Sunday, 5/1/11, Public Square


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  1. Freedomwriter

    I can remember making May Day baskets and leaving them at my neighbor’s doorstep, and how good it felt to be leaving those little surprises for them. Thank you for reminding me that today is May Day!

    Today is also Pompeo’s Town Hall Meeting in El Dorado, KS at Butler County Community College in Building 1500. It starts at 1:00 and is scheduled to end at 2:00 p.m. Come on out and share your opinions about the Ryan Budget and other issues of concern to you. The more progressive thinkers there are in the audience, the better!

    • Freedomwriter

      The Pompeo meeting is in the Kansas Room in building 1500 at BCCC in El Dorado.

    • Did you run so the neighbor wouldn’t know who left the surprise? It was one of the ways we learned about the joys of giving anonymously. Today, I still like it best if I can offer aid or whatever because it’s needed and not for the thanks or acknowledgment. Giving always gives back more than was given!

      • wicked

        I remember making and leaving May baskets, too!! We had six or more HUGE lilac bushes lining our driveway, and I’d fill the baskets with lilacs if they were blooming. Baskets were made from construction paper and rolled into a cone shape, much like the photo (which I stole for my blog, fnord đŸ™‚ ) but not nearly as colorful.

        I don’t even speak to my neighbors now.

  2. Freedomwriter

    Yes and we were probably giggling the whole way home! I am currently sitting in the middle of an empty room. It has 178 chairs set up and is supposed to start in 20 mins. I am the only one here! The room was very hard to find as there were no signs posting it’s location! This is going to be awkward or a lot of fun! I will fill u all in later today. I hear voices in the hallway!

    • Freedomwriter

      Well the joke’s on me! I miss read the start time, which is actually at 2 pm. I think it’s time to see the optometrist!

  3. Freedomwriter

    Just found out that the town hall meeting doesn’t start until 2pm

    • Freedomwriter

      Well, progressives and liberals take heart! The politicians may not be preaching what we want to hear, but the electorate is voicing their individual and collective opinions! Out of the approximately 10 citizens that got to speak, one was opposed to “Obama” using federal funds to help other countries beef up their oil production, one reported they were homeless and not relying on government programs to support them so they were opposed to those programs, and the other 8 speakers were progressives concerned about issues that the Ryan Budget would affect. If you want to hear some of the citizens who spoke, tune in to Channel 3 news this evening. They interviewed 3 of the citizens who made it up to the mike to address issues.

      It was well worth the trip to El Dorado and I was impressed by the level of research each citizen brought to the discussion. They brought facts. Pompeo said he was presenting facts, but they were merely Republican distortions. He presented a pie chart that referred to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and other mandatory spending as Autopilot Spending and indicated this was the side of the chart that we had to make budget cuts in to reduce our deficit. The other side of the chart, which he labeled as Discretionary Spending, included Defense and Non-defense spending. Excuse me, but discretionary means optional, elective, and voluntary! That is precisely the side of his pie chart that we should be looking at cutting. One of the gentlemen who got up and spoke, brought up the issue of looking into cutting Defense spending, at which point Pompeo indicated he had tried early after he arrived on the job, but neither side would support his effort.

      The People’s Budget presented by the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposes budgeting the balance by 2014 and creating a surplus by 2021, and would protect the programs that provide a social safety net. It also proposes a “Make it in America” jobs program, ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and would create a fair and equitable plan for dealing with our current social and economic issues.

      I propose we start with this plan and then have the two parties negotiate, rather than starting with the Ryan plan. The Ryan plan does not even consider cutting discretionary spending, nor does it consider equalizing the burden, but instead it protects the elite, who frankly just don’t need our help or incentives.

      • Thank you, Freedomwriter! Your report does give us hope. Pompeo can spin to those who have decided to believe anything he says, but those are harder to find today.

      • indypendent

        And with the current crop of the GOP 2012 presidential hopefuls that all seem to come with big clown shoes and big red noses are NOT helping the Republicans to hold onto the sane and rational people still left in the GOP and they are certainly not enticing any moderates or independents to come join their current circus.

  4. indypendent

    I remember making May Day baskets in school. But we also did the May Pole dance – did any of you do that?

    Does the school even allow May Day celebrations anymore? I don’t know since my kids are grown and my granddaughter is not yet in school.

    IIRC – our May Day baskets were done in art class – so if the budget axed arts in schools – maybe they just don’t do things like we did.

    • My son in law told me this afternoon one of his students complained about an assignment that meant he would need to work some over the weekend to get it turned in on time. The student was upset the teacher (son-in-law) hadn’t taken into consideration it was Cinco de Mayo. Maybe another interference with May Day?

  5. Thunderchild

    Bin Laden is dead? Can this be correct?

    I have been banned by the right wingers at WeBlog. I could get around it but choose not to as I have helped the cons in their effort to reduce that forum to irrelevancy.

    • indypendent

      From all news accounts – Bin Laden is dead.

      Glad to see you on thig blog TC – this is a better place to be. Your sanity will be not pushed the brink of wanting to find the nearest cliff and jumping off.

      Somethings are just now worth the effort. One can never fight lies, gossip and innuendos . And especially on a blog that if the right-wingers were any level of movers and shakers – they would not be on the WE blog 24/7 – now would they?

      Toothless tigers come to mind…

  6. Thunderchild

    All checked news sources would seem to confirm. Bin Laden is indeed dead and his body in possession of US forces.