Sunday, 5/29/11, Public Square

GOP entry in today's Indianapolis 500 race


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  1. If you enjoy auto racing looks like you can watch a bunch of that today!

    If you enjoy politics you might pause and remember each and every GOP candidate — whether declared officially or still teasing — is driving our country backwards, advocating taking away any progress made over the last century or more. They’ve plans to take women back to irrelevancy, doesn’t look good for minorities either. They would even like to take us back when there was no such thing as social security and medicare just a dream. Back where a tiny fraction of populace controls almost all of the money (maybe we’re already there) and most American families have little or no access to health care.

  2. Freebird1971

    I hope everyone stops and takes time to reflect on the real; meaning of this holiday

    • indypendent

      And the soldiers’ family who also serve – that is one point that I do not hear stressed very much – other than or First Lady and Jill Biden.

      Whenever someone on the right side of the aisle starts pontificating about their military service – I always ask how their spouse or their kids served. That will usually stop them in their tracks of all bragging.

      BTW – During WWII – if it was not for the sacrifice of all the non-military Americans – we might have not won that war. I wonder how many people have thanked Rosie the Riveter for her contribution to the war effort?

      Sorry freebird – this is a personal issue of mine. Too many times only one side gets all the glory …..

      • Freebird1971

        Being the proud Dad of a former Marine who celebrated Memorial Day in Iraq 8 years ago I understand the sacrifices and sleepless nights families endure.

        I really see no need to politicize this day other than to say bring our troops home NOW.

      • indypendent

        I was not aware it would be considred politicizing by bringing up the fact that alot of Americans serve their country in different ways.

      • indypendent

        BTW – I may have a different perspective than you because I remember being a widow of a Vietnam soldier when I was only 19yrs old.

        And in the Vietnam days – there was no voluntary military – remember?

  3. Freebird1971

    In regards to the cartoon,IMO it really doesn’t matter who is driving for either party,we the people can expect more of the same. For those who think that I am being pessimistic,I’m not,just being realistic based on my 57 yrs on this earth

    • indypendent

      I agree with your premise of both parties not being the best.

      But when given the clear hoice between the GOP giving all our tax dollars to their certain few well connected and/or corporations or the Democrats at least giving our tax dollars to all Americans – I’ll take the Democrats.

      And if the GOP continues on their current path (and they will) of destruction of all safety nets – the GOP will suffer. I strongly look for the Far Right Wingers to wrangle permanent control away from the GOP when they lose in 2012.

      This civil war within the GOP will then force the moderates in the GOP to make a decisision – form their own party or join forces with the Democrats and stomp the Radical right wingers out once and for all.

      If they decide to help the Democrats in 2016 – the Radical Right wingers will be past history – as in ‘whatever happened to the Whig Party’.

      • Freebird1971

        The problem with BOTH parties is their philosophy is party first and foremost. Neither party understands the meaning of the word compromise,hence the polarization we see today and I see no end in sight. I have told my kids they may live long enough to see another American Revolution I seriously hope I am wrong but currently see nothing to change my prediction

      • Freebird1971

        Politician is a synonym for whore,the both will sell their azz and or principles to the one who has the money.

      • indypendent

        BOTH parties are exactly what they claim to be – political parties.

        But I must disagree with you as to the level of polarization.

        I can remember when Reagan (and I am certainly NO fan of Reagan) was famous for saying Democrats and Republicans can and should be friends at the end of the day.

        But when the Religious Right-Winger Republicans came into power in the GOP – that is when this deep polarization – even to the point of hatred – started to emerge.

        Mixing religion and politics will often do that – DIVIDE.

      • indypendent

        As for your prediction of anothe American Revolution – I don’t think that will happen.

        I’m all for those who want to secede from the USA to do so…..Gov Rick Perry has threatened this action more than once – let him do it.

        For all those who hate our president to the point of blind stupidity – then they are free to leave the country at any given time. Heck, I’ll even chip in with a donation for a one-way ticket.

  4. badbiker

    Go Danica!

    • badbiker

      Nuts! My girl finished Tenth, but she did lead a few laps. Her car just wasn’t dialed in for speed in the open. She did very well moving up through traffic, but she just had a little too much downforce to hit the 222 mph she needed at the end to win the race.

      She can win one day, unless she moves on to NASCAR. Since I am not a stocker fan, I hope she stays with the open-wheel cars. One day, a woman will will Indy!

      Congrats to Dan Wheldon for being there when the leader crashed on turn four, just a hundred yards from victory. It’s too bad for JR Hilldebrand, but that’s Indy!

      Thank God that all the drivers, crews and everyone else made it through the race safely!

      And Danica, you did well, girl, better luck next year!

      Edit – I had to correct it, Danica finished tenth……………………….. Still it’s okay, and as she just said, she just didn’t have to speed to hold the lead.

  5. Great (short) piece from a doctor who survived the Joplin hit.

    Memorial day will have extra meaning there this weekend.

  6. indypendent

    Speaking of politicians willing to sell their azz and principles……