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  1. wicked

    Happy Easter, all! Even those whose beliefs don’t flow in that direction can reap the candy, new clothes and CHOCOLATE of the day. 😉

    • And a Happy Easter to you, too. No regular chocolate allowed me, but I’ll cheat once. Sugar free candy isn’t all bad, but there’s nothing like the real stuff.

  2. wicked

    WTH? New driver license renewal rules?

    I used to fill out my little test and enjoyed the quick refresher of driving laws, then I’d take it up to the DMV, produce my nearly-ready-to-expire license, and they’d give me a new one. Now I have to provide the stupid yellow reminder card that came in the mail, my expiring DL, my SS number, proof of KS residency and address of principal residence? My DL has my photo on it! What idiot is going to use my DL, especially to get a new one for him/her self? (Frankly, I’d like to see a guy present my DL as proof and get by with it.)

    The card states that a complete list of acceptable documents is available at a specified URL. Only I checked, and there’s NO list.

    Reminds me of the Jews having to carry their documents with them at all times during Hitler’s reign of terror. Will Brownback have me tattooed with a number next?

    • indypendent

      I suspect no number will be tattooed – just the word ‘sucker’ will suffice.

      Seriously, we now have to provide the yellow reminder card? Wouldn’t just the fact your current license is expiring be enough to let them know what you’re there for?

      For a party that professes to believe to have government off our backs – aren’t they putting MORE of the government on our backs?

      • indypendent

        A second thought – don’t you also receive the test with that reminder card? If you have a test in your hand – wouldn’t that also be proof that you got that reminder in the mail?

        Or is that test no longer required?

    • wicked

      No, indy, no test. There are 2 true/false “Reminder Questions” at the bottom to mark. The card states “All applicants for renewal must present this card, expiring driver’s license or ID card, social security number, proof of Kansas residency and address of principal residence. A complete list of acceptable documents, DMV locations….” There is no “complete list of acceptable documents” at the URL provided on the card. Looks like I’ll have to call the number provided and wait on hold for an hour or two to find out.

      Any clue what would be proof of Kansas residency? A utility bill? What if your utility bill is sent in your spouse’s name? Or another resident you live with? Do they need both of my birth certificates, just in case? My baptisimal certificate? For cripessake, I’m not running for president!

      • Freedomwriter

        I just renewed my driver’s license. Luckily I had stuck the card away in my wallet and had it with me. I too looked all over their stupid website for the coveted list of required items I was to bring with me, but found no such list. I did take a utility bill and birth certificate with me, but the only things I showed them were the yellow card and my current driver’s license. After repeatedly struggling to read line 6 in the eye chart viewer and finally realizing she said read line 5 (!), I passed the eye exam and moved on to the line for the dreaded DMV photo. I paid my $26, did my best to look presentable, and had my photo taken. They presented me with a photo receipt, alas it looks just as bad as all the others I’ve had taken. The process was quick and easy (I went around 10:30 a.m.). My one regret was not fudging and using the opportunity to knock a few pounds off my weight!

      • wicked

        Freedomwriter, that all makes perfect sense. I’m sure the clerks at the DMV don’t want to have to handle those extra gazillion pieces of paper. If I have my photo DL and the card that has my name and address on the front, it shouldn’t be difficult to see that I’m me.

        I’m just grateful my DL isn’t used as often as it used to be for ID. Yes, those photos are horrendous.

      • You’ve got to be kidding; no test? Yes, I realize most just “followed the book”, but at least there was an opportunity for the rules to be reinforced every six years. As to the rest; give me a freaking break.

      • wicked

        6176, I would never kid about DL renewal. 😉

        I always took the test, then went through the booklet and double-checked my answer. Not because I enjoy taking tests, but because I wanted to know if I was wrong and learn from it. I admit that on some of those distance questions, I had some trouble.

        I’ll be going to renew sometime next month before school is out, so I don’t have to drag the g-kids along with me and chase them through the building. (Been there, done that.) As FW did, I’ll report my experience here.

  3. wicked

    I’ve never been much of a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, but I’m definitely giving him a thumbs-up and will put him on my list of celebs with a brain (and a heart).

    Check out the DeNiro link, too. He’s always been one of the greats.

  4. indypendent

    Thanks for the info about DL renewal process – I had not heard about this. My DL expires next April – hopefully they won’t change their minds again….

    I remember those tests were sent to us in the mail and, of course, you could use the book but I liked it because it was a refresher crash-course for me.

    I don’t think it does any harm to make everyone take a basic test when renewing.

    Isn’t the $26 fee a new amount? How long is the license good for – 6 years like previous or did that change also?

    I guess I need to go into their website – at least before next April.

    • Freedomwriter

      The new license is good for 6 years. They also do have you read a sheet of paper and verbally answer the questions. Such as, “are you a legal resident”, etc.

  5. I will add to the renewing the driver’s license conversation: Please, please consider thoroughly and be well informed before having “ORGAN DONOR” on that renewed license! Please know you’re giving up all your rights — those greedy bastards want to harvest everything that might bring in money so they’ll err on the side of ‘get it all whether it can be used or not’ (I’m told much of it isn’t ever used). They will have access to your entire medical records — parts of which you’ve forgotten about yourself! They will negate a DNR order that allows ‘comfort care only’ if you’re not dying fast enough and some of those potentially valuable organs need medications to keep them as viable for sale as possible! Please, please. I don’t actually have time to give justice to this subject but don’t let the ‘feel good’ feelings mar good judgment — this is a HUGE decision! It’s one you are taking out of the hands of loved ones, out of the bounds of what exactly are the circumstances that should be evaluated… In fact, since you may have both had this designation on your license and also executed a DNR you’re giving up your right to make those decisions because that DNR may not be followed! It’s a biggie, folks. You, of course, may still donate organs at your death without that designation on your driver’s license and it would be a much more humane way of handling the situation in my opinion — humane for all those who love you dearly!

    If you aren’t planning to be cremated and you know a mortician who would be willing to share what they have to do to put you back together after the greedy for-profit folks that pillage your body leave them, talk to him/her and gt the full story.

    My sister is in town from North Carolina. We’re headed over to do the final cleaning, turn in the keys to Mother’s place. Later this week we travel to Missouri with our Mother and she will join her husband in her final resting place.

    • indypendent

      fnord – thanks for letting us all know about this organ donor process. I, for one, had no idea this was happening.