Tuesday, 3/1/11, Public Square

This little tool will help you find your ballot and candidates.  Vote — it is always important!


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  1. prairie pond

    I know this isnt a popular sentiment here, but I’m starting to go with the “don’t vote, it only encourages them” idea. But then, you all may still have some modicum of hope.

    After all, you don’t live out here in Dumfuckistan.

    • In my lifetime I don’t see me giving up my hope even if it is futile. Some days that hope gets me through. 😉

      I do believe it all begins at the local level — mostly that means there are those who are successful at hooking onto the public teat and managing not to let go no matter what. But, here’s where the hope comes in, and I still hope there are individuals with a strong desire to make a positive impact and they are able to overcome the high odds.

    • CapnAmerica

      Oh, sure, there may not be any jobs.

      But they let us keep our GUNS!

    • wicked

      Prairie Pond, I rarely vote in these small elections, especially now that we’re in the city. I don’t have a clue who’s who, so why risk a bad vote?

      Not sure I’ll vote in the next general, either. 😦

  2. I found this op-ed piece to be thought provoking. Although it’s told about Wisconsin, I found it indicative of the future we’re racing to achieve here in Kansas as well —

    The hollowing-out of Wisconsin

    The untold story of Walker’s plan is that it will accelerate the state’s race to the bottom as a low-wage, low-skill economy

    The current events in Wisconsin can be framed in four different story lines, each presenting a pair of conflicting interests: budget gaps and cuts (private v public sector); state government and business against labour unions (business v labour); can we the people afford the educational and health services we have (the haves v the have-nots); and corporations against entrepreneurs (big business v small business).

    The media focuses on and loves the first two stories. They fit in well with the “big picture” national politics and discussion. They are simple to tell. They capture headlines and agitate people.

    The other two are more complex and difficult to sell to the media and to the public.


  3. G-STIR

    GOP announces top pick for Offical Party Song: “I Me Mine”.

    • indypendent

      I think the GOP lives by the mantra – What is mine is mine and what is your’s is mine.

      then they get their fellow Christian Conservatives to rewrite the Bible to justify their agenda. Conservative Bible Project is headed by Andrew Schafly, son of the infamous Phyllis Schafley a GOP Conservative Republican activist.

      Who can argue when they claim God has given them his blessing on their agenda?

    • WSClark

      George is spinning in his urn.

  4. Great choices in the races on which I get to vote. City Council, major choice is between the Koch’s anointed one, and the GOBN candidate. Others are “fringe” candidates, in every sense of the word. School Board “at large”; I know who has spent the most money out my way, causing me to wonder why considering the post pays nothing in compensation, is very time consuming if one is doing it correctly, and thankless. Fine hand of the Koch’s may be involved here, too; frankly, haven’t cared enough to check it out. Mayor: know three of those running, including the incumbent, no warm and fuzzies there. Sigh.

    Another election where I hold my nose, or obstinately vote for the strangest mofo running; I’ll figure it out by time to vote, or, (always wanted to do this), “Call it in the air” as the quarter goes airborne…

    • Will you flip the coin while standing at the machine? I think most who might witness such a fun scene would totally understand and probably wish they’d done the same. Even if you decided to go with the “strangest mofo running” you still have choices a coin toss could help decide! 😉

    • indypendent

      My dauhter’s old boyfriend is running for mayor. He would be one of those fringe candidates – Malcom. When I knew him, he was a nice guy but as a mayor – he would have no chance to stand up to the good ol’ boys network.

      But, then again, who does have a fighting chance?

  5. OT: Your closet geek here. Have finally spent a bit of time to figure Gwibber out. Now, can follow both FB and Twitter, and post/tweet to both, all without leaving the comfort of the app. Now, if I can figure out a way to add Triple P, all will be good…

    Think I have determined the appropriate significant other qualifications: female, around my age, widowed, well educated, knowledge of Linux scripting language (BASH and otherwise), likes to write some code frequently; if a stroke survivor, must have deficiency on left side, so we are balanced. /jk

    • So you are actually fluent in at least THREE languages! Congratulations on your accomplishment, whatever it was… 😦

      You seem pleased so it’s gotta be a good thing and that’s what counts.

      • Gwibber is a Linux social networking/microblogging application. In addition to FB and Twitter, user can monitor accounts on Digg, Flickr, and others I forget. Integrate with Empathy, can manage a variety of IM accounts, too. Long-winded way to say have figured out a more efficient way to procrastinate. 🙂

      • BTW, obtained a Twitter account for the purpose of following Jay Bilas (ESPN MBB analyst, former Duke center, and a fellow attorney) whose tweets are more than humorous, for the most part. Worth considering for any knucklehead like I who pays way too much attention to NCAA D 1 mens basketball.

      • My oldest daughter tweets as does her oldest son (the one who graduated Whitman last spring). I have been led to where I can read them, and forgot to drop bread crumbs so never found my way back. Of note: my grandson was contacted a few months ago by a man he had never met but one who had been ‘following’ grandson’s tweets. Turns out the man owns an ad agency in Portland, had been able to investigate / evaluate grandson’s work beginning at his tweets which led to website and portfolio, offered him a great job which he accepted. Grandson is ecstatic in his new position!

        ‘Things’ are done differently today!

