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    • WSClark

      Regarding your article: It’s always “taken out of context” when an embarrassing passage is quoted from the Bible. An even worse reaction is when you quote OTHER passages from Leviticus, not just the “abomination” meme. It is surprising (or not) how few Fundy Christians even know of the other 863 Mosaic Laws contained in the Old Testament.

      • indypendent

        I wonder how many of the Fundamental Christians even know about the numerous books written that were not included in the Bible.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        You mean those which were not included in the 4th Century? If they watch the History Channel, some might, but I’m sure a significant number have no clue.

        Speaking of which, how many know of the Dead Sea Scrolls version of several Old Testament books, which, in many cases, seem to have been written down earlier than the versions chosen? It would seem to me the earlier, the more accurate (there being fewer chances for editorial liberties to be taken by the scribes doing the copying).

  1. Republicans’ Medicare split widening

    What happens when an essentially ideas-bankrupt, lazy bunch of Republicans suddenly gain control over one chamber in Congress? And when they got there by making ridiculous campaign promises to an extreme lunatic fringe? And when it’s compounded by some of those same lunatics actually being elected? Chaos.

    The Republicans have no coherent governing strategy, very few actual policy ideas, and no plan other than undo everything that the other guys did. Into this vacuum steps Rep. Paul Ryan, who’s half-baked Ayn Rand-inspired “Roadmap” was the closest thing GOP leadership could find to actual policy. Rather than buckling down to create some, they decide to go with Ryan’s proposal.

  2. Violence rates: border vs Ohio

    Speaker Boehner should focus on controlling the level of violence in his own state before tarnishing the image of border communities that remain among the safest places to live in America. As his office asserts that Congress cannot consider reforming our broken immigration system until border violence is under control, the fact remains that the six largest cities in Ohio all have higher rates of violence and crime than every major city along the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact, the Speaker’s own district in Dayton, Ohio saw more homicides in 2009 and 2010 than Texas’ four largest border cities combined, despite the fact that Dayton’s population of 141,500 is only about one-tenth of the size by comparison.

  3. Good morning! Rain would be nice, cooler temps would be very welcome. Now, about all that other stuff the weather people are mentioning…

    I planted and planted yesterday — mostly pots for the patio and porch. I’ve minimized gardens / flowers planted in the yard to make mowing easier, and weeding as minimal as can possibly be. Walking behind a self-propelled mower with few obstacles to go around is now my style. 🙂

    • WSClark

      My mowing style is to drive to QT and get gas so my 24 year old son can do the mowing.

      I sit on the porch giving directions while drinking a cold Diet Pepsi.

      I am VERY good at this.

  4. indypendent

    My husband bought one of those raised garden kits with a trellis attached for our granddaughter’s own special garden. It’s been alot of fun helping her plant her seeds in the little cups which we have kept in our garage until the weather became stable.

    We just put up a fence on the south side of our property – so now on to the next item on the to-do-list we wrote when we first purchased this house in 11/2009.

    It keeps us busy – but we are thankful we can do it and have such fun with the granddaughter. Next year, our grandson will be big enough to be a ‘helper’ too. Oh what a wonderful world this life can be…..

  5. indypendent

    Zippy – IIRC, you’re from the Tucson area? If so, what is the local talk about the issue of some liberals wanting to secede and make their own state?

  6. indypendent

    fnord – this kinda relates to your first comment. This is the first I’ve heard about this problem in the Peace Corps.

    But I do remember the news coverage pertaining to this same problem inside Blackwater and other private contractors and the military while they were in Iraq.

    In fact, wasn’t Sen. Al Franken the Democrat that pushed to get legislation to help these women and the Republicans pushed back and defended Blackwater at that time?

    I’ll need to go do some googling about that – but IIRC – this problem is not a new phenomenon.

  7. indypendent

    I am posting this article from Feb. 2006 written by Bill Moyers (remember him – the NPR guy the Conservatives love to hate?)

