How I Waste Time

My current laptop desktop. The wallpaer is a picture taken by a Colby College student, published in The Student Lens which delighted the alumna at my house. The dock is a personalized form of cairo-dock, a Linux application, replacing the normal bottom panel.


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  1. If you have to have winter it should be that beautiful. It reminds me of the black & white photos that use just one other color, usually red, in a limited way. But I know this is a color photo, not a black & white with one other color added. What kind of tree is that? It’s like nature decorated it and did a far superior job to what man could have done. Isn’t that usually the case!?

    I can’t comment on the geek part — I would prefer not to awe anyone with my stupidity.

    • I’ve no idea. The campus has a plethora of tree varieties, which, as one might imagine, keeps natural beauty present year around. When the alumna graduated in late May, 2008, the apple trees were in bloom, with the petals falling as the graduates were processing and recessing. Quite scenic.

  2. Some technical details:

    Operating System – Linux Mint 10, “Julia”, 32 bit.

    Theme – Orta GTK2

    Icon Theme – Faenza

    Suggested by

    Edit: Third icon from left is for Libre Office, fork of Open Office.

  3. wicked

    The berries make me think of China berries. I’m sure they aren’t, but that’s the color I heard while looking at them. đŸ™‚ Beautiful!

  4. Here’s a new group to rally with…