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  1. We’re in a tornado watch area this morning (at least those who live in Wichita) so keep alert.

    Here’s some statistics on The 20 Most Tornado-Prone States. I was a little surprised at where Kansas fell in the list.

    1. Oklahoma
    2. Mississippi
    3. Indiana
    4. Louisiana
    5. Iowa
    6. Alabama
    7. Arkansas
    8. Illinois
    9. Kansas

    For all the stats, how they came to their conclusions, and the other 11 in that top 20:


  2. indypendent

    I am originally from Illinois. I can remember many scary times when the tornado sirens would make their awful wailing sounds and everyone would run for their homes. But I also remember many neighbors making sure that all the kids who were out playing were either sent home immediately or they were brought into the neighbors’ house for safety until the danger passed.

    I think that is what is missing today – that sense of community and actually watching out for one another.

    I also have to laugh because when my husband and I had our first date scheduled, there were a total of 4 possible tornadoes coming right towards our little suburb. We quickly decided that the first date would have to be postponed.

    If I had known he was the Devil (like my Evangelical Baptist preachers thought) I would have not been so afraid of a few little tornadoes – huh? LOL

    Anyway – IIRC, the tornadoes did not touch down anywhere and we had our first date the next night.

    Then the next terrifying moment with tornado warning came when I was working on the 10th floor of a downtown building. I was about 6 months pregnant with my first baby. I was a personal secretary getting the office conference room ready for a meeting when I looked out the wall windows (the entire wall was one giant window) and I saw 2 tornadoes forming and headed right towards our city. Then the sirens started their wailing noises and I just ran past the new boss (he was from New York and never knew what tornadoes were like) and I told him to just head for the basement by the way of the stairs because that is where all the smart people will be.

    My boss laughed about that comment all the way down the stairs.

    So when I hear the sirens, I take it very seriously. I’ve seen destruction before but not on the massive scale as we’ve seen the recent pictures of Joplin and other places.

    I respect Mother Nature enough to know to fear what she is capable of doing. If that sounds cynical – I don’t think so. I think that is just smart thinking.

  3. indypendent

    In surfing through Huffingtonpost blog site , I found this article. Is it wrong for the Koch Brothers to be involved in an oil pipeline project merely based on the prospect they will benefit financially?

    And if it is true that George Soros, a big donor to Democrats, is also involved in this oil pipeline project and will benefit financially – is it just as wrong for him as the Koch Brothers?

    I am no fan of the Koch Brothers – but not because they make money off their legitimate oil businesses. I don’t like the way they are so secretive about their powerful influence into politics. But I feel the same way about anybody doing that – on both sides of the aisle.

    I beleive in transparency and that way – everyone knows who is bankrolling whom and then that tells alot about the motivation of some votes.

    But I was thinking of something else when I read this article – is this oil pipeline project connected to what is going on just west of Augusta off Highway 54?

    I know it is oil pipeline being laid there – but I did not know exactly what the entire project was about – does anyone else know?


  4. indypendent

    Is anyone following the Netanyahu speech? I must confess, sometimes I just let whatever Israel say go in one ear and out the other, because I see them as the aggressor in some instances in the past.

    Is that to say that I think we should not be an ally to Israel – No. But I also think we should not let our relationship with Israel become ‘theocratized and religionized’ – which is what I see happening on the Republican side of the aisle.

    What Obama proposed last week was a fair attempt to at least get Israel and Palestine back to the peace table. But what I heard from Netanyu and some of his supporters is that Obama wants Israel to give up everything. That is not what Obama said.

    In fact, if these people would take another look at Obama’s speech – he said the 1967 borders should be the starting point and then go from there. Obama is also opposed to the military Palestinians going to the UN to be recognized.

    How much more plain does Obama have to spell it out?

    That is why I fear this entire Israel and Middle East scenario will never be resolved because it is too theocratized and religionized. We need to get religions out of this and maybe – just maybe – some settlement/agreement could be reached.

    From the reporting I’ve heard, most of the younger people in both Israel and Palestine are for a peace agreement – once and for all. They are tired of all this fighting.

    Maybe this is also what is driving all the younger protesters in the rest of the Middle East countries? They are tired of all the fighting also?


  5. badbiker

    The Oakland Preacher – rapture – is now claiming that Sunday’s rapture was only a “spiritual rapture” and the bodies going to Heaven will occur on OCTOBER 21, 2011. It seems Jesus was just taking inventory on Sunday and the real deal will be just before Halloween. Now that Jesus is done with inventory – do you have a barcode? – He will know who to take with Him into eternity.

    In related news, Mitt says the the Massachusetts healthcare plan he signed was just a “spiritual healthcare” plan, much different from Obamacare. When pressed on the subject, he said Mittcare was totally different because Red Sox fans are nothing like Braves fans.

    • indypendent

      Do you think that Oakland preacher just wants to keep those millions coming in until Halloween?

      And the sad fact is – he will still get millions from some of the same people.

      It’s sad to think these folks are so busy looking to leave this life to go to ‘their verison of Heaven’ instead of trying to make this life on Earth a little better for their fellow human beings.

    • đŸ˜‰

      I always, always enjoy your posts, Will, and more often than not they make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Laughing is good stuff!

  6. indypendent

    Everybody okay? Been watching the news about Oklahoma – they have been getting hit pretty hard.

    We got alot of rain and winds up here in Bel Aire – but all is calm now.

    My kids out in Augusta seem to be fine – so all is well with us.

    Hope everyone is okay here in PPP blog land.

    • Safe and sound on the west side.

      My cousin lives at Canton Lake in OK and haven’t heard from him yet. Another cousin lost their house in Pidemont OK but the family is all safe.

      • Cousin at Canton had been heard from and is safe. It was the Canadian side that was hit — lots of homes lost, don’t know more yet…

      • indypendent

        Sorry to hear about the Piedmont cousin’s house …….the family is all safe and that is the most important thing.

        Still, it’s tough…….

  7. indypendent

    Pay close attention to what a fellow Kansan said about planning for flat tires. I didn’t know flat tires and unintended pregnancies were on the same level.


  8. indypendent

    Hmmm, interesting……Freedomworks – Dick Armey’s group (remember him?)

    Seems these Tea Party people don’t like Mitt Romney. Dick Armey was a co-engineer of the Tea Party Express – wasn’t he?

    I also seem to remember Dick Armey’s name when he was in Congress himself -don’t I? If Dick Armey is such a whizz banger of an elected official – then why is the country in such a mess? He was a part of that evil government that he now professes to hate so much.


    • badbiker

      Anyone that has to go through life with a name like Dick Armey is bound to be a pain for anyone he comes into contact with.

  9. wicked

    Do Republicans take classes on how to be rude?


    This lady is AMAZING. Intelligent beyond measure, and yet she can speak so anyone can understand the financial problems of this country. So the GOP goes after her and calls her a liar. Sad.

    • I’ve been shouting Warren’s merits and talents for ages.
      She needs to be allowed to do her job, for the good of the entire country!
      As far as I know, she is untouchable, that is, no skeletons in the closet.
      BTW, Mother Teresa was a liberal too huh?
      I suppose she was an awful lier too?