That Tide – She is a Turning….

The New and Improved Republicans, led by their Evangelical Tea Party Darlings, may have won this battle in Wisconsin but have they fired the shot heard throughout Middle Class America?


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8 responses to “That Tide – She is a Turning….

  1. indypendent

    I might have discovered why those states are having such a budget deficit. isn’t Ohio where John Kasich just pulled the same stunt that Wisconsin Walker did all in the name of ‘budget balancing’?

    Maybe Mr. Kasich should investigate why 9,700 people were promised huge refund checks and why one was for $200 million?

    • They say it’s never happened before… Do you think if someone else had been sent a large check they would have called it to the state’s attention or deposited that baby quickly?

      • indypendent

        In all fairness, it was probably was a software glitch. But I wonder how many other checks in the same general range have been sent out to all the ‘right’ people but they were not called refund checks – they are called ‘business incentives’.

        But to a budget swimming in red ink – isn’t it funny how nobody on the ‘right’ side complains, rants and/or screams about those big checks.

  2. I just saw a picture I can’t figure out how to capture, but It’s a picture of a real sign on a highway entering Wisconsin. The caption says, “One of my assistants on WRR has contacts in the Highway Department who are most unhappy. This is a real sign out there, more are on the way.”!/photo.php?fbid=140526376014776&set=a.138093386258075.27231.136689056398508&theater

  3. Wisconsinites have developed a ‘boycott list’ of all who supported Scott Walker in the 2010 election with contributions of over $5,000 or more.

  4. indypendent

    I just read this on Huffington Post ………

    wow – students showing up by the thousands and in different states for a single cause. Reminds me of the 60’s….

    I think this time the Tea Party people have stirred up a hornet’s nest. It’s about time the young people have their voices heard. Do you think this is why Republicans are so desperate to pass all those bills to make voting harder?

    • indypendent

      In order to make this really interesting – maybe more young people and older working class people can all stage sit-ins at any pharmacy where these Tea Party supporters congregate to get their free taxpayer-funded Medicare drugs?

      Maybe we should all wear hats with medicine bottles taped to the brim? And we can carry signs saying – Medicare for All …