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  1. wicked

    The “cartoon” above seems to be following my thoughts of about 20 minutes ago. I suppose that’s because my 7-year-old granddaughter mentioned that there are chemicals on their way to the U.S. Try to explain radiation to a child, and all you can really do is be frightening. I opted out.

    Back in the ’60s and ’70s there were a lot of apocalyptic movies about what would happen if we managed to destroy the world. We knew the danger of using nuclear energy, yet we ran toward it. It was our future. And the future is now here.

    So I started wondering on that five minute drive home what would happen if we managed to destroy ourselves. Forget radiation danger for a bit. Just imagine what it would be like.

    Would we learn anything from it? Would we be content with a much simpler life? Or would we hurry forward again to fill our lives with gadgets and unhealthy things?

    I’d like to think we’d choose simple, but I don’t really believe that. Why? Because we think, and with thinking comes discontent and the need to improve. While improvement is positive, there’s also a negative side to it. Nothing can be done about that. That’s just the way it is. Yin. Yang.

    Just how far will technology take us? Or will it destroy us completely?

  2. Freedomwriter

    New technology is not inherently bad, but man’s belief that the technology is so sophisticated that it can not fail, reveals our stupidity as a species. Frankly, I’d like to cement in all the nuclear plants and put our money in wind and solar!

    • wicked

      Very true. And I didn’t mean that technology is bad. Anything can be used in the wrong way. Sometimes that happens by mistake.

      I’m for wind and solar, too. I was just saying the same to one of my daughters the other day. We had the knowledge 30 years ago, even had a start on it, then were not only stopped, but backtracked. Thanks go to St. Ronnie.

      • indypendent

        Exactly, St. Ronnie had other things on his to-do list.

        Is it any wonder no one on the Conservative Republican side has even tried to consider that maybe – just maybe – man is using up the energy resources without trying to replenish along the way?

        IIRC – the Bible says that God gave man the world to use for his needs but God also told man to be good stewards.

        Maybe that good stewardship of the land is one of those parts those self-righteous Conservative Christians are rewriting in their new-fangled Bible.

  3. In the center of the garden stood the Tree of Knowledge. Having tasted of the tree came the knowledge of good and evil. Being then cast from Paradise (pure innocence) we were burdened with knowledge. With knowledge comes responsibility.

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  4. indypendent

    Perhaps we are encouraged to buy the new technological gadgets because the fat cats need to get fatter?

    I remember a time (and I am not that old) that people took their things to a repair shop to fixed. Since the 80’s – all that has changed. We continue to consume more products, then they break down in a few months or years (by design I suspect) and then we toss them into trash to go buy new products.

    Do we even think about the accumulation of all that trash and what happens to our landfills once they are full?

    A big fat resounding NO would be the answer to that question.

    But the rich are getting richer – so according to the new and improved GOP – we should all be jumping for joy – while we are inching ever closer to a world that has been screwed and raped so many times, there is nothing left.

    • indypendent

      This is an article about Rush mocking the Japanese for recycling even while dealing with life after the earthquake.

      With a Pied Piper like Rushie leading the CONS – do we really expect these folks to care about anything? There are fat cats getting rich off making all the trash adn then there are fat cats getting rich off their spewing of trash.

    • indypendent

      This is an article about how the Republicans brought back the styrofoam cups to the Capitol Building decided that ‘going green’ was not such a good idea.

      I wonder if the fact a former Koch executive owns the company that got the styrofoam cup contract had anything to do with their decision?
      Or was that just a cherry on top of this sundae of B.S.?

    • wicked

      I don’t think technology in and of itself is bad. Let’s look at what we’re using to interact with each other this instant.

      Many of us are old enough to remember when computers took up entire buildings. Now we carry them in our pockets.

      I enjoy being able to not only connect with old friends easily, but to meet new ones, too. My world has grown. Or is it that The World has shrunk? đŸ™‚

      • indypendent

        The world has not really shrunk – but out connection to the world has greatly expanded.

        I agree 100% with your assessment of technology. The World Wide Web is a great concept and can do great things – but how much of that WWW is centered in the child pornography world?

        But the same can be said for any technology – nuclear power can be used for energy sources or it can be used for weapons.

        I think you said it best – Ying/Yang – the world is full of examples of good/bad.

        But what I tried to say in my comment was – whenever we seem to get new technology, we just cannot wait until the next new big thing comes out so we can go out and buy that gadget.

        Currently there is a telelvision commercial expressing this very idea – I think it is Best Buy marketing their program where they will buy your current gadget when the next newer version of the same gadget comes out.

        I am still using my old cell phone from 2 years ago. While that might not sound so bad – my kids have all bought newer phones and they have features that I do not have. But my current cell phone still does what I need it to – so why should I feel pressured to go buy the newest version?

        Our country and economy is very consumer-driven. Our society is very materialistic and we consume everything we get our hands on without a thought as to the future.

