Read it and Weep

Wis. GOP bypasses Dems, cuts collective bargaining

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Senate succeeded in voting Wednesday to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers, after Republicans outmaneuvered the chamber’s missing Democrats and approved an explosive proposal that has rocked the state and unions nationwide.



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29 responses to “Read it and Weep

  1. Freedomwriter

    Boo! Hiss! I feel like I’m living in Libya! Well let’s see if there is a public backlash in the next elections.

  2. How can you strip the bill of of everything involving appropriating funds and still call it a budget repair bill?

    There should be a public backlash sooner than the next election, at least in Wisconsin.

  3. Do you think it could be a trap to get the democrats back and then present a bill with a quorum present?

  4. danieljacobjingleheimer

    No time for weeping.

    If you have a few spare bucks you might consider sending a few to the folk coordinating the recall petition drives against 8 of the Republican state Senators.

  5. wicked

    I heard recall could come as soon as April.

    Really, this was crushing…until I got really PO’d.

  6. Very sad state of affairs when the legislature can be hijacked like this. Problem is someone will now put a referendum on the next ballot and not only wipe out all the bad parts (which it should) but ultimately costs the states more money as any parts that may have been reasonably negotiated are wiped out too

  7. Was what Scott Walker did legal?

    Assuming Scott Walker’s procedural maneuvering last night was legal — and, as I’ll explain in a moment, there are some questions about that — then it was also legitimate. Certainly as legitimate as the Democrats fleeing the state to deny the Republicans quorum. They did something procedurally extraordinary to stop the bill from being passed, and he did something procedurally extraordinary to get the bill passed.

    • The comments to the opinion piece linked above are interesting.

    • indypendent

      I heard one of those 14 Wisconsin Democrat Senators that what they fear will happen would be if they return to the Capitol later today or tomorrow, then Walker and Gang will do the old bait and switch routine – and go ahead and pull out the original budget repair bill and will only vote on that one.

      I don’t know that much about legislative procedures and I really do not know anything about Wisconsin’s procedures – but if the open meetings requrirement was not met last night – then perhaps that is how these Republicans will get what they passed last night thrown out of contention and then they will reinsert he original budget repair bill because that has yet to be voted on.

      But no matter what happens – I think Wisconsin Walker and Gang have touched off a firestorm of resentment – and not just in Wisconsin. The Republicans will have to face the music for the antics of Walker in the 2012 election – and I do think this will be a big factor.

      let’s remember – this is just one state. Republicans are doing this same kind of stuff all over the country. Personally, I think the Republicans are going to pay a very heavy price in 2012. But perhaps that is what they know already?

      I think they know 2012 is a lost cause for them to capture the White House. So maybe they are just trying to get as much of their partisan idealogue into the states because they will see this as a victory?

      Or perhaps the Republicans are just plain mean spirited and bullies?

      • At this point they have no candidate who could win against President Obama. Who knows what circumstances will change or who may step forward? It’s too soon.

        But gaining a majority in the Senate while keeping their House majority would gain them more than the presidency. Their pride might be hurt that they have to put up with a person they loathe sitting in the oval office but the real impact would be in Congress.

        Maybe they’re counting on many new bright and shiny objects between now and then. History would be on their side. People pay little attention and forget easily.

  8. indypendent

    Actually what happened in Wisconsin has been happening all too often throughout history.

    As I was talking about Evangelicals yesterday, these Wisconsin Republican Senators reminded me of just how the Fundies operate. There is usually a ring leader and then all the wannabe hanger ons have to be the ‘cool’ guy and follow their ring leader and the entire group is then the bullies of the crowd.

    I suspect this problem of increased bullying in our society has alot to do with the more prominent role these Fundies have played in the political scene.

    Then to make matters worse – these corporate masters uses these fundies to further cause division.

    We’ve all seen it happen before – haven’t we? Some church members get mad and try to bully and take over. Either they succeed and keep the original church or they go off on their own to be the ‘purist’ christians.

    I find this more than interesting that Wisconsin Walker is a proud professed Evangelical Christian and many of his wannabe’s are of the same stripe.

    But take a look back at how these so-called Christians have referred to the protesters as – slobs, unemployed with no where to go and nothing to do.

    When did Jesus ever call a working person a slob?

    WWJD? I think Jesus would certainly be kicking some pious butts about now. Maybe all this wild weather is really God just trying to tell these fake Christians to STFU….

    • One thing about our world today — it is usually caught on camera or at least the audio is captured. Kinda puts to rest “his word against mine.”

      • indypendent

        Even with videos and audio – if people are unwilling to see the truth – they will still be yelling at the top of their lungs.

      • I agree, but it does show what was said, to whom it was said, tone of voice used, if on film it even shows facial expressions. So the ‘he said she said’ argument is moot.

