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  1. indypendent

    This woman has displayed her lack of history knowledge. This woman has displayed her lack of common sense. This woman has displayed her penchant for race baiting and religious intolerance but yet the Krazee Kissin Kousins of the New and Improved GOP love her.

    I hope this woman gives the GOP a run for their money in getting that GOP nomination.

    If you thought Sarah Palin as VP on the GOP ticket was a losing proposition, you haven’t seen anything yet.

    • indypendent

      But it has been reported that this woman knows how to get her snoot ful of that ‘evil government’ money in the way of farm subsidies.

      Hey, I thought these Tea Party CONS don’t like entitlements from that evil government?

      • Robert

        How many children does she and her doctor husband supposedly take care of? I would love to see a little more investigating on this little gov. rip-off! Has anyone every reported on the money she and her husband get from the gov.? How can a woman travel and campaign as much with all these kids. Any neglect going on?

      • indypendent

        Are you referring to the foster children? I have not heard that much about this issue.

        But this picture perfect image of a heterosexual married couple taking in foster kids is like cotton candy to the Religious Righties.

        Of course, I know of several instances where taking in foster kids was just a way to get a guaranteed government check from that ‘evil government’.

        I wonder why we don’t hear about taxpayer money be used in this way as being ‘socialism’?

        Because that is exactly what it is – socialism.

        But so is Medicare, farm subsidies, corporate welfare….and those free drugs through Medicare that George W. Bush – the little cowboy president – ushered in.

        But not one single word of outrage about that spending then – huh?

      • indypendent

        P.S. – when I referenced the instances of foster care – what I meant is that I have met quite a few people throughout my life that as adults – they were still traumatized by their days in foster care.

        Not every foster child is a happy little cherub that has a mommy in Congress.

  2. freedomwriter

    Hello Everyone! Just thought I’d repost the invitation to tomorrow night’s meeting at the Sedgwick County Extension Center. We are hosting “an idea party” to provide an opportunity for folks to get together and discuss how to create more positive messages to address all that negative politcal innuedo and misinformation we encounter everyday. With another presidential election year coming up, it is only going to get more outrageous. The purpose of this meeting is to help prepare us to address this issue by identifying positive soundbites that redefine and redirect the political conversations in which we become involved.

    The meeting is free and open to anyone with a positive attitude. We are meeting in the Meadowlark Room at the Sedgwick County Extension Center at W. 21st Street and N. Ridge Rd. in west Wichita. The time is from 7-9 p.m. Coffee and tea will be provided. If you’d like to bring a snack to share with the group, please feel free to do so. You can RSVP at

  3. indypendent

    I just heard on MSNBC that the latest GOP budget proposal is for a one-week extension and this time the GOP threw in a 160 page amendment for defense funding?


    So, the GOP has been ranting for years how the Democrats ran health care reform through without any chance for anyone to read what they were voting on.

    Hmmm…….submitting a 160-page amendment the day before the shutdown is due to happen and this is giving enough time for everyone to read it ??

    Me thinks the Republicans are hypocrits – they say one thing and do another.

    But what else is new???

    • indypendent

      Of course, now the GOP accusation is this – if you vote against this bill, you’re voting against our brave soldiers.

      Nothing like using our soldiers as a hostage shield – huh?

  4. indypendent

    Did anyone catch Donald Trump on NBC today? Seems he has dispatched his own investigators to Hawaii to ‘out’ Obama as a non-native born American.

    Did anyone also happy to catch Bill Cosby on NBC today,following Trump’s showing, and what Bill Cosby said hits the nail on the head -…

    • indypendent

      happy = happen

      • indypendent

        Here’s link to article about Trump hiring those investigators to to to Hawaii.

        I wonder if these investigators are just lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, drinking all day and all night and just having a real good laugh at Wonder Boy of Wall Street?

        On a serious note, these birthers are really saying that Obama is not an American – that he is really Muslim – and that says alot about these birthers.

        This obsession they have shows just how far they are willing to sink to the cesspool to drag down anyone they do not approve.

        Unfortunately, these are the same people that love that red meat dress as pictured above.

    • Freedomwriter

      Bravo Bill Cosby! On this issue I agree with you. What was Meredith Veira thinking? She came across as if Trump might have a point, when he was just spreading the same old B.S.

  5. Robert

    These states rights, religious coalition, anti abortion, anti big goverment, big guns, anti women rights hypocrits are like sheep being lead to the slaughter house. Political ignorance is killing this country. I wonder if the rightees can imagine how a small gov., states rights country would have faired on Dec. 7 1941 or in 2020 with a militarized China. I’ll bet the Koch boys would like us foot soldiers to protect their fortune, whether were union minded or not if another country wanted their oil companies, and are living space.

