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  1. Howdy everybody. Hope all is well with the gang here.
    Peace, Love and Clarity,

  2. Good morning to you, sekan; I trust you are well, and have not been adversely affected by the bad weather of late.

  3. Hi, Tracy! Always great to hear from you. I heard Griffin saying one of your daughters and her family live in Joplin and did have some damage. Although he said all were unhurt, it is still sad news.

  4. I smile when I see results of the New York 26 House race. I frown when I see the headlines and hear the comments asking what the Republicans might learn from this Democratic Party win on GOP turf.

    They should ignore this fluke! It was (surely) all about the tea party spoiler and nothing about GOP plans to decimate Medicare. There is nothing to see here, move along. Whatever Bohner, Ryan and those tea baggers are doing is working very well! Keep it up, guys! 🙂

  5. Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images

    Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt.

    More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings.

    Initial excavations have already confirmed some of the findings, including two suspected pyramids.

  6. Cats and dogs use same technique to lap up liquid

    Cats and dogs have at last got something in common – at least when it comes to quenching their thirst.

    Until now, it was thought that they used remarkably different techniques to drink: for felines, an elegant lap; for canines, a messy scoop.

    But scientists have shown the domestic rivals both use the same subtle balance between inertia and gravity to draw liquid into their mouths.

  7. Bacteria-rich hailstones add to ‘bioprecipitation’ idea

    A study of hailstones has found large numbers of bacteria at their cores.

    The find lends credence to the “bio-precipitation” idea, which suggests that bacteria are actively involved in stimulating precipitation.

    The bacteria have protein coatings that cause water to freeze at relatively warm temperatures.

    Researchers at the American Society for Microbiology meeting suggest bacteria may have evolved to use the water cycle to facilitate their own dispersal.

    The micro-organisms that can be found in precipitation such as snow have been studied since the 1960s.

  8. I’ve always heard it said when the sky has a green tinge one should beware the weather. Look at this photo taken early yesterday afternoon in Kansas City —

    • It’s hard to believe this photo wasn’t ‘helped,’ isn’t it? I’m thinking it was…

      • Freebird1971

        I spent several years storm spotting for Sumner Co CD and I have seen the sky exactly that color on several occasions. Granted this photo may have been helped but the sky actually does get that color and when it does be prepared for some large hail

      • While it may have been “helped”, the sky does get that color, which does indeed indicate large hail. I kinda wish I didn’t have the experience I do in this area, but oh, well…..

      • badbiker

        If my memory serves me, this photo was taken from the KCK side of the river. “The Bottoms” is in the foreground and downtown is obviously where the two tall buildings are shown. Speaking as a photographer, the photo appears to have been color and contrast corrected, but the green clouds are real, only darkened a bit by the processing.

    • wicked

      and a tad bit of yellow added, biker. I see that in the ground (parking & streets) and buildings. That could be caused by a golden glow from the sun through the storm, too, but it does appear there was a little help. The overall color is a bit too intense, also, I agree, although I’ve seen intense color during storms, especially against a dark sky backdrop.

  9. Freebird1971

    From the Eagle

    Congratulations to Wichita South High School’s Junior ROTC for winning the recent National High School Drill Team Competition in Daytona Beach, Fla. South’s unarmed regulation drill team won first place, and the armed and unarmed color guard teams each finished fourth. In addition, Nicholus Cox was the national unarmed commander champion, and Caitlin Sumpter finished 10th in the national Individual Drill Down competition. Great job, everyone.

    • It’s good that there was recognition of this, albeit minor in comparison to high school athletes, especially football and boys’ basketball players. I’m not a fan of the JROTC programs, but admit that the existence thereof in the comprehensive high schools has aided in the reduction of disciplinary problems among certain groups of students, and has encouraged better attendance, etc., in these groups. BTW, in general, I’m not referring to honors students as those assisted.

    • WTG! I’m always glad to hear the good news of our youth! I also think there is much more that we should be hearing because they are an awesome generation!

      • indypendent

        I agree about this younger generation – I think these are kids that have faced life’s hard times way sooner than I ever had to when I was their age.

      • indypendent

        P.S. – what I mean by that is – these younger kids are much more prepared for life than my generation. These kids have seen alot of changes in their lives – alot of technology and progress – but also alot of hard times with their parents losing their jobs, homes, etc.

        I give these kids alot of credit for even still wanting to participate in society – because sometimes I think we adults push alot of crap nonsense onto these kids when they are just – after all – kids. I’ve know some 10 yr olds that know more than I did when I was 18 yrs old.

  10. Interesting ‘predictions’ on the subject of health care.

  11. Thunderchild

    As another school year ends, parents should be reminded that the JROTC operates dishonestly, recruiting minor CHILDREN into their para- military program without the approval or even the notification of parents. IF the organization were a worthy and honorable one, such clandestine activity would seem not to be needed. The program masquerades under the name “leadership”. Wearing a uniform and doing what you are told and learning not to question your superiors?