      • indypendent

        But what if Fox News and/or Andrew Breitbart and/or James O’keefe is making that video – there have been numerous questions as to whether these folks have doctored their videos.

        That’s what I meant by those who refuse to see – will still be blind.

      • There’s usually multiple cameras recording at most public events anymore. Not only the news media but most everyone has the capability to video record on their phones. This makes it much more difficult to perpetuate a fraud via tampering with the recordings. There are those of “us” that love nothing more than exposing a fraud by producing factual information.

      • indypendent

        You make an excellent point Moonshadow…

        There has been more than once that Fox News’ handiwork has been exposed.

        My persona favorite was when the video tape of the unruly Wisconsin protesters in front of palm trees.

        Palm trees in Wisconsin in the winter – you ask??

        Exactly……….I wonder why so many loyal Fox News watchers of that same video never noticed the palm trees? Those must be the blind folks that like to be blind….

  9. Published on Thursday, March 10, 2011 by The Wisconsin State Journal
    ‘General Strike!’ Thousands Storm, Reoccupy Wisconsin Capitol in Response to Legislative Votes
    “We’re not leaving. Not this time.”
    by the State Journal staff

    Thousands of protesters rushed to the state Capitol on Wednesday night as word spread of the hastily called votes that sent Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial bill limiting collective bargaining rights for public workers speeding through the Legislature.

    • indypendent

      There was also a report of new security guards at the Capitol and this time they have riot gear.

      Riot gear for what has been a peaceful protest for going on the past month?

      Me thinks the Guv is in desperation mode…..

      • Fox News can pull out some footage of angry crowds to edit into scenes of security guards in riot gear and all of ‘Fox Nation’ will believe it. It’s easy to fool those whose minds are made up about what they want to be happening. Bet they’re more careful with the editing process.

        I did hear people who entered the capitol last night are now being forcibly removed so they’ll have that footage and the ability to spin it.

      • indypendent

        this report that I heard was confirmed by a Wisconsin Democrat Assembly woman.

        This entire situation will be interesting to watch.

        I think every public servant in Wisconsin should all call in sick for a week or two. And then if they get terminated, then sue the state for wrongful termination and they should all demand their retirement money in one lump sum.

        Wisconsin Walker is not going to look very good with all those parents sending their kids to school without any teachers. Or the streets will not be maintained. Or the police and/or fire dept does not respond.

        I wonder how long before Wisconsin Walker will look like a ‘big man’ to his constituents then? – even those that voted for him.

      • lastlightbreaking

        The Governor is too young to have lived through Kent State, Watts, and the Vietnam war protests; he doesn’t appreciate what an aroused electorate can do with strikes and protests.

        IMHO what we are seeing is the difference between political cat-fights and a real threat to our democracy.

        When all that is going on is a cat-fight, we get fat and drowsy. We don’t turn out at the polls; we are politically comatose.

        Republican politicians have underestimated the American middle class; we have always responded to real attacks on our liberty.

        This is a real issue and the American middle-class is becoming fully engaged. Walker can hire all the thugs he wants and it won’t mater. People would rather be arrested or beaten than submit.

        I think the Wisconsin workers will strike if (when) Walker signs the bill, and he has to sign the bill.

        He’s riding the tiger, and can’t get off.

      • He’s not just young, also not too bright and bought and paid for.

        I hope you’re right about the American middle class! To put what is happening into perspective and see just how far off the “right cliff” we’ve fallen, here’s a 1980 quote from Ronald Reagan:

        “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.”

      • indypendent

        Let’s not forget that Ronald Reagan himself was the president of a union – he bargained for pension and health care benefits for himself and his fellow Hollywood actors.

        So if it’s okay for St. Ronnie – why is it so bad now?

      • I see the actions and agendas of today’s GOP making no sense because they themselves are nonsensical.

        They are unable to see why governing must be clearly separated from religion and that corporations serve a purpose but should not be put in control so also must be separated. Today’s GOP is so in awe of wealth they’ve lost their humanity.

  10. indypendent

    The one thing that I never hear anyone talk about is how these Republicans profess to be against wealth redistribution but they are all for taking the working class taxpayer dollars and giving them to the corporate masters.

    How is that NOT redistributing the wealth?

    I know, I know…..that trickle down theory B.S. that Reagan used as a big con scam that was nothing more than the old shell game.

    Maybe that is why these same folks don’t like science being taught? Everyone knows that any plant gets his nourishment through it’s roots and the roots are not generally found on top…….

    • indypendent

      I heard one analyst saying that Wisconsin Walker and the rest of his GOP Gang are making the Reagan Democrats run back to the Democratic Party in droves.