Signs of a new grassroots movement – this time without the tea?

Actually, if working people would collectively join in this group – they would be stronger than the current unions.   And there is not one damn thing GOP elected officials to do to get rid of a grassroots movement – unless they want to get rid of their own Tea Party at the same time.



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9 responses to “Signs of a new grassroots movement – this time without the tea?

  1. fragotwofortwo

    Don’t forget this grassroots movement, I am 100% certain this is not corporate sponsored..

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    • indypendent

      I suspect you’re right. What could a corporate sponsor offer the working people – another chance at being outsourced, pay being cut or work hours being lengthened. Those are things that alot of corporate sponsors are already offering the working people.

      In the famous words of SP – Thanks but no thanks. You betcha!!

  2. fragotwofortwo

    i give up b back later

  3. JEP

    REAL grassroots movements are spawned by REAL issues.

    The Tea party’s vague, semi-conscious creed is proof enough they are astroturf.

    Just compare the signage AND the diversity between Bleck’s white-man marches and the Wisconsin protests and the truth is impossible to ignore. The Wisconsin Patriots have real issues with real people.

    And it is growing every day, without a dedicated cable channel to promote it, even in the midst of a corporate media blackout.

    This grassroots movement doesn’t have a name yet, but one will catch on any day now.

    • indypendent

      Hi JEP……this is the first time I’ve seen your name here – so WELCOME….

      I happen to like grassroots movements – when they are genuine.

      I also liked what I heard from the original Tea Party movement (fiscal conservative) but then the corporate sponsors got their Tea Party Express going down that crazy teapot track – and the rest is history…..

      The current Tea Party is guilty of those very things they accuse the unions of being – thugs and bullies.

      But I have noticed not alot of those Tea Party folks have missed too many meals. And I suspect the majority of them enjoy that government funded health care that the working people are paying for.

    • badbiker

      Thank you for joining us, Jep. We welcome new posters and hope that you’ll hang around with the rest of us low-life Lib/Progressive morons for awhile.

      We are easy to get along with around here – except me – and Fnord is a most gracious hostess. Unfortunately, our dear friend has had a death in the family and is otherwise occupied.

      The nic that this is posted under is my “old” nic – Bad Biker, but usually I show up as WSClark – the same WSClark52 that is quite infamous at de udder blog.

      If you have any questions or need anything, you can contact me at

      Welcome aboard!

  4. CapnAmerica


    I’m going to join these folks.

  5. indypendent

    Looks like Wisconsin Walker and his Gang has started a big ol’ can of whoop ass to start coming their way. And guess what – the national and state GOP are not exactly coming to their aid with all that money.

    Maybe this new development has something to do with the new grassroots movement?