Oops, they have done it again…

Seems there are questions of possible editing mishaps in that NPR tape.  Hmmm…..let’s see – it is the work of a well-known conservative activist who has already been involved in some questionable activities.  

Unfortunately, the damage has been done – so the truth is no longer required.  Or is it?



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4 responses to “Oops, they have done it again…

  1. indypendent

    Remember another infamous conservative activist who released a videotape just to have questions of its editing ? The end result of that little fiasco was a lawsuit.

    Hit them where it hurts the most – their money belt?


  2. danieljacobjingleheimer

    Why do organizations continue to overreact to this nonsense and why do James O’Keefe and “Project Veritas” (barf) have even a shred of credibility left with anyone on this planet?

    • indypendent

      Two very good questions.

      But then again – gossip can travel around the world before the truth even puts on its shoes.’

      Unfotunately, our media is so bent on being the first to get anhy scandalous scoop – that truth takes a back seat.

      As for the credibility – I consider their targeted audience. For the most part, these are the same people who faithfully listened to Rush Limbaugh and laughed at his joke when he compared a young Chelsea Clinton to the White House dog.

      If that level of humor is their targeted audience – then the truth does not have a chance to be heard and one’s credibility is never questioned.