Saturday, 5/28/11, Public Square


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  1. A Wichita business with roots all the way back to NCR and most recently a division of LSI, Engenio storage systems, was acquired by NetApp. I don’t know why this wasn’t big local news because NetApp is a big deal in the IT world and Wichitans should know of their presence in our city. Before they came to town you would need to move to Silicone Valley to work for this large an IT company.

    NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, addressed a select group of students from the US Military Academy at West Point and offers good advice for all of us and for all walks of life. Yes, attitude is important for every interaction between people. This is well worth watching! It will provide you a pep talk and who can’t use one of those!?

  2. My soon-to-be-born grandchild will be here between now and next weekend (the induction is scheduled if the little one doesn’t introduce him/herself sooner!). I’ve been wondering whether I’ll be as helpful as I wish, whether I’ll remember how to handle new borns since my youngest grandchild is 13 and much of the advice has changed, just a little apprehensive. My brother gave me the best bit of advice and a very nice boost to my confidence by telling me, “Well, you do know a thing or two about babies, and you are grandma, so do what grandmas do, cuddle the baby, buy stuff for the baby, and when the baby cries in the middle of the night, let the baby’s parents handle it.”

    Isn’t that great!? Now I look forward to my trip to Boston! I do know how to be a grandma and have done it successfully for many years. đŸ˜‰

    • badbiker

      You never read about a grand parent dropping a baby and breaking it. You never read about a grand parent suffocating a baby with kisses. You never read about a grand parent buying too much stuff, or worrying too much or talkin’ too much nonsense to a baby.

      Rest easy. You can’t f’ it up. Never happens.

      So, enjoy yourself, Boston, your kids and new grand kiddie. And remember, when the baby needs to be changed, you don’t know how to do it.

  3. Thanks to Medicare, Democrats Are Winning the Message War

    In the past few election cycles, Democrats have been victims of their own complicated proposals for social change, and Republicans have been pros at death by soundbite.

    Legislation giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship was torpedoed by the GOP as “amnesty.” Health care reforms to cover the uninsured were pilloried as a “government takeover” or “Obamacare.” Ending tax cuts begun under then-President George W. Bush amounted to “tax hikes in a recession”–even though Democrats had targeted only the wealthy.

    But in the current debate over Medicare reform, the bumper-sticker slogan belongs to the Democratic Party, not the GOP. The sweeping changes proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will “abolish Medicare,” Democrats charge. Now, it’s the Republicans who are scrambling for a way to justify a massive legislative overhaul in 30 easy-to-understand seconds.

    Cue the shrieking.

    “It’s always easier to attack a proposal that someone else puts forward,” said Brad Coker, managing director at Mason-Dixon Polling and Research. “It’s always easier to sit back and take potshots.”

  4. Governor Scott, the most unpopular Governor in the country (and I wonder why that is?) held a rally in a town square. When those who opposed him showed up and exercised their right to assembly, and free speech, Gov. Scott then declared the event was ‘private’ and had anyone who ‘looked’ liberal removed by law enforcement. This is what tyranny is like. Take a long listen. Pay careful attention going forward because you’ll find many examples among this new batch of tea party GOPers.

    • indypendent

      To be fair here, this guy was the one who came to to the governor’s race and it was well known of his past history with his company HCA Healthcare being in trouble for Medicare billing fraud and was fined heavily. Some of the senior HCA guys went to jail (this was the company Bill Clinton vowed to break – and he did).

      Anyway – everything was known about this guy -upfront – and yet these TEa Party Republicans STILL endorsed this guy.

      So if they are now upset with him – I kinda feel like I have no sympathy for any of the Tea Party Seniors who are now crying over their motorized scooters.

      As for this guy throwing people out of a public meeting – then that just shows exactly what the guy is – and WAS – during the campaign. And like I stated above – not much was hidden about this guy’s past.

      So do we blame the unpopular governor for being exactly what his history told us he was or do we blame the TEa Party Republicans who thought he was okay by them?

      Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think anything about this guy is okay – far from it. He’s just another CON man who has found his way to loosen some of those millions from all-too-willing buffoons.

  5. indypendent

    How does this affect our society? Does it have any adverse effects or is it just a sign of the times?