What Are They Thinking…..

Is this really the strategy the New and Improved Republicans  want to go with?   I wonder, just how do these businesses and corporations think their companies have been built without the working class?

I think the Republicans are showing their arrogance and ignorance in a big way and the end result is not going to be pretty.



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  1. I’m sooo glad all these republican leaders are focused on jobs and deficits…

    • indypendent

      I agree with your comment 100%.

      But I’m sure when the 2012 presidential campaign comes further along, we will all be bombarded with how much Republicans really care about jobs and reducing that deficit.

      I suspect those job creation and deficit reducing issues will be handled just like the GOP handles the gay marriage and abortion issues – they drag those poor little whipping boys out at every election and whip them good. But then the poor beaten things are put back into the deep dark dungeon until the next election day.

    • Hi Kurt, Welcome to PPPs.

      The GOP seems to have a need to tell women they can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own health-care needs before they can ‘focus’ on anything else. They have no ideas, no solutions and no leaders so we shouldn’t expect too much.

      Do you remember the last legislative accomplishment the GOP spearheaded and you feel improved your life? I’ve given it much thought and can’t come up with even one.

      Have you heard them tell you their agenda and plans for jobs? I haven’t.

      Of course we all know they think tax cuts are the magic panacea and they have no other tools in their bag of tricks. Wonder what happened to their memories? I remember what the bush tax cuts did for our economy but the GOP has forgotten.

      • indypendent

        BTW – Those Bush tax cuts were extended and I still have not seen any jobs created.

        Wasn’t the argument – wealthy people create jobs – the mantra of the Party that Just Said NO for 2 years?

      • I couldn’t agree more, fnord. Instead of cutting deficits, seems like all they want to cut are rights.

      • Zippy

        The notion that they even slightly interested in cutting deficits is a myth.

        They fall in 2 categories: (1) The simply ignorant, who really believe that the deficits we see now are caused by Obama and the Democrats spending huge amounts on new programs (stimulus, health care etc.), and the outright liars who want the deficits, so (a) anything they don’t like can be defunded and (b) the rest can be privatized, with no accountability (and of course, for the ‘right’ price), because they can afford what gouging amount we pay for, say, water, not only because they are the winners in the current class warfare but–of course–their own portfolios are conveniently invested in the same.

        P.S. Hey Kurt, haven’t seen you here before, though (as always), I read and post sporadically. If fnord hasn’t welcomed you here, I will!

    • indypendent

      Is there no one on this blog who is going to give money to poor Mr. O’Keefe to pay off his credit card debt?

      Hey, I’d tell him to go ask his corporate buddies for the money.

  2. indypendent

    Have you heard this latest money-making scheme from Gov John Kasich from Ohio? The first I heard of this was on Rachel Maddow show and then again last night on the Ed Schultz show.

    Since I caught this story on the tail end on Rachel’s show, I listened to Ed Schultz talk about this Kasich plan. While I am still trying to figure out the details of this – Ed Schultz made the statement that John Kasich put himself in as the CEO of this JobsOhio private group. I don’t see where that is mentioned in this article. Does anyone else know what John Kasich is trying to do?

    Personally, a little bit of Ed goes a long way with me. He can just do something to my nerves and I have to leave after awhile. But I normally do research on everybody’s facts they present on their shows.

    And I think that is the way we should all be – doing our own research and then deciding for ourselves.


  3. Zippy

    Well, I knew Libya could turn out badly (which is one of many reasons why my calls for intervention stressed the need for it not to be a US/NATO operation).

    I sent DFA a request to invoke the War Powers Act 60-day time limit. That may prove to be unwise. It was and is in some respects a no-win situation: an Al-Jazeera commentator noted, correctly, many of us in the West feared the trend toward democratic uprisings in the Middle East would be cut short if Ghaddafi’s slaughter was unanswered. But how much backlash will there be if the US is seen in a bombing role, and/or, conversely, backing off what “needs to be done” because the UN resolution does not authorize it?

    In this situation, even being a Tuesday morning quarterback is a headache.

    If I seem inordinately focused on this when so much of dire consequence is happening at home, it’s because this is really the first time I pushed for something that not only had serious consequences (been there, done that), but resulted in a military intervention in another country.

    And if this continues to not work so well, I will not slink back to some pretense of a powerless idiot ranting into the ether. I am responsible.

    I am a citizen. I am the government, and so are you.

    • indypendent

      I would like to know why the Saudis do not use some of that $60 billion worth of war planes they just purchased from us and take care of Gaddafi themselves?

      I’ve been hearing how wonderful the Saudis are about being all democratic and everything – now is the time to prove so.

      Another thing I would like to know is this – George W. Bush played footsie with Gaddafi in 2005 when Georgie lifted the sanctions against Libya.

      Gaddafi was the same dictator he was for 30 years before 2005 that he is now. But yet the US will play footsies with these corrupt guys and then wonder why it all blows up in our face.

      If the US was off the Middle East oil teat – we would not have to get involved.

      I mean seriously, if we are in Libya because of Gaddafi killing his own people – then why aren’t we in China going after them? Or North Korea? Or Iran?

      Yeah, yeah – I know North Korea and Iran are on the list of some of those folks who live sing the bomb, bomb, bomb Iran song made infamous by Johnny McCain.

      And no matter what is done or not done – I fear the US will get the blame because some churchy-head ignoramus will be making it a holy war before too long.

    • “And if this continues to not work so well, I will not slink back to some pretense of a powerless idiot ranting into the ether. I am responsible.

      I am a citizen. I am the government, and so are you.”

      That is a profound, intelligent and responsible statement, Zippy. Yes, I am. Thank you for reminding me. It’s too easy to deflect our responsibility as citizens.

  4. indypendent

    On the Opinion Line – there was a comment questioning if the left-wingers will be mad at Obama if there are no weapons of mass destruction found in Libya.


    First of all, Obama never said there were any weapons or mass destruction in Libya.

    Second – Obama did not send his messenger to the UN with a fancy speech declaring the need to invade Libya because of weapons of mass destruction.

    I do find it interesting that Republicans are so grasping at straws to make Obama look like a war mongerer.

    Newt Gingrich two weeks ago was on television stating that he would go in to Libya immediately and put in the no-fly-zone – and get Gaddafi out – no questions asked.

    Now since Obama has done that – Newtie seems to have had a change of heart and is now stating the Obama has done the wrong thing.

    Which is it Newtie? You cannot have it both ways,…

    But, unfortunately, Newtie’s targeted audience would never know what he said two weeks prior because they are only tuned into the ‘now moment’ and whatever one of their golden boys or girls say at ‘the moment’ is what they believe.

    This type of sheeple attitude goes directly to what Zippy was saying – We are responsible. We are the citizens. We are the government. And it’s about time WE started doing our own research and stop following anyone person or group so blindly that we cannot bother to look up before we all go over the cliff.

    • “Which is it Newtie? You cannot have it both ways,…”

      His crew are easily fooled. Seems he really can talk out both sides of his mouth, flip-flop every other sentence, choose his very own ‘family values’ and have it both ways. They don’t expect much, aren’t capable of critical-thinking skills, and a small “R” beside the name suffices.