    You can get that sort of “leadership” training at any Walmart or McDonalds.

    • There should not be “leadership” classes in the Middle Schools, TC; you and I are in agreement there. The district seems to have become enamored with these classes, but because of the restrictions on the use of the description ” JROTC” (as I understand it, can only be called this at the high school level), the same are given the (imho) misleading name of “leadership” in the middle schools. Once in high school. it is clear that the student (and parent) is looking at JROTC, which should alert all involved as to the nature of the class.

      As to your other point about enrollment in general, this is an issue with the way 259 handles things. I don’t know the point in time where parental approval of the next year’s classes is no longer needed, but I’m certain it isn’t at the middle school level.

    • Freebird1971

      These students also learn responsibility ,team work and pride in a job well done.

      as for your statement “Wearing a uniform and doing what you are told and learning not to question your superiors?

      You can get that sort of “leadership” training at any Walmart or McDonalds.” is simplistic and shows a lack of knowledge on what the program encompasses.

      • indypendent

        I must disagree about wearng a uniform and doing what you are told and learning not to quesstion your superiors at McDonalds.

        I’ve been to some McDonalds that I swear the employees do not do what they are told because if they did – I would get my order correct.

      • indypendent

        Sorry Freebird – I meant to reply to TC’s post – not yours.

        As for TC’s opinions on JROTC – he is entitled to his own opinions and I respect him voicing those opinions, even when he knows he will probably get flak for it.

        But just because I respect his opinions does not mean I agree with all of his opinions.

        I have not had any experience with the JROTC so I really have nothing firsthand to base my opinions on about the program.

        But I also respect any person’s right to join or not join the JROTC – just as I would expect them the respect my opinions.

    • Freebird1971

      Do you ever congratulate anyone on any thing? Going through life looking at the negative side of everything must be depressing.

  12. Thunderchild

    Do you ever post anything anywhere that is not meant as a (albeit feeble) shot at me?

    The JROTC recruited my son into their program without my notification let alone consent when he was like 10 years old. Interestingly enough, this was around the same time george bush decided to use the National Guard as combat troops in Iraq. We starve our schools for funds to protect the rich from paying what they SHOULD have to and thus force our schools to embrace the JROTC and various commercial enterprises to make up the deficit.

    • indypendent

      TC – As I stated above – I respect your opinions and you as a parent have the right to protect your child.

      Since I did not have any firsthand experience with the JROTC program – I did have firsthand experience in military recruiters calling son when he was a junior and senior in high school constantly. My son even told them that he was insulin dependent diabetic and yet these recruiters still called my son constantly.

      So, I understand how your feelings and frustration. But there are some people who do good in the JROTC program – and if that is their choice – then they should be allowed to pursue that endeavor.

      But, you’re right – a parent should be notified if the child is a minor – IMHO.

      • indypendent

        BTW – those recruiters kept calling my son constantly until he was about 21 yrs old. With each call – he would simply say – I’m still insulin-dependent diabetic – so why don’t you give up?

        One recruiter even acknowledged that they knew my son could never join up but they had to make the call to make their quota.

        That about says it all – doesn’t it? But I have to wonder if it was just the sign of the times (this was GWB’s term) and the recruiters felt pressured.

        Personally, I feel the military has been used for these corporations’ security and not necessarily our national defense. And that angers me the most. This is what I saw during the Bush years – and that was rammed down our throats as being patriotic – well, to me that is not the purpose of our military.

        the only way to fight them is through the ballot box. No amount of fighting on some blog with endless arguments is going to change things.

    • Freebird1971

      Not a shot just a question

  13. Thunderchild

    I note that while MY comments to “Freebird” were edited here, he is free to attack me on this and on the other blog that is the origin of this forum.

    Maybe it is my con origins that make me ….impatient….with my progressive friends? I know cons. I come from them. They are bad people. They do NOT pull punches or apologize. And so it leaves me angry and wondering, why do we? WHY does Ed Schultz apologize for calling Laura Ingraham just exactly what she is, a right wing radio slut? Keith Olberman was badgered. Ed Schultz is made to apologize for telling the truth?

    Ah but Rush Limbaugh is “self employed” and so gets a pass for making light of Michael J Fox’s disability?

    I’m telling you, this is how it WORKS with cons. They and their toadies are funded and so guaranteed a voice to say what ever they will.

    It is cons since Ronald Reagan have destroyed this country. I live the second generation of what they have wrought. I will NOT apologize for hating them. It is long past time THEY apologize and begin to make amends for what they have done.

    • Zippy

      Fnord, was something edited? I have never been edited or censored on this blog.

      For obvious reasons, I would have an issue with that, even though you of course are perfectly within your rights to do so.

