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  1. wicked

    I was very disappointed last night when my daughter told me that Genesis Health Club (Rodney Steven II) will be managing the Wichita Ice Center. As some of you know, my oldest granddaughter has been taking lessons there for the past two years, and she loves it! Not only have I gone to the Ice Center to watch her perform and get her to practices, I’ve also skated a couple of times. The place is packed during the holidays and on weekends, and the staff has always been pleasant whenever I’ve been there.

    So instead of being managed by people who know ice skating, we get Ice Skating by Genesis? Come on. What does Rodney Steven know about ice skating? Yes, the Genesis bid was lower, but the city will be spending money, so where’s the savings?

    Not only is the Ice Center a place for fun, several skaters compete in United States Figure Skating approved events. Some have placed high in these competitions.

    I guess I won’t be buying those ice skates, after all.

    • I know absolutely nothing about whether Stevens does or doesn’t have “ice skating rink mgmt” experience. I don’t even know if he’s ever been on skates. I also don’t know what the requirements were or what the job he is expected to accomplish is.

      Guess I could have just kept quiet or at best told you I don’t know enough to comment.

    • indypendent

      Isn’t this guy the one that got the city to give him some type of tax abatement or sometof taxpayer money incentive a few years ago for the Genesis busiess? And then there was a protest by some other guy in the fitness center business?

      Did the Genesis guy eventually get that money or not? I do not remember.

      I am in the same boat as fnord – I don’t know this Genesis guy – so I really do not have any comment but to say this – it seems this guy must know how to work downtown to get what he wants. Perhaps that is his ‘real’ talent?

      • IIRC, Genesis did not receive that for which it asked, which was brought up again when the YMCA was asking for city assistance with the downtown re-do. That said, all members of the Steven family know “how to work downtown”.

      • indypendent

        I was going to ask – is this Stevens part of the Spangles’ Stevens family?

        I was thinking he is, but like I stated before – I don’t much about this guy.

      • wicked

        indy, I believe it’s Steven. Joe was the dad. There was an article about him in the paper last year. He started Joe’s Car Wash. He died recently. Along with Genesis, family members also own Spangels and several car lots. Probably more, since I don’t keep up that well. LOL

        There’s also a Stevens family, or so I’ve heard.

      • danieljacobjingleheimer

        It is ridiculous the way Rodney Stevens complains about breaks the YMCA gets that Genesis doesn’t. Talk about comparing apples and oranges.

        I suppose Mr. Stevens could re-organize his company and re-structure it as a non-profit venture if he wants the same breaks the YMCA gets…

    • danieljacobjingleheimer


      I have two sons who play youth hockey at the rink downtown. We’ve been involved in youth hockey in one way or another for about 7 years now. There has been a lot of concern among the Wichita Youth Hockey Association board and membership about Genesis taking over the management of the rink. There were a lot of rumors flying around about what plans Stevens had for the facility and the city has been very forthcoming in taking into consideration the concerns of the long time users of the facility, namely, the figure skating group, youth hockey, and the adult hockey leagues.

      As part of the contract signed with Genesis, they are required to meet with an advisory board made up of representatives from the various groups who rent out the majority of the available ice time. Basically, WYHA is taking a wait and see attitude with the new management group and Genesis will be under the microscope with any new policies or practices. I just hope they do as good a job as the last management group did. I’ve seen much improvement in the management of the facility over the last three years. I’d have been happy to see the current management group continue on but I think the ‘local company providing local management’ argument for the rink had a lot of pull with the city council.

      Go ahead and buy those ice skates! Ice skating is a lot of fun and great exercise to boot…

      • I hope it all works out. Color me very skeptical, however.

      • wicked

        I do, too, 6176.

        Thanks, daniel****, for your comments. The numbers I read in the article brought up questions for me. From what I’ve heard, the center was having financial programs when the current management took over. While the numbers after the first year they had it weren’t good, they’ve definitely improved, and it’s been operating in the black for the past 3 years. However, they haven’t completely gained back from that first year.

        Add to that the fact that the city is going to be helping with money that’s ten times the amount of that first year’s defecit, and I have to wonder. But then I’m terrible at math, so maybe it’s just my suspicious nature.

