Hardy Girls

Hardy Girls, Healthy Women

So proud of the younger for her work with this group. I’m wondering if such a group could flourish here.


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  1. The group’s name is Hardy Girls, Healthy Women. Its purpose is to overcome the stereotypes of “desirable women” contained in the media, film, television, etc. The above picture was taken at the group’s campus day, where girls were allowed to be themselves. The projected question was in response to the question What would you like to tell the media? A good start to developing girls’ healthy self-esteem, imho.

  2. With enough dedication this group could flourish anywhere — the need is so great! I found a web presence and will study it. It might be something I would like to learn more about. Right now I’m helping in raising a 15-year-old and I’m enjoying it! I think I have something to give. That’s saying something for me — I’ve never had much confidence either, it seems to be a wide-spread malady of humanity. Maybe just females, but I doubt that. When a people give of themselves they always gain more than they give.


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      fnord, thank you for posting the link to the site. Meant to do so, then my mind (what there is left of it) wandered, and I forgot. That is a good group.