    Read this carefully and see which names are still in power today. Note a certain name – Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition fame. For being such a fine upstanding Christian – how could he have been associated with all this corruption and not be ashamed of himself?

    I am mentioning Ralph Reed because Rachel Maddow mentioned him last night and his dealings about Saipan. I am still googling to find more stuff and I’m sure there is a bunch of stuff to be found. From what Rachel Maddow reported – those female slave workers in Saipan were subjected to mandatory abortions – so how the hell can a Christian Coalition leader pretend he is so pro-life but yet be in cahoots with the corrupt leaders making the money off these women?

    Also noteworthy is – Tom Delay was finally found guilty and fighting the sentence (I think?) but yet Jack Abramhoff is out of prison.

    Just because people wear the Godly robes and thump their bible does not make them good people.

    • indypendent

      This is Ralph Reed’s new group – The Faith and Freedom Coalition. I guess the Christian Coalition name has run its course – or maybe too many people got wise to their true agenda?

      Just take a look through their list of speakers ……enough said?

  8. freedomwriter

    The other day I was trying to come up with a nickname for the Democratic Party, but Fnord rightfully pointed out that Democrats could never agree on one! So today I was reading articles from Reader Supported News and found these gems for alternate interpretations on the Republicans nickname.
    “Goofy, Outrageous, and Peculiar” (Robert Reich, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy @ the University of CA @ Berkeley) and “Greedy, Oligarchic Predators” (from one of the commentors at the bottom of the article).

    Just having fun with acronyms!

    • WSClark

      Greedy Old Pricks.

      • indypendent

        Yours is a good one Clark – but can I amend it?

        Greedy Old Pricks with Medicare-paid-for Viagra.

    • I always like to pronounce GOP phonetically — for me the middle sound must replicate the one the doctor asks you to make when he looks at your throat — Gaawwp. 🙂 I suppose GOP could have a middle sound like a “ew” and be Gewp or with a long ‘o,’ as Goop.

    • indypendent

      I used to think GOP was for Grouchy Old People – but the way the current GOP leaders are going – the old people are turning on them and bringing those pitchforks to their town hall meeting.

      My, oh my, what a difference from 2 years ago.

  9. indypendent

    Have you heard this one yet? I have no idea who this rapper is but I’m sure he cannot be any worse character than those in the Religious Right (of whom Sean Hannity loves) and all their past dealings (of which I have posted but a few articles about one popular Religious Rightee – Ralph Reed).

    But what made me spew my glass of tea all over the place was when I read the paragraph about Sean Hannity saying this invite was a slap in the face to all those who are trying to unite this country after the killing of bin Laden.

    Excuse me, but it was their little cowboy president GWB, who boasted loudly that he was a uniter and not a divider, could not even put his big boy pants on and show up at the Ground Zero ceremony last week. And the rest of the Bushettes on the current parade of attacking Obama for the ‘illegal’ killing of Bin Laden and their incessant whining about being given ALL the credit for getting Bin Laden.

    This feigned outrage agaisnt Obama’s invite of this rapper on dividing the country is as phoney as their religious beliefs.

  10. indypendent

    Immigration Reform – the next hot button issue (again) or is it just politics as usual?

    • No pets are going to be left behind!

      And, I guess it doesn’t need to be said that some people have more money than sense.

    • Woo hoo! The GOP (remember that’s gaahhp) is saved! 🙂

      The GOP won’t have to worry about this guy going after another guy for something he is doing himself, that’s for sure! Nope! This Newt guy is above reproach! And, when he wants to get rid of a wife he doesn’t even have to listen to Fifty ways to leave your lover!

      • indypendent

        But, but…..Newt is an imperfect Christian and he has one of those golden free pass cards. I hear that is what God gives you when you become a ‘real’ Conservative Republican.

      • Here’s from his mouth to your ears. All recorded, all exactly what he said. 😉 Lots of history here.

