Saturday, 3/5/11, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    Oh, come on! The reason Mitt Romney will never be president is his mormonism. The racist, sexist, christianist repukes will never nominate a mormon, even though they claim to be christian just like the evangelicals.

    Let’s face it. The dominionist folks hate mormons, until they don’t. Just like when the catholic church teamed up with mormons to gin up the hate in Califormia regarding gay marriage. They love them some mormon money. The people? Not so much. They hate the people, until they don’t.

    Glenn Beck anyone?

    And yeah, there is that whole pesky romneycare thingy. IIRC, wasn’t that a big positive when mitt ran the first time? Now? Not so much.

    Wingnuts. Gotta love their wingnuttia.

    Or not…

  2. prairie pond

    And on another subject…

    I wonder how long the 14 stalwart Democrats in Wisconsin can hold out. Did you see where capital police tackled one of them when he tried to get back into the capital to retrieve some belongings and to meet with his constituents?

    I think the Democrats are under a lot of very vocal pressure from some of their homeys. Probably folks who never voted for them anyway. My liberal pharmacist friend said yesterday how is it that these Dems went from BEING the pressure to perhaps caving to the pressure? “Oh, I’m creating pressure, now I better stop?” Even though even the repuke Rasmussen says 60 percent of WI supports the public unions right to bargain collectively? WTF?

    I don’t envy those brave Democrats and their sacrifices for their position, but I’ll be very disappointed if they cave. ‘Cause ya know, Democrats do have that cave-in gene. Case in point?

    I see where the Dems in Congress caved to the house repuke demands on the budget to avoid a shut down. WHY did they believe in Keynesian principles during the stimulus fight two years ago, but now they cave and cut spending? Just when the economy needs it most?

    I told my physician the other day that if the weather were better in Canada, I’d have left this banana republic and moved there years ago!

  3. A cold day that doesn’t tempt me to be outside, nothing that has to be done, a day full of college basketball starting with KU at Mizzou. Ah, all is right with my world.

    • Which turned out well, albeit a bit nerve-wracking. Saw the end of ISU-KSU, settling in now for InSU-WSU. Then, Baylor-UT later (I’m aware of UNC-Duke, but not of primary importance).

  4. Monkeyhawk

    What’s happening in Wisconsin is an authentic grass-roots movement.

    That’s the big difference between us and the Tea-Baggers.

    Organized labor has done an awful job at PR. But now we see those union “thugs” are kindergarten teachers and EMTs. Oops.

    I’ve long thought it a shame people don’t know about their UPS drivers. I’ve seen ’em run in the night to deliver Christmas gifts on the 24th of December, just ’cause it’s their job.

    Did you know all those UPS people are Teamsters?

    • wicked

      From what I was told years ago by a UPS/friend driver, they aren’t allowed to return until all packages are delivered…especially at Christmas.

      • indypendent

        Isn’t it customary there is a helper on most UPS routes during the holidays to help with the speed of delivery?

        Is Fed Ex unionized? My son worked as an unloader for Fed Ex Ground one year. He was about 19 yrs old at the time. It was third shift and he had to unload the heavy cargo. He was told 2 times that his paycheck was being processed but that there was a glitch somewhere. By the 3rd time his paycheck was due and there was no paycheck – his supervisor offered to pay the kid cash from his pocket. Otherwise, the kid would have not gotten paid. Don’t know if it was a local problem or what – but it sure was a crappy way to treat an employee – IMHO

        Then on top of that – the kid was helping to unload one of the heavier items (a motor or something) and the entire weight of this thing came crashing down on him and his knee got twisted somehow. Ever since that time, he has had trouble with his knee.

        all in all, it was a terrible experience and the pay was not all that great either.

        But he was going to college and trying to make some extra money.

        I don’t use Fed Ex – I use either UPS or the Post Office for any delivery other than regular mail. And I don’t even use the regular mail that much anymore – I pay all my bills online and all my bills are e-billed online – so my mailbox is rarely even used. What I do get is junk mail. and who needs that?

  5. indypendent

    While on the Opinion Line this morning, I saw the usual GOPPERS spouting the $7.5 million price tag to clean up the mess left by the protesters in the Wisconsin Capitol.

    Hey wait a minute – I’ll do that clean up job for half that money – so Wisconsin Walker can then claim to have ‘saved’ his supporters a buttload of money.

    Seriously, when Republicans throw out this kind of made-up crap and then Fox News runs with it – it shows how desperate their side is to shut down any and all dissent from protesters.

    Seriously, if it is going to cost $7.5 million- maybe Wisconsin Walker is planning to give the no-bid contract to his family members?

    As I said – I’ll do the job for half that money…..

    Also – I wonder if the Tea Party cleaned up after themselves at every protest they held? Didn’t the City of Wichita had to pay for the clean up locally? How much did that cost us taxpayers.

    Inquiring minds want to know….

    • I’m sure harvesting the coconuts from the trees on the lawn was expensive! We’ve seen the lies and exaggerations — well that is everyone except those kept sheltered from the truth by Fox news.

      Did the normal cleaning crew clean during the last three weeks when the capitol bldg. was full? If they didn’t clean during that time period, did Gov. Walker pay them to not clean or was some savings realized from not having that expenditure the last few weeks? Yes, the Wisconsin republicans and Fox news would like to make these protesters into ugly sloppy and violent people, but they weren’t!

      How big is this capitol bldg.? $7.5 million? We could put our tiny number of bloggers to work and all become millionaires quickly! đŸ˜‰

      • indypendent

        This kind of outrageous attack on the protesters make the Wisconsin State Senator (R) Glen Grothmann (sp?) look like an amateur when he called the protesters all ‘slobs’ in his interview with Lawrence O’Donnell last week.

        If one listens very carefully to Republicans when they talk about their opponents -they will reveal their true colors. These folks seem to have this insatiable need to demonize everyone who dares to confront them.

        You’re right – our tiny number of bloggers would love to have that contract job for $7.5 million – huh?

        But you do bring up a good point – where was the cleaning crew during the last 3 weeks? Were they laid off – paid for work not done – or were they there working because I recall some protesters tellling a maintenance worker who was waxing the floor ‘thank you’ and the maintenance worker was quoted as saying the protesters were all peaceful, cooperative and nice people.

        So where in the Hell does $7.5 million come into play for this supposed cleaning?