Saturday, 4/30/11, Public Square


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4 responses to “Saturday, 4/30/11, Public Square

  1. OMG! Just encountered my first birther of the new long form certificate at my grandson’s soccer game!! I was NOT prepared. All I could tell them is that THEY were being deceived.

    The idiocy just doesn’t end, does it?

    • DavidB

      The only appropriate answer to them is a hearty laugh, knee-slapping and pointing at them.

    • indypendent

      There is no fighting lies, gossip and innuendos – and that is what this smear campaign against Obama has been from the very first time Sarah Palin talked about Obama ‘not being one of us’ during the 2008 campaign.

      I lay the start of this nonsense at her feet and John McCain encouraged it by letting her keep on doing it.

  2. indypendent

    I was listening to the radio news this morning and had to shake my head in disbelief when I heard the Repubican reponse to Obama’s weekly address referencing how the oil companies are getting billions in subsidies and making huge profits and they do not need taxpayer money given to them.

    The Republican response was the usual line of B.S. – Obama is anti-business and wants to kill the economy and throw Americans out of work.

    Hmm, let’s see……these same Republicans are okay with our tax dollars going to corporations making billions in profits but they are not okay with states honorign their part of the labor agreement with the public service workers and are okay with throwing all those people out of work?

    Unfrickin believable…….