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  1. And here’s what the GOP is working on besides taking away rights from every woman, worker and our country’s poorer citizens. Is this the accomplishment that affects citizens that makes their constituents chests swell with great pride? —

    Redistricting Battles Begin: Could Your Congress Member be in the Line of Fire?
    Republicans Have Upper Hand in Partisan Process; Target Veteran Lawmakers


    • indypendent

      I read an article the other day about the proverbial painted-themselves-in-a-corner that Republicans have done yet once again.

      I’m talking about the increasing Hispanic population. Even with all this redistricting favoring the GOP, there are bound to be more Hispanics and with that fact – will the party run by white old males who rally their crowds into the anti-immigration foaming at the mouth really be the victory party?

      The GOP is on their current path of hatred towards immigrants, women, working class and anyone who dares to worship a differing god than THEIR god. If they keep this up, I believe they will be reaping what they sow come 2012.

      Japan might have just seen a tsunami – but I predict the tsunami against the GOP in 2012 will be even larger and more destructive.

      Especially if the Grand Old Party ruled by old white males choose to run any of the above pictured candidates.

      I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again – Reagan invited the Religious Right to the GOP circus and now that they have taken over all three rings of that circus – I suspect that is why the GOP has such low approval ratings and why their days might just be numbered.

      Maybe the real Republicans can revive the Whig Party and run a serious candidate?

      • I’ve heard people say they are conservative, not republican. They emphasis this difference as if it is clearly understood. Is there a widely-accepted definition of either word today?

      • indypendent

        If the GOP were social liberal and fiscal conservative, then I could (and have in the past) vote for some of those kind of Republicans.

        But when Reagan catered to the Religioius Right to get their guaranteed votes – that is when the social conservatives started their takeover and that is when the Grand Old Party started to go south in a big way -IMHO

        Personally, I do not think Democrats have done that great of job either – but compared to the Republicans – they are my preference. At least with the Democrats, all Americans will get the same chances at that taxpayer money trough rather than just the wealthy “right’ corporations as the Republicans like to give my tax dollars to people who don’t need it.

        The deep political divide currently is more in the arena of social issues – IMHO. And that comes back to the Religious Righties.

        Because, let’s face it, Democrats have been the puppets in the hands of corporate masters also.

        But what bothers me the most about the Religioius Righties is the fact they seem to hunger and have this insatiable need for a holy war. WTF…

        If we are so broke – as the Republicans keep yelling – then where is the money going to come from to pay for their holy war?

        The established Republicans are appalled at the Krazee Kissin Kousins in charge of the Grand Old Party right now – but like Dr. Frankenstein – they do not know how to control the monster they created.

  2. indypendent

    GOP House Republicans seem to have their next target on the union members of the transportation and aviation industries.

    At this rate, do you think the New and Improved GOP will run out of various groups of people they want to demonize?

    Let’s see ……they have already taken on teachers, public service workers,
    all women, minorities and anyone who does not worship the same god as they do…..and that is a very big group…


  3. indypendent

    Me thinks Gov Walker and Gang have ticked off one certain Wisconsin judge:

    Maybe the judge needs to imprint her ruling into their foreheads so that when they are admiring themselves in their mirror, the judge’s ruling will be there in plain sight?


  4. indypendent

    Yet another Republican Tea Party Governor – Rick Scott – of Florida who wants public service workers drug tested every 3 months.

    Hmm…..let’s see, Rick Scott was the head of HCA ,a health care company that was found to have defrauded millions from Medicare.

    My question is – whose company is going to do this test testing and who is going to pay for these tests? If the drug testing company has any ties to Rick Scott – or his family – then that needs to be investigated.

    I can understand random drug testing, or suspected drug use, or if an accident happened on the job to get drug tested. But for everyone to be drug tested every 3 months just seems excessive and needless.

    Excessvie and needless – unless you’re the one making all that guaranteed money off the state. Woo Hoo……We’re in the money, we’re in the money…..


  5. indypendent

    Now this is one anti-abortion guy that I have one question for:

    Santorum says the problem with Social Security is the fact there are not enough workers to support the retirees. And somehow that is due to abortions being legal in this country.

    My big question is this – where would all these aborted-people be currently working Mr. Santorum? There are not enough jobs for the people we have in our country – let alone those who were never born.