      I do agree that the full-on carnage we are seeing now became more acceptable due to Reaganism . You don’t have to apologize to me, brother.

      But until people realize that they’re being played–until we can convince at least a majority–and, by the way, if this shitting contest is continuing on WEBlog—I honestly haven’t checked or cared–then, yes, Freebird is being an asshole, for being an asshole–than what difference does it make?

      Dude, I’ve challenged power at levels you cannot imagine. They don’t laugh at me anymore, though the result is still uncertain.

      But they say discretion is the better part of valor.

      • Freebird1971

        Well Zippy you are free to think and say what you want and if you call ing me an asshole makes you feel better then I’m glad I could help

      • This is from the blog’s RULES and I ask all to read it, understand it, and follow it.

        “I will delete comments that:

        are posted with the explicit or implicit ( we can tell when it is implicit, even if you can’t) intention of provoking other commenters or staff at Prairie Populists and”

        Take your “shitting contest” (hat tip to Zippy!) elsewhere.

        Disagree agreeably while here.

  14. Zippy

    This is the end-result of the bullshit we’ve gotten from the well-heeled propagandists: no, Mr. Lougher’s delusions are not coherent, and less coherently-defined than, say, the things that Sean Hannity says.

    But only barely so, because these people are professional, paid propagandists. Mr. Jon Stewart–aka the Daily Show–pointed out their professional exploitation of ignorance when they complained over and over about “Common” — some rap artist whom I was tempted to call
    “harmless,” until I realize he was rapping against violence, which to some is far from harmless–yet at the same time celebrating Ice-T’s 52nd birthday (which, by the way, I also celebrate, since I well understood that “Body Count” was a statement about anger rather than a literal declaration (funny how so many people pretend to misunderstand English when black people are involved).

    The overall point, if it wasn’t lost in the sauce, is that RogerAiles’ minions don’t even believe the bullshit they spew themselves.

    Or maybe they are realy are that stupid, or deluded. That’s the enduring question.

    But a video on Youtube, attributed to the Tucson Tea Party by some guy on Wikipedia, but who the hell knows–expresses ideas just as insane, and consistent with every rant about controlling minds with communication, produced from the mind of this disturbed young man.

    My point is not that they are responsible. Rather it is that, on the contrary, they are not responsible.

    Dumbass idiocy in the support of an agenda can indeed have unintended consequences.

    Free speech is the corrective, hence my aversion to any kind of groupthink.

    Which all was a ramble, I admit, but hopefully one in which some coherent point emerged.

    But maybe not.

  15. Zippy

    Dan Perkins raises a question
    that has already been resounding <a href="; answered .

    Those who you, including Dan, who seem to think, still, that the government is one guy, please wake up.

  16. Zippy

    Observation: Facebook combines the random silliness of random interactions with serious shit, the kind of stuff that shouldn’t even been hashed out in email, but was because it wouldn’t have been otherwise.

    The same thing, justifiably, was said about the telephone.

    Human communication, it seems, has been both and enhanced and diminished by digital technology, but only because of a lack of nerve.

    I don’t have a Facebook page, because I have no interest in joining the latest thing or being coool (sic), and I recognize the irony of sorts, but I have always been wary on secondary communication (not exactly the right word–wary–but that’s kinda the point), not because it’s a bad thing (I live by writing), but because written language, or even voice phonemes, are a poor substitute for the full human experience.

    By the way: Apologies to those I unloaded upon during my stressful venture back home in May 2010. There was a lot of good then, but there was too much that wasn’t, and it really wasn’t right to involve you, even marginally.

    I suppose, like Kevin Poulsen, I must establish my digital presence on FB. But it’s all so tired, so USENET flamewars, so fucked, yet vital (like the USENET flamewars), and more so because of the much greater reach, yet it basically expands backyard brawls to international brawls.

    Which occasionally result in national brawls turning into international change, or social brawls turning into social change.

    My late-nite rants tend to be better-received here than they probably deserve. Thank you for that, my friends.

  17. Thunderchild

    “are posted with the explicit or implicit ( we can tell when it is implicit, even if you can’t) intention of provoking other commenters”

    And that is exactly the intent of “Freebird”‘s post lauding the JROTC. He meant it as a shot at me. He even said so on the other blog. There, I had the power to flag and remove it. All I could do here is swing back.

    • This will be your last warning. You will be permanently banned from posting at Triple Ps if you are unable to let this go. Let go of any other blog when you enter here, and let go of your need for decimating any other blogger! I hope you understand because I’m serious. This blog will never be the proper place for any blogger who is unable to follow the simple rules set forth by its founder.

      • Freebird1971

        My apologies to you and the other bloggers,I got carried away and will endeavor to see that it does not happen again.

  18. Thunderchild

    And why do you not demand the same of “Freebird”? He’s the instigator here.