Saturday, 5/21/11, Public Square

Who will leave the last blog comment?  😉


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7 responses to “Saturday, 5/21/11, Public Square

  1. david B

    Still here… the neighborhood is awfully quiet, though…

    • wicked

      I doubt there’ll be much difference in my neighborhood. Then again, there are those people down the block with the pro-birth sign in their white with red and blue trim. Should I check?

    • Me too — still here.

      Neighborhood has the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers… a normal Saturday morning for this time of year.

    • Zippy

      Be silent. It is quiet because it is normal. There is nothing that has changing. Proceed on your usual subroutines.

      Smith Comma John

  2. Freebird1971

    Lest we forget

  3. WSClark

    I’m in no danger today. Well, except that I am going to a birthday party today and my grandkids will be there. THEY won’t be raptured, but they certainly will be all over Poppa.