The Ghost of Reagan…..

 An interesting article about the effects of Reagan’s infamous firing of all those Air Traffic Controllers.  I wonder what the effects will be 30 years from now from all these Republicans and their insatiable quest to demonize all public service and/or union jobs?  What will our country look like?  One thing for sure, I’ll think twice before flying again.

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  1. wicked

    I went to high school (and dated, but let’s forget that part) one of the ATC that Reagan fired. He’d done a gig in the Navy, based in Meridian, Mississippi, and learned his trade there. I can honestly say that busting him out of his job–one that had barely gotten started–did a number on his mind. Okay, he was a little nuts to begin with, but that firing led to what was nearly an early demise. I can’t say he’s one of my favorite people, but it certainly made Reagan’s firing of them a personal matter. At least one life became f%cked up because of it.