  6. indypendent

    From all the budget cutting political theatre currently going on…

    I have one very big question –

    When Republicans cut $100 billion from social programs and then turn around and give $100 billion to corporations – where is the less spending???

    I want to see the math done on that – and I do not believe in the voodoo economics of trickle-down theory. I want cold hard math facts…

    $100 billion cuts + $100 billion given out = looks like a wash to me. A big fat savings of ZERO dollars.

  7. indypendent

    Well, well, well…..lookee here…..a Republican vote counter made a huge mistake and somehow it benefits the Republican in the hotly contested wisconsin court election.

    Hmm…….if this was done in any third world country – our election watchers would be calling foul…..

    But isn’t it reminiscent of a certain Florida recount in 2000 ???

    Why isn’t Kobach on the television about possible voter fraud????

  8. Thunderchild

    I don’t post here a lot. Comes from posts I have made here being removed because I encourage people I THOUGHT were my friends to stand up and fight instead of expecting diplomacy with evil people (Republicans) and getting my posts edited or entirely removed by those same people who are comfortable and thus feel that some diplomacy with evil is possible.

    I’d like to tell you about something I saw the other day.

    I saw an old woman, stooped over, pushing a lawn mower with bags of aluminum cans dangling from the handle. Like most of you, more comfortable than me or her, I puzzled on this for a bit as I drove by.

    Then I remembered. There was a recycling center a few blocks away.

    This old woman was not looking to mow yards. And I would be ashamed of a country where an old woman had to earn a living mowing yards.

    This old woman was pushing a junk mower and her collection of cans to recycle and get the few cents she could get from most likely a day or more of collecting the refuse of our “civilization”

    I had passed her by by more than a mile when I realized this. And I remain ashamed that I did not return and help her.

    But the upshot I got is that THIS is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. An old woman is reduced to collecting cans and junk to maintain her existence.

    And that is the future for ALL of us, unless you people abandon your cocoon here and take back the fight.

    • Zippy

      Yeah, I agree that we need to take the fight to them, but that is neither here nor an increasingly pointless insult-exchange on a newspaper blog.

      This is a good place to gather ideas, and organize. And also relax, on occasion (even troops need rest, you know).

      But one of the epicenters of modern evil is, yes, on the Internets, but, aside from some possibly-paid Libertarian apologist, will not be found in some pointless pissing-match on a newspaper blog.

      Koch Industries/Americans For The Old Rich and Greedy, resides right in good ‘ol Wichita. With an address.

      And, last I checked, street protests, if they are sufficient in size, can still make a big difference.

      If this an appeal to those who can make a difference taking on power where it’s likely to do something, then point taken, though I have some difficulty lecturing people who are older than I am, and have families and health issues as well.

      And if this is somehow about a newspaper blog–still–then someone needs to grow up.

    • Freedomwriter

      Things are at a critical point, but how we approach them will make the difference between success and failure. Getting in a shouting match, often leads to reason being drowned out by silliness. Sounds like all of us want to turn things around, but let’s find some approaches that work!

      Your example of the lady collecting cans is similar to one of my own. I pulled up to the local recycling bins and saw an old couple half in and half out of the bins. At first I was appalled that they were stealing from the bins, but after I drove away and thought about it, I felt ashamed and wished I’d just handed them my bags of recyclables instead of dumping them in where they undoubtedly were going to have to fish them out.

    • Freebird1971

      There is evil on both sides

      • I find it evil to make choosing sides so important. If there must be a loser in order for there to be a winner then stalemate seems more likely than progress. Sad. We’re capable of being better than that. This isn’t a game, the stakes are much higher than a win / loss record.

    • wicked


      While I agree with you, I’m not 100% convinced that you were right about the woman’s situation. Why? Because my mother, who wasn’t rich but did own her own house and car, used to dig through dumpsters and also collected aluminum cans. Please don’t think I’m bragging. My mother did what she wanted, and to hell with what anyone thought. đŸ™‚ But what we see isn’t always what is real.

  9. Zippy

    Alan Simpson has actually asked a reasonable question: is there a plan for deficit reduction you support?

    Yep. The href=””> the Schakowsky plan.

    It’s been said, that in times of universal deception, truth-telling is a revolutionary act. Unlike Mr. Simpson (who was surprisingly wilted when faced with caller’s scrutiny on NPR), Mr. Bowles, Mr. Conrad, and other tools of Washington/Wall Street business-as-usual, Ms. Schakowsky is simply speaking the truth.

    Something will eventually have to pass Congress. But the president, your Congressional representatives, and the members of a Commission that dared to suggest capping revenues was deficit-reduction (something like telling your boss you want no more raises because you’re broke), need to hear you, loud and clear, in support of the Schakowsky plan.