Sunday, 3/6/11, Public Square


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  1. fragotwofortwo

    happy sunday triple p

    Scientists try to determine whether life on Earth is quickly heading toward extinction

    Nadia Drake
    Posted: 03/03/2011 08:45:02 AM PST
    Updated: 03/03/2011 08:45:17 AM PST

    Life on Earth is hurtling toward extinction levels comparable with those after the dinosaur-deleting asteroid impact of 65 million years ago, propelled forward by human activities, according to scientists from UC Berkeley.
    This week, scientists announced that if current extinction rates continue unabated, and vulnerable species disappear, Earth could lose three-quarters of its species as soon as three centuries from now.
    “That’s a geological eyeblink,” said Nicholas Matzke, a graduate student at UC Berkeley and author of a paper describing the doom-and-gloom scenario. “Once you lose species, you don’t get them back. It takes millions of years to rebound from a mass extinction event.”
    This means that not too far in the future, backyards might not be buzzing with bees, bombarded by seagulls or shaded by redwood trees. And while that might seem far off, species already are disappearing on a global scale. In recent history, we’ve lost the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon, the Javan tiger and the Japanese sea lion, and now, maybe the eastern cougar — declared extinct by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday. Amphibians, mammals, plants, fish — none are immune to going the way of the dinosaurs, courtesy of the human impact on fragile ecosystems.
    Such enormous losses have only occurred five times in the past half-billion years, during events known as “mass extinctions.” The best-known of these events occurred 65 million years ago……………..

  2. fragotwofortwo

    fun with pvc pipe

  3. It’s a blog but he does provide links (I checked out some of them but not all). I would say this blogger would prove more honest than Gov. Walker.

    20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker

  4. I’d go for this plan!

    Bernie Sanders Calls for Surtax on Millionaires, Ending Breaks for Big Oil

  5. I don’t know for sure whether this scares the hell out of me or interests me. đŸ˜¦

    A virus so large it gets viruses

  6. I know we’re all repulsed by the Charlie Sheen saga, and it does seem the media can’t look away from the train wreck, but this is a take that hasn’t had enough attention.

    The Disposable Woman

    • indypendent

      The sad fact is, if Charlie Sheen were to suddenly return to television – he would be an instant hit – regardless of what the show is about.

      And I think this rather sad fact is due to one thing – money. Charlie Sheen has made alot of money for himself and everyone else at the network.

      You see, in America, I think we have sunk so low into the sewer that anything – and I mean anything – does not matter as much as money.

      And another sad fact is this – it is not only in the television celebrity world where money reigns supreme. It is in our politics, sports, corporations and in many of our churches and/or televangelists.

      Money is the only thing that matters to some people. And no matter what they have to do to get it – or to get more of it – they will justify their actions – even if it means they have to rewrite the Bible to do it,.

      It’s sad – really sad.