Sunday, 5/22/11, Public Square


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4 responses to “Sunday, 5/22/11, Public Square

  1. badbiker

    I am writing to you today from Heaven, having been inadvertently Raptured up along with the “good Christians.”

    So far, it has been rather boring. I haven’t seen anyone I know except Dr. King and Mother Teresa. I did say “Hi!” to Jesus – He looks like Yassar Arafat – but He was kinda busy. I haven’t seen God around yet. No sign of Jerry Falwell or those loonies. Most of the folks here seem to be rather ordinary folks, no captains of industry or politicians to speak of. I did run into Steve Davis – gave him a hug for you all – but he seems to be a little lost, up here, too.

    The food is okay, no beer or wine with dinner, but some of the folks had a pretty nice wine tasting party with Jesus last night. I had a great grilled salmon with rice pilaf and steamed veggies. I am waiting to see who caters the BBQ tomorrow.

    So, anyway, until I get to speak with God, I’m kinda stuck here. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Jimi, Janis and Stevie are gonna play later, so I’ll be busy tonight. I’ll let you know who else I see hanging around.

  2. Thunderchild

    It sounds bad for Joplin Missouri. I was through there many times in my youth on the way to my grandparents farm.

    I’ve been to Greensburg too. Joplin is a A LOT bigger. It sounds as if Joplin has been largely destroyed…

    With the flooding and tornadoes increasing everywhere, WHEN will the climate change deniers finally relent?

    • I read an article very recently about the ‘new normal’ in climate. I can’t find that article right now but it said the flooding, tornadoes, drought… are no longer deviations but normal.