Saturday, 4/2/11, Public Square

The persons who are also corporations pay no taxes.


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3 responses to “Saturday, 4/2/11, Public Square

  1. My night off last night.
    Got about 1/3 of my (aaaaargh!) homework done.

  2. What a day guys! I’ve had sisters and nieces and relatives of all kinds! How very much my Mother would have enjoyed visiting with each!

  3. WSClark

    Ah, home repair projects……………………… they take twice as long, cost three times as much and make you want to take a sledge hammer to the damned thing.

    Helping install a new exterior door on my daughter and son-in-law’s house, back door from their bedroom.

    After yanking out the old door and casement, we discover that the header board on the concrete footing, along with the foot plate were rotted in a relatively large area, about two feet long. Off with some of the siding, out with the old header, cut out the plate, install a new header and sister it to a good section of header………………………..

    I had to the jack the wall/floor up about an inch to get everything together. That might not seem like a lot, but usually when you raise a section of wall/floor, you do it 1/8″ at a time.

    To make a long story short, and less painful, the door is now ready to install, most stuff is square and I didn’t take a hammer to anything that wasn’t supposed to be hammered.

    That was my day. In the morning, we’ll fit and shim the door, mount it and then take the foam insulation to it.

    Playing with the expanding spray foam will be the extent of my “fun” schedule for tomorrow.

    I’d better get a pizza out of the deal.