        Newt in His Own Words: 33 Years of Bomb-Throwing

      • Ya know, I could change my mind about whether he has ever said anything I could agree with! From the link above:

        “1978 In an address to College Republicans before he was elected to the House, Gingrich says: “I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, and loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words.” He added, “Richard Nixon…Gerald Ford…They have done a terrible job, a pathetic job. In my lifetime, in my lifetime—I was born in 1943—we have not had a competent national Republican leader. Not ever.”

        I believe that “NOT EVER” stuff! 🙂

  11. indypendent

    Seriously, there is a poll showing that 42% of the people would NEVER vote for Gingrich.

    Do I think Newt has a chance with the general election – hell no.

    But Newt is nasty enough to fit right in with the Religious (Rabid) Right and all their nonsense – so he will probably win the primary battle.

    Expect to hear alot about Socialism and Nazis from Newt – that seems to be his code words to his beloved followers – you know, all those godly Christians who look the other way on their candidates’ personal life and family values.

  12. Blog Claims Florida Law Banned Sex

    If you’re living in Florida, starting on Oct. 1, you may not need to come up with any excuses not to have sex with someone. Southern Fried Scientist, a blog by a graduate student, claims that the Florida legislature’s new bestiality law has one major flaw: It prohibits sex with all animals—forgetting that humans are in fact animals. The poorly worded bill bans intercourse with animals “providing that the act does not apply to certain husbandry, conformation judging, and veterinary practices.” Despite the attention Southern Fried Scientist is getting, a law blog says the law doesn’t actually ban sex between two humans since it earlier uses the word persons to apply to humans and animals to refer to non-humans.

    • WSClark

      Which veterinary practices include intercourse? Rufus wants to know.

      • indypendent

        Good question Will – I was wondering about that one also.

        But I want to know why someone would be forced to have intercourse with an animal when they are being conformation judge of the animal?

  13. indypendent

    I just spotted this – when I mentioned Keith Olbermann earlier today, I did not know I would find news about his new show on Current debuting June 20th.

    Michael Moore is scheduled to be a contributor to Keith’s new show.

    • indypendent

      Here is a link to an article about Michael Moore and his reaction to Bin Laden’s death.

      What are your thoughts about these issues Moore brings up about Bin Laden?

      I like Michael Moore’s movies but I do not agree with him on this Bin Laden killing.

      I am no blind follower of the US military – but in this instance – I do think the US had every right to kill Bin Laden. The guy admitted and boasted about killing 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and he continually threatened more hostile acts against the US since 9/11/2001. That alone was a good reason to go and kill the SOB.

      And I do think Obama did it the right way – he picked the plan that got OBL and his couriers but largely left the women and children in that compound out of the fighting spree.

      Obama could have just dropped bombs on that compound and killed everybody in there and the surrounding houses – but Obama did not do that.

      But Michael Moore has every right to his opinion – just as I have the right to my opinion – and just like you have the right to your opinion.

      • Freedomwriter

        To me, Michael is just making a point that everyone has gotten stuck on the religious leanings of this guy, and it has colored the discussion. That part I agree with, and because everyone focused on his religion (distorted as his beliefs were) it has created all this mistrust about Islam. Let’s face it all zealots twist the fundamentals of their religions to make it fit their own sick ideology.

        If I were going to argue the moral implications of killing OBL, they would be the same arguments I would use with anyone. Killing is wrong. But if I were faced with the decision to stop OBL, or Hitler, or our own home grown terrorists, then sometimes you have to weigh other issues such as would sparing their life long enough to stand trial, be any more moral than sparing the world from a more prolonged backlash from the fallout and drama of putting him on trial?

        It’s a difficult decision, and I support our President’s actions, even though I wish we were all a healthier nation and international community so that these things no longer need be debated.

      • WSClark

        Michael Moore seems to have gotten to a place where he takes a contrary position just to be contrary. Generally, I like Moore, but he is just wrong in this case. Bin Laden had a chance to surrender – however brief – before he was shot down. As someone noted (can’t remember where) Obama could have bombed the crap out of the compound, killing everyone. To me, our President showed remarkable restraint.