        Then there’s the matter of the kids. If Steven isn’t able to get the type of coaches needed, it won’t matter how much money he or the city puts into it. According to the article, most everyone employed there will be let go, although Genesis “may” rehire some of them.

        I wish I’d been aware of what was going on. I would have liked to have been present at the meetings when this was discussed. I didn’t know about it until my daughter called last night and told me.

        As for the skates, I think I’ll hold off. I did enjoy the couple of times I skated at the center last year, but I doubt I’ll make a habit of it, at least until I see how things go. Glad you’re enjoying the hockey!

  2. prairie pond

    I guess all is well in Dumbfukistan since the legislature has nothing more important to do than this! No budget problems, no economic problems, no declining population problems, no education problems, no state pension problems, just those damn queers asking the state to comply with a SCOTUS ruling. No wonder the Phelps klan home bases in Kansastan.


    Topeka, Kans, March 8, 2011 –

    State Representatives Jan Pauls (D, Hutchinson), and Lance Kinzer (R, Olathe) said yesterday that being gay or lesbian should remain a crime in Kansas. Pauls made, with Kinzer’s support, the successful motion in the Kansas Legislature’s Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee to keep the criminalization of gay and lesbian relationships on the books. Their action removed key language from HB2321, proposed by the Kansas Judicial Council, which would have resolved inconsistencies in Kansas criminal code, as well as remove unconstitutional laws.

    “Jan Pauls was trusted to be a judge before becoming a state representative, and should know better than to support unconstitutional laws, breaking her oath to defend the Constitution,” said Jon Powell, Chair of the Hutchinson Area chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition. “We are fed up with her obvious support of harassment of gays and lesbians. We will not be bullied.”

    Although one remains on Kansas’ books, all state laws criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships were struck down by the United States Supreme Court in 2003. Writing for the majority in the case of Lawrence v. Texas, Justice Anthony Kennedy said “if protected conduct is made criminal and the law which does so remains unexamined for its substantive validity, its stigma might remain even if it were not enforceable as drawn for equal protection reasons. When homosexual conduct is made criminal by the law of the State, that declaration in and of itself is an invitation to subject homosexual persons to discrimination both in the public and in the private spheres.”

    Disregarding the US Supreme Court, the President of the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association, John Wheeler, said in 2008 that “even to this day, homosexuality is a crime in Kansas.” His warning, made to a group of adult college students and caught on video, raised questions about the ability of gay and lesbian Kansans to live free from arrest, and to receive fair trials in our courts.

    “Representatives Pauls’ endorsement of an unconstitutional statute that’s used to threaten and discriminate against law-abiding Kansas citizens is an outrage,” said Thomas Witt, state Chairman for the Kansas Equality Coalition. “She took an oath as both judge and state representative to uphold the Constitution. We insist that Representative Kinzer and she be immediately removed as Chair and Ranking Minority from the House Judiciary Committee. Legislators who willfully ignore the Constitution should never be in positions of leadership and responsibility.”

    The Hutchinson Chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition is organizing a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of Representative Pauls’ actions, to take place Thursday, March 17, in downtown Hutchinson. The demonstration will begin at 6pm, and will take place at the intersections of Main and Avenues A and B.

    • I thought the same thing — that the state leggies obviously have nothing important to do so they keep spending their time (time we pay them for!) finding people to pick on. Certainly would be too much to ask them to find people to help, wouldn’t it!?

      • They are republicans for the most part so I guess we shouldn’t expect much. They’ve never shown any indication they’re capable of much more than screaming they are against government while making sure government puts her nose in everyone’s private business!

      • indypendent

        For the most part, these Republicans are also professing Christians and want the Ten Commandments posted everywhere.

        I would like to ask them which one of the Ten Commandments says ‘Thou Shalt Not Be Homosexual’?

        But I do notice there are two of those ten commandments that alot of those pious Republicans continually break – the adultery and the bearing false witness.

        Maybe that is what is really behind these folks’ insatiable thirst to punish homosexuals. If everyone is doing that, then no one will be watching these folks lying while they are out tomcatting around.

    • wicked

      Lynch the homophobes!

  3. prairie pond

    Hi Wicked and Fnord. Sorry I was working on my post and didn’t see your posts.

    • Good morning, PP! Always good to see you! Do you have snow? Are the roads passable?

