Saturday, 3/12/11, Public Square


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  1. Time moves too quickly! Didn’t we just change our clocks? That couldn’t have been six months!

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      It wasn’t, fnord. DST now lasts > six months (close to seven) while Standard Time is in effect ~ five months.

  2. wicked

    I gifted myself a few enjoyable hours last night.

    I have the first season of SNL, but had only watched the very first show and none of the rest. I slipped in the first DVD (of 8) and finished it after 3 a.m.

    George Carlin was the first host. A very young George, since this was October 11, 1975. Even now, the jokes are funny. Musical guests were Billy Preston (Nothing from Nothing) and Janis Ian (At Seventeen). Don Pardo introduced the Not Ready for Prime Time Players as the Not for Ready Primetime Players. The show was priceless.

    Paul Simon hosted the second show, which was mostly music. Art Garfunkel joined him, and they sang my favorite S&G song, The Boxer. There were maybe 3 skits. Phoebe Snow and Randy Newman were the musical guests.

    Rob Reiner hosted the third. John Belushi sang With a Little Help from My Friends in Joe Cocker style. It was a hoot. Penny Marshall joined Rob for a couple of skits.

    The shows were more in the round back then, with a small stage in the center of the room and another small stage behind it. One fake commercial in the first show was memorable. It was about razors, beginning by showing the old straight razor, then a safety razor, then on to the (joke) most recent–a three blade razor. Imagine that! We’re up to 4 now, aren’t we?

    The next disc has hosts Candice Bergen (one of my faves), Robert Klein, and Lily Tomlin. I think I’ll try to treat myself to at least one DVD per weekend. Wish you all had been here to share it with me. đŸ™‚

    • Freebird1971

      I tell my kids that that first season was when SNL was funny

    • prairie pond

      Sounds like heaven, Wicked. Oh those Saturday nights…

      Just because we haven’t listened to music together much, here’s my favorite Phoebe Snow song. And might I add, it’s mighty annoying to me to always have to change the gender if I want to sing it!!! (WEG)

  3. I closed my eyes and remembered. It was good! Thanks for the memories.

  4. James Taylor with brothers and sister in 1981 – Shower the People You Love with Love

    • wicked

      I saw this one listed on YouTube and forgot to go back and watch. Thanks for posting it here, fnord! I didn’t realize they had such a big family.

      I was reading James’s bio on, I think, Pandora. He dealt with some heavy depression when he was young, as did Livingston, I learned later.

      I love this music. Having heard it once, it would be hard to live without the music of James Taylor, Carly Simon, Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel, and Dan Fogelberg, just to name a few. While I’d love to see JT in concert, I get emotional when I hear him sing. My youngest says I cry at everything. Not sure I want to spend the money to cry through the concert. LOL

  5. wicked


    Why is it that every business where you might have to wait insists on having the TV provided tuned to Fox News?

    You see, I don’t watch Fox News. To be honest, I don’t watch news at all. Not local, not national. But I still manage to keep up fairly well with what’s happening.

    So why am I ranting? Twice this week I’ve been subjected to FN. I honestly don’t remember where the first place was, but I wasn’t there long enough for my blood pressure to be affected. This morning was different. I had to have my very badly cracked windshield replaced.

    I took my Kindle with me so I could read, but the commentator on FN (Neil?) kept pulling me away from a very good book (written by a friend). The main focus was on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but there was footage of the protestors gathering in Wisconsin. He spoke with a Democrat, who he disagreed with and kept interrupting with the usual rhetoric and lies. It was really, really hard not to jump up and start yelling at ol’ Neil. Even more so when the Dem was done and the Republican Senator came on to give his opinion on how the Democrats are ruining the country.

    I don’t know who the young woman was on Real Time last night, but all I can say is that she had her right-wing talking points down really well. Oh, and she’s a big teabagger. Bill really upset her a couple of times, while I was upset with her trying to talk over his New Rules.

    Rude people.

    • I have frequently changed the channel to HGTV, Food Network… while in waiting rooms where I was assaulted by Fox News. To this point I’ve had some astonished and even some mean stares, but never even a single word spoken to me. I’ve often wondered what I would say if confronted about changing the channel and have decided I can’t know how I would respond until I hear what is said.

  6. I interrupt my post-game celebration to note that one change in FF4 to which I’m having some trouble adjusting is the fact the icon for Home is now located at the extreme right end of the Navigation Toolbar (at least in the Linux version). Otherwise, really enjoying it.

    Back to the celebration. Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, KU

    • One more. Type about:config in the address bar. When the configuration options list appears, type Go to the filter bar again and type network.dns.disableIPv6 in the Search Bar. If it is set to False, double click to change to True.

      BTW, when done w/the “hacks’, return Home and restart FF to have the changes take effect.