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  1. indypendent

    I would have more respect for Newt if he just came out and said – yes, I am a horn dog.

    But to try to excuse his behavior due to his passionate love of country… that just made me want to hurl – not vomit – but to actually hurl an object through the television at this pointed little head.

    But what do I expect from this type of partisan political hack who knows his targeted audience only too well. These so-called values voters have demonstrated in years past just how much those so-called values really mean to them. In other words – they don’t care nominating a cheater – as long as the guy is THEIR cheater.

    It’s all about winning with the current crop of Reagan wannabe’s – and isn’t that a sorry bunch???

  2. wicked

    I’m still trying to make sense of how passionate love of country gives someone the need to be a filthy cheater. Not once, but multiple times. My question to Newt would be to ask if this passionate love of country is enough to die for, ’cause if I was one of those wifeys, I’d cut him off at the knees and let him bleed out.

    But then I wonder why any woman would be stupid enough to set herself up for his kind of abuse. Even more so when I read that Tiger Woods has a new 22-year-old girlfriend. These are the women who make me ashamed for my gender.

    • Robert

      Wicked, Sorry a bit off the subject, but I saw your comment on the Alaskan ice palace and was wondering if you found out more on it. From a beacon article it was built back in 1883, but I can’t remember when it was torn down. I would like to find a picture of the place.

      • wicked

        Wow, 1883? I had no idea!

        This is definitely something to look into. I suddenly have this very, very vague memory of my dad maybe saying something about a fire. That could be my memories getting mixed up, though.

        As for when it closed, I know I skated there between 1960 and 1963, if not a year or so later. I’m kind of thinking 1963 or 64, and only because I have one of those aluminum disks made there. They were ‘engraved’ by machine with whatever you wanted on them. I have a couple, and I know one was done in that latter time period, but I wouldn’t swear on my grave that it was done at the Alaskan. Confused yet?

        The book I have (Wichita Century) mentions Silver Skate Ice Arena as the successor to the Alaskan and was being built on West Kellogg in the ’60s. I’d say mid to late ’60s. I remember going there during my junior or senior year, and I’m old. 😉 No photos, darn it, and I haven’t run across any in all the photos my parents took.

        A former neighbor is five or six years older than me, and I’m sure she remembers the Alaskan better than I do. I need to get in touch with her anyway, so if I learn anything, I’ll post here.

        Could be the Historical Society has some info?

        I have this weird feeling I know who you are. Did you by any chance go to grade school at McCormick?

      • Hi Robert. Welcome to PPPs.

  3. indypendent

    I would say Newt is in a class all by himself but just take a good look at the current crop of Reagan wannabe’s in the GOP presidential running camp just barking to get going….

    The 2012 presidential campaign is going to be a doozie folks. Hang on to your hats and pass the popcorn!

  4. indypendent

    Elizabeth Taylor died today. I was never a really huge Taylor fan, but I have seen a few of her movies in which I found her character and her acting quite intriguing. I liked her in her earlier movies – not so much in the Richard Burton days.

    I give Elizabeth Taylor credit where credit is due and that was her desire and tenacity in the fight against AIDS.

    • I read this is how she responded to someone who criticized her for having so many husbands —

      “I’ve married all the men I’ve ever slept with. How many women can say that?”

      If she said that and it’s true — hats off, Liz! 🙂

    • wicked

      She was an excellent actress, even during and after the Burton days, as you called them. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe is an excellent example. (It’s a very dark, dark film.) My favorites include that and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman. I’ve only seen parts of The Taming of the Shrew, but what I saw were great.

      The only time I didn’t like her was when she married Eddie Fisher. I liked Debbie Reynolds better. I think Liz dealt with a lot of personal issues. So many times we think that “movie stars” and celebreties have everything, but I think that’s false. They have the same problems and weaknesses that we do, while trying to live normal lives, which is impossible.

      • indypendent

        I did not mean to sound negative about the Richard Burton days – but her career was so spread out that I just termed it that way to specify a certain time period.

        And to be fair, I think it was Richard Burton that turned me off more than Elizabeth Taylor.

        So that is my own personal preference.

        I agree with you 100% about celebrities are thought to have everything and no problems – when in fact they are just human beings with flaws just like the rest of us. The only difference is – celebrities’ lives are played out in public for all the world to see.

        I would certaily not want all of my life on public display.

      • wicked

        Sorry, indy, I was only using your ‘Burton days’ as a time reference. But that movie (which I spelled wrong, btw) starred both of them, so it fit in that time period. 🙂

        Favorites will always be determined by the eyes of the beholder, to twist an old saying. We each have our different ones. Not a bad thing, at all.

      • indypendent

        I just found this article about Elizabeth Taylor’s top 5 movies. My personal favorite is ‘A Place in the Sun’. But I like Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters was also in that movie.

        My husband and are old movie buffs – Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayward, Montgomery Clift, Orson Welles, Clark Gable to name a few.

        I have not seen a recent movie that begins to compare with some of the old movies.

        Jeesh, did I just say something like my grandma used to tell us kids about the good ol’ days…..LMAO

      • wicked

        Considering the majority of crap (my opinion only) that comes out every week, you (and your grandmother and everyone with an ounce of taste) are right. 🙂

        Seriously, movies are getting awful. Bringing out 15 new movies a week, none of which have any redeeming qualities, isn’t going to help. I’m going to start putting my DVD money into old movies, instead of the bathroom humor that sells for comedy, the blood and guts that sells for suspense, and the drama that has no…well, drama. I mean, really, was The Hangover truly the best they could do?

      • indypendent

        I thought I read somewhere they are making a sequel to ‘The Hangover’.

        Seriously, has it come down to that……Maybe these folks are the ones that actually believe Newt when he says he cheated on his wives because he was just so darn passionate about our country?

        After all – one would have to be pretty drunk to buy that particular line of B.S.

      • indypendent

        On a serious note – I remember a time when people had a sense of shame. Whatever happened to that?

        Any man who would cheat around on his wives and then actually try to excuse it by using his patriotism to his country should have at least a drop of shame -shouldn’t he?

        And the folks that are buying that line of B.S. should be ashamed of themselves.

        We don’t need the Ten Commandments listed everywhere – we just need to bring back some sense of shame to our society.

  5. indypendent

    Are you reading for the Glenn Beck channel? Why do I keep thinking about the movie ‘The Little Dictator’?……

    BTW – check out the results of the poll – interesting numbers..

  6. indypendent

    Oh Lordy – are religious people more prone to be obese? God help us all if all those victim of persecution cards start getting played.

    I found it interesting that at the very end of this article, it says that religious leaders could help this situation by promoting the eating of health vegetables and less fast food places.

    Isn’t that Michelle Obama has been trying to say about the school children and the Religious Right Fundies seem to be the ones with the ruffled panties in a bunch over how the nanny government is running everybody’s lives?