      • prairie pond

        Heh, Fnord, we’ve had another 8-10 inches of snow over the past two days. The sun is out today, and it should melt some. The roads? I don’t know. I’ve been home the last two days and will be staying home again today.

        Summer and Lucky are happy to have Mom home. They take such joy in torturing me and then snuggling with me.


  4. There was an article in this morning’s local paper about a bunch of soldiers who have money coming from the government. The way this story was told is the gov has been trying in many ways to give this money away, yet haven’t met with as much success as desired. The soldiers have been receiving an average of $3,800.

    — snip —
    “The Defense Department said Tuesday that as of last week it had spent only $300 million of $534 million approved by Congress as special pay for service members forced after Sept. 11, 2001, to serve beyond their enlistment terms — a controversial practice called “stop-loss.”

    The money was approved in 2009 and troops were supposed to claim it by October 2010. But Congress has extended the deadline for a fourth time — to March 18.”

    I wonder why?

    Did Congress approve too much and maybe every soldier qualified for the payment has indeed collected it?

    Do people pay such little attention they are oblivious? If this is the case and you can’t get their attention to give them money any other attempts to get them to listen seemed doomed.

    The article mentioned they may be leery and apprehensive the gov wants to reel them back into service. Really?

    Here’s the article, what do you think?

  5. Some more about this ever-more interesting group “Anonymous.”

    “A leader of the computer hackers group known as Anonymous is threatening new attacks on major U.S. corporations and government officials as part of an escalating “cyberwar” against the citadels of American power.”

    • wicked

      It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

      Go, Anonymous!

      • prairie pond

        Ditto on that, Wicked. I want them to leak dirt about our corporate masters. Not that it would do any good with the koch suckers.

      • It appears the group’s specialty is DDOS attacks, rather than leaks. There exist legal issues there, but they have to be caught, of course. Spoofing ip addresses is just one arrow in the quiver, as I understand things.

    • wicked

      It’s not wise to mess with computer hackers. 😉 WBC found out how true that is.

  6. indypendent

    Jon Stewart – he is a force the Republicans under-estimate. If they thought John McCain dissing David Letterman did not matter in the 2008 campaign, Jon Stewart has had alot more time to do his best work on the GOPPERS.

  7. indypendent

    Wisconsin Walker must be feeling the heat……so now he tries to appear like he is willling to compromise……..but is his heart in it?

    What struck me as familiar is the exorbitant requested printing fee of $30,000 for emails requested by various media outlets.

    Hmmm…..$30,000 just for printing emails…..exactly how many emails are we talking about here? $30,000 sounds like a lot of money. Maybe the printer of these emails is also the guy that wants $7.5 million to clean up the capitol?

    P.S. – an article I read yesterday stated that Wisconsin Walker was willing to bargain with union for certain issues on the condition that BOTH sides agree to bring up the issue.

    Hmmm…….that stipulation BOTH is where I think Wisconsin Walker is placing his bet. What would prevent Wisconsin Walker to stiff the Union workers if they do compromise with him and then Walker decides to NOT bring up the issue – thereby making the compromise moot. After all, the wording does state BOTH sides have to agree to bring up the issue.

    That seems to be a big loophole for Walker and fellow elephants to sleaze through……

  8. wicked

    Someone posted in a comment on the Ice Center article about the old Alaskan ice and roller skating rink. I learned to roller skate there when I was 5 and spent many Saturdays skating with friends. I remember my dad telling me it had been a popular ice rink for skating and hockey in the forties. I can believe it. At least one side, if not two, of the rink was lined with seating. A thick, wooden railing encircled the rink. I was always careful not to get a splinter from it. 🙂

    To my surprise, while looking for other information today in Wichita Century, a book about Wichita from 1870-1970, I saw a reference made to the Alaskan Ice Palace. I haven’t been able to find any information about the place, and couldn’t even remember where it was located. The person mentioned above who commented said it was on Hydraulic. I’d love to know more! I have lots of memories of skating there from the ’50s into the early ’60s.

  9. indypendent

    You’ve got to read this….if for nothing else but a good laugh at how stupid some people can be and how they want so desperately to believe the unbelievable…..

    Please remember, Newt is talking to Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) – aka Televangelist Pat Robertson……and Gang….

