Friday, 5/27/11, Public Square


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  1. “You ain’t gonna learn what you don’t want to know” Grateful Dead

  2. Freedomwriter

    Maybe we should put Anthony Weiner in the White House. He repeatedly stand up and tells it like it is. He seems to have the gumption to do what’s needed.

  3. A side-by-side fun and interesting comparison —

    Obama v Bush: A tale of two state visits

    • indypendent

      I noticed someone in the Opinion Line today was demonizing Obama as being the worst president ever due to what happened during Obama’s toast to the Queen.

      I assume we’ve all heard about this – but in case you have not, the orchestra started playing during Obama’s toast and Obama kept on with this toast till he was finished.

      If this is criteria for the worst president ever – no wonder these folks still worship Ronald Reagan who raised taxes, left a huge deficit and still managed to give weapons to our enemy – Iran through that nasty little Iran Contra Affair.

      I may be a registered Republican on paper but I will never understand how Reagan is celebrated as the greatest president and Obama is the worst president simply by the orchestra starting to play when it was not their time to play.

      But, in the Republicans’ logic – everything is Obama’s fault – even the faulty orchestra.

      How dare that little whippesnapper…….LOL

  4. indypendent

    Comment on the cartoon above: I don’t know that much about Mitch Daniels. He always seemed rather quiet and uncharismatic to me. But I do not necessarily think that is a bad characteristic in a person.

    But in a president – I do think it takes a certain charisma or, maybe a better word – energy, to have the capability to accomplish things while in office.

    But on a serious note – I don’t blame any spouse or family members for being hesitant about jumping into the presidential candidate fishbowl.

    Can you imagine how your entire world would just be turned upside down?

    As I seem to recall from news reports – Mrs. Daniels had left her husband, married another man and then returned to marry Mr. Daniels after a few years. This was being discussed as a possible detriment to the ‘conservative Christian family values voter’ – so maybe that is one reason why Daniels did not choose to run at this time?

    But, as we all know from their no-questions-asked loyalty to their other Christian Conservative Christian family values elected officials who have been found fidelity-challenged – these CCC family values voters really are not that set in stone for their high-standards being met – IMHO

    So, I assume the reason Daniels chose not to run is because his wife said no or maybe he just does not want to be the sacrificial GOP lamb in 2012?

    • badbiker

      Unless a spouse was/is involved in criminal activity, I feel they should be off limits in a campaign or the political arena. That doesn’t seem to work with Republicans, however, if you notice the level of vitriol directed at Michelle Obama.

      Really, the nerve of her to suggest that children eat healthy? What is she trying to do, destroy the fast food industry?

      • indypendent

        You’ve hit the nail on the head as to why so many people would not even want to run for public office.

        I remember when campaigns were not so intrusive into the candidates’ personal lives – but IIRC – the first presidential candidate that was asked if he wore boxers or briefs was Clinton – wasn’t it?

        Was that when the line was crossed?

        As for the Daniels’ marital history – I don’t really care what happened because it is none of my business. And that would truly have nothing to do with his performance of the job – would it?

  5. indypendent

    No Child Left Behind was an unfunded federal mandate from a Republican president – wasn’t it?

  6. badbiker

    Ronald Reagan – “trees are the greatest cause of pollution.”