        At what point will our quest to have the latest and newest technology be our downfall – both economically and environmentally?

      • indy, that’s why (among other things) I’ve become interested in and a user of Linux. This free (as in “beer”) operating system runs quite well on older technology.

        Depending upon the distro and the desktop environment one chooses, a computer with 512 mb RAM and a not-so-modern graphics chip/card runs quite well, with the added benefit of providing relatively modern apps (word processing, etc.) for the user. Now, it isn’t for everyone; but, if the computer is used, e.g., primarily for standard office tasks, or if gaming isn’t a big priority, to cite but two examples, Linux serves quite well. BTW, if anyone has an Android powered device, it is running on Linux; and, Google’s servers operate on Linux.

        Even older, less powerful computers will run on Linux; there are distros designed specifically to run in a minimal environment. Bottom line: keep older hardware out of the landfill, and useful.

  5. Have all of you seen this?

    U.S. stunned by latest undercover sting
    The nation was left reeling yesterday by the revelation that the presidential election of 2008 was a hoax.

    • indypendent

      Maybe I am a little slow today – but I don’t get it. Is it supposed to be an attempt at satire or humor?

      Or is it just to throw it out there and see which idiot picks it up first and spreads it like last month’s cheese spread on a stale cracker. Then we can get another conspiracy theory flying around like a bat out of hell.

      But the disturbing theme that I got was the same disturbing theme I continually hear from the Conservative Republicans – Obama is not our legitimate president. And these folks will stop at nothing to keep drilling that talking point into the ground.

    • My reaction as well, indy.

    • wicked

      Conservatives. Ya gotta love ’em. They’ll do and say anything if they think anyone (that’s ONE) will believe them.

      It took a lot of shoveling at the bottom of the hole from where they come to come up with that stuff. Just goes to show that the word “humor” isn’t in the conservative dictionary. They have NO sense of humor.

      • indypendent

        I have to disagree with you wicked. Conservatives think they have a sense of humor – but their humor is the kind that depends on demonization of ogthers for a cheap thrill or laugh. Several crass and crude comedians use that level of humor to try to be funny – but they usually fail miserably.

        I still remember Rush Limbaugh comparing a young Chelsea Clinton to the White House dog. He was bad enough but then there were his followers all just lapping it up like it was cotton candy laced with tequila.

        Just how low does one have to go to think making fun of a young girl’s look is even remotely humorous?

        Sad to say – I still see that level of demonization humor used by these same Conservatives against Michelle Obama and the girls.

        They really are people who have no shame….

  6. CapnAmerica

    The illegitimate (bastard) presidency was George W. Bush’s.

    He got the fewest votes, both in terms of the popular vote and the electoral college.

    His “strict constructionist” CON buddies on the Supreme Court had to shut the legally required recount down in Florida to make sure that Georgie Boy could win.

    You can’t kill democracy and expect nothing bad to happen . . .

    • indypendent

      I still remember watching the news coverage that night. I distinctly remember watching the Bush Family in their reaction to the results.

      I distinctly remember Barbara Bush (Mama) saying – what about Florida? IIRC – Florida had already been called for Gore by another network but yet Barbara was adamant that Florida was to be watched.

      Hmmmm……let’s see ….. Barbara’s other son was governor Florida and Florida was the state for the recount…

      Hmmmm…..let’s see – if that scenario had happened in any third world country – our own election watchers would be alleging fraud somewhere.

      But you know that old saying – it is only a cardinal sin when a Democrat does it – the Republican can use a cardinal to pardon any sin they commit.

      • indypendent

        That last part in referencing to using any cardinal to pardon any sin is currently being used by Newt Gingrich – IMHO

        I believe in sin and redemption – but seriously, one can only take it so far.

        I just cannot wait for the election when Newt gets hit with not only his personal history marital past but those nasty little ethics problems he had along the way..

        Dag nabbit…….

  7. indypendent

    Speaking of the upcoming 2012 election – it seems Wisconsin Walker is the hands down favorite – of the Republicans. Well, duh, did we need a poll to tell us that?

    Haven’t we seen this flavor of the month popularity polling from the New and Improved GOP before?

    IIRC – Scott Brown was said to be the 2012 presidential hopeful. Then it was Christie of New Jersey. Then it was that Marco Rubio from Florida. Then it was _________ (fill in the blank with any new and improved elephant who likes to drink tea)

    The only thing that really counts is the 2012 election day results. And I think when the working people get organized such as that new grassroots movement and keep reminding the independents and younger voters how the Republicans are the ones trying to make voter registration even harder – I don’t think one little poll showing a favorability for Walker really means that much to the big picture.

    No, I suspect the Wisconsin Walker fiasco will prove to the GOP’s Waterloo moment in 2011. They blew it big time and they are so full of arrogance and are so removed from the real world – they do not even acknowledge that fact.