    Don’t miss the cherry on top of all this pile of crap- Newt only did those wrong things because he is so passionate and he cares about America. This not the funny part – neither is the part where he asked his 2nd wife to tolerate his affair.

    I’m telling you folks – if this is the Religious Right’s idea of family values and a good moral man to be president – no wonder these fake Christians are the laughing stock of the country – and perhaps that is why the younger people are turning them out. Which leads to why Republicans don’t want younger people to vote…….It’s a vicioius cycle, isn’t it?

    • ‘Noot’ makes Christianity look like a joke! Christians should speak out loudly when stupid stuff is attributed to Christianity.

      Someone said the media is worried about what in the world they’ll fill the airwaves with unless someone viable comes along to challenge Obama. Maybe while the media is airing stupid stuff like this they’ll accomplish killing two birds with one stone — everyone will recognize the media is grasping at straws while the Noots / Becks / Palins… are given enough rope to hang themselves.

      • indypendent

        What is more troubling to me is the fact the Catholic Church seems to be complacent in this – because you noticed that Newt’s current (#3) is Catholic and told Newt about the beauty of annulment).

        Well – after I just heard that 21 priests in Philadelphia (I think?) were put on suspension due to child molestation charges.

        AGAIN????? – just how many years does it take the Catholic Church to finally come to grips with the reality they call their church rules?

      • indypendent

        The day the Catholic Church starts holding their own accountable (without the legal authorities making them do it) for their behaviors will be the day I believe the Catholic Church really cares about the sanctity of life.

        There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see….

        may God have mercy on their souls..

    • indypendent

      Where was Rep Peter King and the rest of these loyal Christian patriots when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P Murah Bulding in OKC?

      Why wasn’t there huge outcry from these folks for an investigation into all military-trained, white male Christians that hated the government? That OKC boming was an act of terrorism.

      Why wasn’t there a huge outcry from these folks for an investigation in to all the abortion clinic domestic terrorists that bomb and kill in the name of their God? This is also domestic terrroism.

      And for God’s sake – when will these fake Christians stop whining about being persecuting just because their kids was told they could hand out Valentines cards to their classmates because they had the salvation plan written on them.

      Seriously – a salvation plan on a Valentines Day card?

      I suspect all hell would break loose from those same fake Christians if a classmate of one of their little precious darlings gave out Valentines Day cards from a different religion with their version of the salvation plan.

      That is the trouble with these fake Evangelical Christians – they demand religion on THEIR terms – not the Constitution’s terms- and that is just one reason why the politics of today is so deeply divided.

      Wherever you have a group of fake Evangelical Christians – you’re going to find a nasty feudal fight and greed – because the golden rule to these fake Christians means the gold belongs to them.

      • indypendent

        told they could hand = told they could NOT hand

      • danieljacobjingleheimer

        Are you now or have you ever been an adherent of the Islamic faith?

      • indypendent

        Is that question to me?

        If so, no I have never been a member of the Islamic faith.

        I was in the fundamental Evangelical Christian movement through the mid-70’s and that was enough for me.

        I still believe in god and my faith – but these Evangelicals have taken Christianity into another realm – and it is not one that is even remotely close to the original Christianity.

        Let’s just say – I think Jesus would be turning over alot of tables in these Evangelical Christian churches and calling them all fakes and deceivers.

      • “Are you now or have you ever been an adherent of the Islamic faith?”

        Today’s McCarthyism.

        Be afraid, be very afraid…

      • wicked

        Exactly, fnord. I’m sure that’s what our friend was getting at. 🙂

      • indypendent

        I don’t know what our friend was getting at but I answered the question honestly.

        Nobody needs to be telling me so……..

      • indypendent

        wicked & fnord – the last sentence in my last comment was not directed towards you two…..

        I only threw that in as a way of communicating as to what I suspect is really happening here….

      • prairie pond

        “Let’s just say – I think Jesus would be turning over alot of tables in these Evangelical Christian churches”

        heheheh. Maybe YOUR Jesus, but NOT supply side jesus!!! Or his twin brother republican jesus.


