than a bunch of alley cats.

    But this past week, I actually heard Tom Coburn say that he would do the very same thing, the very same way because two marriages and their familes have been restored.

    WTH…….the Hamptons are divorcing………do you think somebody should wake up poor Tom and tell him the bad news?

    And to tell you the truth, if I was Ensign’s wife and had to listen to the entire country being told that some preacher told my husband to ‘put your pants and go home’ – my marriage would certainly not be in too good of shape. And I know for sure – my husband would be walking funny for quite a few weeks…..

  8. Zippy

    I’ve been to Joplin. I don’t know anyone there, but it’s bad, and coming from tornado country, I get it. I fully expect the weather events to get worse, worldwide, and the signature will be when it happens in unexpected places, which I am predicting it will. There have already been tornado warnings in Phoenix, and a tornado watch in Tucson.

    We can stick our heads in the sand, but the atmosphere won’t care.

    • indypendent

      I heard on the news today that housing is in short supply for all the folks. They are spreading out their search for homes with 50 miles from Joplin to accommodate the needed housing.

      From what I know about Joplin, it seems to be a hub city where alot of people from surrounding communities would commute to their jobs. But when the city people are the ones in need of housing – I’m sure it is quite difficult to find that large of a volume in such a short time.

      But never fear – Eric Cantor reiterated his stance yesterday about his demand to see spending budget offsets for any federal disaster money spent on Joplin.

      I wonder where this guy’s concern about those offsets was when it was the GOP southern red states who were holding their hands out for federal disaster money?

      Why did he choose to draw the line at Joplin Missouri?

      • indypendent

        BTW – I read where Texas received 22 FEMA grants – yes, 22 – for those wildfires and Gov Rick Perry wants more from that evil government.

        Do you think Eric will tell Rickie – NO MO MONEY…..