Wednesday, 4/20/11, Public Square


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  1. indypendent

    I wonder if anybody has caught on to the fact that this New and Improved GOP are pushing the same agenda the Old and Rotten GOP pushed?

  2. indypendent

    This is one way the Democrats have taken this budget fight to the Republicans’ front yard – literally, this ad is running John Boehner’s district.

  3. indypendent

    Looks like the author of the GOP Budget Plan pictured above has a little problem with his own constituents booing him at a recent town hall meeting.

    Hmm…..I wonder how the Tea Party Republicans who disrupted the townhalls last time liked this current town hall?

    Has the bloom come off the rose or has the flavor of the month gone rancid?

    • You mean even the ‘bots’ understand that more tax breaks for the wealthiest will be paid for by cutting off Medicare and Medicaid, along with a slew of other programs badly needed by our country’s most vulnerable? And since it’s been totally debunked during the past decade that tax breaks lead to jobs they can’t use that stupid excuse any longer. Well, I’m impressed! I didn’t think they had it in them.

  4. indypendent

    Here is one way to raise revenue and it was recommended by that bipartisan debt commission.

    3…2…1…..and let the Republicans start screaming about raising taxes on the wealthy…..

  5. indypendent

    So the judge ruled in favor of the pro-life supporter.

    I can see why the judge ruled the way that he did since this doctor is not actually performing abortions here in Wichita – so was there a true threat issued?

    But I do hope the same sensitivity shown to the pro-life as to the protection her freedom of speech will be shown to this doctor if and when she does perform abortions , which is still a legal medical procedure even with the new limitations, it and when the pro-life supporters cross the line against the doctor’s rights.

    I guess we shall see……..why do I get the feeling of deja vu?

    What I do worry about is that the pro-life movement will see this as some vindication of their tactics – and that would be a mistake – IMHO>

    This case was basically about freedom of speech (as I perceived it) and like the Fred Phelps group – this pro-life supporter has the same right of freedom of speech. But the doctor also has the right to her freedomto practice medicine in a legal manner.