    • wicked

      But you see, there has to be something that creates fear. Muslims are currently the bogeyman. Well, they have been for almost 10 years, I guess. (Damn, where did that ten years go?) And see how well the Evangelical Christians are being used to help spread that fear…and hate. So maybe we should round up all these Muslims and put them in camps, the way we did the Japanese in the ’40s? Nationality, religion, what’s the difference? And then we can go one step farther. We can round up all those who aren’t real Christians. That would include the Catholics, I’m sure, and the Mormons, not to mention those who don’t subscribe to any specific faith. Then we can take it down to the Born Agains and Evangelicals.

      Scary, huh?

      • indypendent

        And to help keep that fear going – these Conservative Republicans continue to bear false witness against Obama by spreading the lie of Obama’s birthplace.

        And let’s not forget – Obama must be a Muslim because he has that funny first name and that second name is definitely Muslim.

        Like I said before – if the Ten Commandments are the top ten sins – then aren’t these fine self-professing, pontification and pious Christians breaking the 9th Commandment on a routine basis?

        There is nothing so vicious and pure evil than a bunch of sanctimonius and self-righteous people who think God has chosen them to be His warriors.

      • prairie pond

        And when they are not persecuting ALL Muslims, they are putting the thumb screws to us queers. And women, if there’s still enough daylight left in the day.

        So much bigotry, so little time….

  10. OT — The opening game of the Big 12 tourney is frustrating and a snoozer. Neither team wants to win. I wish the game would end and put me out of my misery. I guess another option is for me to get up and walk away.

    Me walk away from a Big 12 basketball game — Naaaahhhh, probably not gonna happen.

    See, stupidity takes many shapes and happens outside politics. 😉

  11. prairie pond

    Indy–“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the communist party” was McCarthy’s famous question during his witch hunts in the 1950’s.

    I read that somewhere else today as something we should ALL be asking Peter King, with the “Islamic religion” insertion instead of communism. I don’t think Daniel meant that as a challenge to you. He’s just saying what we ALL should be saying to these wingnuts.

    Keep up the good fight against the christianists. I love those posts and your relentless exposure of “those people!”

    • indypendent

      When I first read Daniel’s comment, I did not even think about McCarthy . I just answered the question honestly. And that is how I feel everyone should be – honest and open.

      But I do know the history of all that McCarthy hatefest – and if you will remember – McCarthy was from Wisconsin…..I wonder if it is something in their water or cheese?

      As you may or may have not gotten my subtleness as to my last sentence in that comment, I have also had past experience with people who have not be so honest. That is why I am very cynical sometimes.

      I know why Evangelicals don’t like me – I tell them back and asked too many damn questions.

      let’s just say I knew right away I was not cut out to be a lifetime member of the Stepford Evangelical Christian Wives Club.

      Want a chuckle – I had to take a Preacher’s wife class and a Courtship and Marriage class in order to graduate from that fundamental Baptist College. Hell – I was there to get my Business Administration degree – not to land some damn Baptist preacher.

      But I digress – women were told in both classes that we were to never cut our hair and to always a pretty hairbow in order to keep our husbands happy. Believe me – the only thing those horn dogs needed was a breathing woman (or man as it turned out).

      Another funny thing – my Preacher’s Wife class was taught by the daughter of a famous evangelist. Her husband was the choir director at our college. One day in my senior year – the choir director ran off with his lover – the Drama teacher . Talk about the holy -rolling sermon that night!!!

      Whoooshhh………the tales I could tell would make a prostitute blush……

      • indypendent

        not to land some damn Baptist preacher.

        After re-reading this – I had to laugh. I did marry a Baptist preacher two years after graudating from that college. But, alas, he was an American Baptist and my fundamental Baptist preacher told me I was marrying the Devil himself.

        Suffice to say – that is when I broke all ties with the fundamental Evangelicals.

        Even my husband’s church members turned on me for coming from ‘that’ church – so we both broke all ties with the American Baptist and any group that has Baptist in its name.

        We have been people that enjoy attending different churches to learn the different ideas. Like I said, my faith in God has not changed. But my faith in the so-called fundamental Evangelical/Baptist churches have certainly changed.

        BTW – I never did wear a pretty hairbow for my husband – and we’ve been married for 34 years and counting.

      • indypendent

        Oh – I failed to put in the most important part to my little story about the choir director and his lover – the Drama teacher was MALE…..

