Is History Poised to Repeat Itself?

This is an article about the woman I read about  a few days ago and I made a comment about the abortion issue is set to get all fired up again real soon.

  Just exactly what constitutes the legal definition  of threats to another person?  All I know is that this all seems like deja vu to me and the feeling I get is not a good one.


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5 responses to “Is History Poised to Repeat Itself?

  1. What surprises me is that the comments aren’t more anti-abortion and supportive of her. Maybe there is hope for Kansas (or maybe the comments aren’t from Kansans?). This should be interesting. The courts haven’t been able to do anything to stop Westbro Baptist from slinging their hate and, to me, it’s just as threatening as what she wrote.

    I find your title very apropos to what I planned on posting today. Recently I have been burning my vhs to dvd and last night I came across a tape of the news from May 11, 2006 that I found quite interesting. I’d like to hear what the rest of you think.

  2. I don’t think that link worked. I’ll try again…
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    It’s interesting, indy and Moonshadow. As the old song says, “When will we ever learn”.

    @indy, as the link doesn’t provide the entire contents of the correspondence, it’s hazardous to do more than opine that based upon what is in the article, there is a veiled threat, but there is no direct threat made by the writer on the person and property of the physician. Personally, I think the woman should be hospitalized in s state institution for as long as it takes to “cure” her obvious mental derangement. Not because she’s anti-abortion, but because the correspondence as summarized in the article clearly shows, in my lay opinion, that she’s bat sh*t crazy.

    • indypendent

      I realize no one should be found guilty by association but what does it say about this woman when she has proclaimed her admiration for Roeder killing Dr. Tiller?

      Seriously, I just don’t get it. It would never cross my mind to write any person – whether they were pro-choice or pro-life – a letter with the ramblings like this woman’s letter obviously had in it.

      These may or may not be valid threats – but considering the history of the pro-life movment and this woman’s use of some pretty scary-sounding words – then what does constitute a real threat?

      Bottom line – exactly what is this type of behavior going to change the number of abortions performed in this year or any coming years?