A Billion Dollar Presidential Campaign?

It’s been said that Obama will have the first billion dollar campaign for 2012.    What do you think about this staggering amount of money? 



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12 responses to “A Billion Dollar Presidential Campaign?

  1. It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to this, but it is what it is. Elections are won or lost in the media. I worked at a broadcasting company for several years, it is truly unbelievable what 30sec of airtime will cost in a prime time slot. You could buy the cheap spots, but who’s going to be listening in the middle of the night?

    Obama will need the funding if he’s going to compete with the corporate GOP runner, no matter who that will be.

    • indypendent

      Maybe you’re the person that can answer my question about television commercials.,

      Why do I sometimes see the exact same commercial 2 or 3 times in the course of 30 minutes? Sometimes the same commercial is played back to back.

      Did the sponsor buy a block of ads and the television executives just put the ads where they fit into the time alloted?

      It’s really annoying. So annoying, in fact, that I make a mental note of that product and will not buy it just because I don’t like their commercials.

      but I’m getting old nowadays and my dinosaur is in the garage….

      Maybe it’s just a problem to me??? LOL

      • Yes, sponsors buy blocks of ad time. Anymore I think these may be placed randomly by computer, not sure. When ‘time’ is purchased they’re guaranteed a certain amount prime time, which is a very small percentage of their purchase. The remainder is scattered across the day and night divided by percentage of best to worst airtime. Often another salesperson who has more clout will come in with a late sell and bump existing commercials to later time slots. This can end up with spots being lumped together. It’s not the sponsors fault, that’s not (usually) how they purchased, or intended it.

        An interesting story about the power of one ad at the right time. Hatman Jack’s in Wichita purchased 1 weekly ad. It ran at a specific time on Saturday morning. I was told that he had this time spot for a long time, may still have it for all I know (think it might have been on KEYN?). When Luciano Pavarotti was in Wichita on his way somewhere in town and he heard Hatman Jack’s spot on the radio. He had his driver take him there and the Hatman sold Luciano Pavarotti a hat. There was something about this on the news at the time. But this came about because of 1 ad placed at the proper time. These placings are usually not cheap and can be sold out from under you by a higher bid. That’s the way it is in broadcasting.

  2. indypendent

    If one was to count all the money spent in any campaign – I suspect the total amount would absolutely cover our budget deficit and then some……

    By all the money spent – I mean ALL the money spent by politicians and those behind-the-scenes political groups that are infamous for busing angry people into townhalls and other rallies.

    But in the infamous words of donald Rumsfeld – you go to war with the army you’ve got, not the one you want.

    and, unfortunately, it will take alot of money to offset the Republicans in 2012.

    I just wonder – if you count all the campaign money for the current Reagan wannabe’s in the GOP 3-ring-circus – would it come close to Obama’s billion dollars?

    he is just one person – there are many circus clowns on the other side. All that money adds up quickly.

  3. WSClark

    The solution is quite simple, and I can save you all considerable money. I will run for president for only $333.33 million. That’s right, today only, you can get a presidential candidate for the amazing price of only $333.33 million, one third of the normal cost from some of my competitors!

    This is an amazing deal, but wait! There is even more!

    Send your certified check or credit card payment in now, and we’ll throw in my running mate, Vice Presidential candidate, Rufus T. Dog, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

    That’s right! Save money on a presidential candidate NOW and get a free VP candidate along with it!

    Call now! Operators are standing by to take your call!

    (Fine print disclaimer: There is no guarantee that I will actually WIN the presidency, or even campaign, but Rufus is a very friendly dog and there is a CHANCE that we could pull it off. After all, would you vote for the GOP ticket of Trump/Bachmann? At least MY dog is friendly.)

    • indypendent

      Are you somebody I can have a beer with?

      that’s the most important thing – remember….

      P.S. – if Rufus drinks beer – that will satisfy my requirement to vote for your ticket.

      • WSClark

        Rufus will drink beer – preferably with Milkbones, but I no longer drink.

        I am now a Diet Pepsi addict.

      • indypendent

        I am sure you caught on to my bad attempt at a dig at Dubya.

        I still remember that line as being a trait to look for in a president.

        Of course, the irony to that statement was that George W. Bush professed to be a non-drinker due to his conversion to Jesus from his days as a drinker,

        So, now it is always a person who is down to earth, homespun, common sense —– yeah, I like those traits also but in my president, I want someone who is intelligent enough to know when to hit the panic button and when not to hit the panic button.

        And to keep those bumper sticker soundbite remedies to real problems on the campaign trail and not to be putting one of those bumper stickers on that red phone to be answered at 3 a.m.

    • And when my husband was young he thought Jesus lived in Del Rio, Texas because the guy on the radio told him to send your money “in care of Jesus, that’s J E S U S, Del Rio Texas!”

      I’m gonna believe just because they told it to me on the Radio! Gotta be true I read it in the paper! 🙂

      • And I’ll never forget them announcers at three A.M.
        They’d come on an’ say “Friends, there’s many a soul who needs us
        “So send them letters an’ cards ta Jesus
        “That’s J-E-S-U-S friends, in care a’ Del Rio, Texas.”

        More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/cw+mccall/#share

      • indypendent

        Like every televangelist I’ve ever heard must have God on their mailbox because that is where God gets all the money.

        Yeah, sure, I believe……..doesn’t everybody??

        heavy sarcasm//