        Maybe now this addition to my story will mame more sense as to why I put the paranthesis around (or man as it turned out).

        ** I really do need to learn to re-read my posts before I hit that send button.


      • 6176746f6c6c65

        The important question, indy, is whether your tales would make a lawyer blush. 🙂

  12. indypendent

    Daniel – if I offended you or made you feel uncomfortable, I do apologize.

    • danieljacobjingleheimer


      No worries…

      The question was rhetorical and meant to draw a parallel between Rep. King’s hearing and McCarthy’s hearings in the fifties.

      I haven’t quite figured out to correctly utilize the ‘reply’ function around here.

  13. I wanna hear the tales… 😉

    • indypendent

      My kids have told me I should write a book.

      First, we’ll have to actually meet in person one day soon because there are hand gestures involved in some of my college stories…


      • indypendent

        My son, the artist, has even offered his illustrative services for the pictures in my book.

        Do you think it would be a big hit?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Ah, another person who utilizes various extremities in conversation. Bless you, indy.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      So do I!

  14. indypendent

    On a serious note – I really do not care how anybody else worships or who their God is – but the Evangelical Christians are the ones trying to ram their version of Christianity down everyones’ throat – and that is what I find the most disturbing.

    God and Christianity get alot of the blame for what these fake church people do and say.

    My god is a loving god and a forgiving god. Their god is a vengeful and intolerant god (unless, of course, you happen to one of the Stepford Group – then you get to do anything you want and God looks the other way.)

    Like I’ve said before – there are some genuine and real Christians – but they are not the ones with the loudest mouths.

    One of finest Christian man I ever knew was a preacher of a little church in the middle of nowhere. He rarely got his pay because the offering money barely covered the costs to open the doors. But he was a retired man who enjoyed sharing his faith, love and compassion for his fellow human beings.

    And that – is what genuine and real Christianity is all about to me – being willing to share your love, compassion and your faith with anyone else and helping to make the path of someone else a little less burdensome.

    But you know what – that sweet little old man never had a new car or a new fancy suit – but he was the richest man in that little church because he had friends and the love of everyone in that church.

    That is the faith this country needs to get back to – and I don’t many any certain denomination. I mean we need to get back to the premise that people care about each other.

    I’ve had enough of this fake church crap to last me a lifetime.

  15. Today I had some news that rattled me and got me to thinking about our little “dog walking” blog.

    I want to say this, please.

    I’m happy I get to visit a place every day and converse with people who care whether me and my dog are happy!

    Steven used to email me on a fairly regular basis to tell me it was time to get together. Here’s an email I received from Steven on 11/5/09 and it’s representative of those I’d find in my inbox regularly:


    Hope you and yours are doing well. I would like to see you, and others you’d suggest, soon, for lunch, next week.

    (some stuff here I’m not going to put on the blog, mostly about what was going on with the blog)

    I’d like to see you, and others, next week after Monday. Let me know. I will help with invitations, too.


    He needed to keep in contact with us. That’s what this blog is all about — US, the people who do really care what one another are doing, including walking our dogs!

    • indypendent

      I totally agree……

      Life is too short to be fighting the same political points with the same people 24/7 and nothing ever gets resolved.

    • Freebird1971

      You really need to join us for breakfast some time.

  16. OT

    The “Birthday Brownies” turned out very well. The younger decided she wasn’t going to share with her co-workers. I’ve been permitted a small taste, and I’m impressed. Better to be lucky than good, sometimes at least.

    • indypendent

      Glad to hear the brownies were a hit.

      BTW – do lawyers blush easily? There are some of my college tales that will also make you fall off your chair laughing so hard you might want to double up on your drawers!

      Who knew living with fundies for a few short years would give me such interesting tales to tell?

      Let’s just make it clear – when they say the most religious make the biggest freaks – bellieve them.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Others will tell you that lawyers don’t blush at all. I disagree; while I’ve never seen a female lawyer blush, I think I saw a male colleague blush 30 years ago. Of course, my memory isn’t what it was…

    • Was there any question of how good they would taste?

      I’m gonna disagree about better to be lucky — when you’re good, you’re good and then sometimes you get lucky too!

  17. 6176746f6c6c65

    Speakin of DdoS attacks, see for what seems to be a trivial solution.