    • wicked

      I use Tweet Deck for my Twitter, which allows me to send posts to FB, and I can also read posts from FB. There are days I forget to even open it, but I’ve been adding a couple of my *favorite* people, including Neil Diamond and Nathan Fillion (Castle). It breaks us the boredom of working and offers some humor, not to mention gives me a reason to get it running. 😉

  6. indypendent

    Just heard that Wisconsin Walker is playing a political game (oh say it ain’t so….??) by stating his budget repair bill has to be passed in order for Wisconsin to refinance their debt.

    It seems that $165 million (I think that was the amount) for the debt payment due in May has already been allocated by Walker to balance his budget.

    Walker simply wants the right to fire public employees so he can privatize the same services to those private contractors who are on the sidelines just foaming at the mouth to get all those fat contracts.

    Let me see…….I wonder who will get those contracts?????

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out – does it?

    • I read some on this earlier in the week and it seems what he wants to do about the state’s debt is push it down the road a few years — like 15 or so years at great cost down the road!

      • indypendent

        And the surprise is????? Isn’t that what all ‘good’ Republicans do??


        Now to be fair – Democrats do the same kicking down the road……but at least the Democrats give the middle class more of the crumbs off the wealthiest tables.

  7. Geek humor: BASH=Bourne Again SHell. Google will be your friend.

    • When the ‘geeks’ in my family are talking I hear about open source and they all favor it, but I know almost enough to be dangerous by spreading misinformation. 😦

  8. Oldest daughter was telling me of some of her adventures in Asia. She said in Beijing the only way to reliably get someplace on time is to use public transportation. Their subways and buses are so jam-packed that people are touching on all sides — not just touching but pressed against one another. You find a place to position your face so you’re not squishing your ability to breathe. Traffic is so congested they have to control cars on the road like we ration watering in the heat of summer (address ends in an odd number you may water Tuesday). If you own a car and your auto license ends in an odd number you may drive Monday, Wednesday and Fridays; license ends in even number then you drive Tuesday, Thursday… It takes a great deal of wealth to be able to own two cars! There are official tags that she guessed belonged to those of wealth and / or positions of power that allowed them to drive all days.

    • indypendent

      I am scratching my head as to why Republicans are so dead set against this high speed rail that Obama is trying to push.

      If we truly want to be off foreign oil (and maybe I answered my own head-scratching question??-LOL) – then why are we not trying to get more alternative modes of transportation in this country?

      But then again, as I noted previously, why did Reagan take off those solar panels on the White House roof?

      I guess he was too busy trying to get ketchup classified as a vegetable for the school lunches and that little Iran-Contra affair thingy…..

      • Republicans make NO sense and often their own words or actions cancel out anything that might have been thought to be sensible.

        Take for instance today’s meme, “We’re broke, what part of that don’t you understand? We’re broke, we must cut spending! Everyone has to sacrifice”

        How many months ago were they fighting tooth and nail to renew those tax cuts for people who are wealthy beyond reason? Those whose wealth was acquired often not due to legal, moral or any other methods that we should admire! In fact, many of those they wanted so badly to enjoy more years of historically low taxes became wealthy by virtue of the rest of us losing our jobs and sometimes our lifetime savings. So the Republicans are saying everyone except the most wealthy who screwed the rest of us over should sacrifice. I simply can’t take anything they say seriously. They’re trying the same tired and proven to be losing solutions. They may not have learned anything from the last time they were in charge, but many of us watched them, saw them fail and take us down with them, and we learned the lessons available.

  9. Daily Show: Crisis in Dairyland – Angry Curds
    Rather than ending tax cuts for the wealthy or closing corporate tax loopholes, Republicans want to get money from the teachers.


    • indypendent

      What do you really think will happen in Wisconsin today?

      I am willing to bet Wisconsin Walker will follow through with his threat of layoff notices for at least 1500 public workers. I say this because I suspect this was the guy’s plan all along and not even the passage of his so-called ‘budget repair’ bill would prevent that from happening.

      But I also bet the guy will venture even further onto that shaky tree limb and lay off even more public workers next week.

      I think he will continue on this path of destruction until he is taken out politicallyl. And I predict the moderate Republicans in the Senate will be the ones that take this guy out of the picture politically.

      There is already one moderate Republican willing to vote against Walker’s budget repair bill and he only needs one more moderate Republican to join him in defeating Walker’s plans.

      Nothing will defeat Walker’s plans until his own party starts to shake some sense into his head. I do find it interesting the Republican National Governor’s group started running telelvision ads supporting Walker.

      If Walker has the majority of Wisconsin voters behind him – then why the ads?

      • indypendent

        I wonder if a boycott of everything Wisconsin is even in the formation stage?

        Has anyone heard?

  10. G-STIR

    No more Limberger at breakfast for me!

  11. indypendent

    And by their fruits ye shall know them….

    Why am I not surprised this guy is from Louisiana? Deep south, anti-gay christian preacher in a park with kids playing and two witnesses that saw what he did – how could he possibly defend himself – oh but he does give it the old Bible college try.

  12. indypendent

    And yet another example of by their fruits ye shall know them…

    I guess firing this part-time professor was necessary but the cover up of the pedophile priests done by their Catholic Church leaders was somehow okay?

    I am still waiting for the Catholic Church to kick out those church leaders who covered up everything -especially those ones who got promoted.

    the Catholic Church has lost all credibility on any family value or moral issue – IMHO.

  13. So ole home-grown, just like the ordinary folks Huckabee misspoke twice in the same interview when he said President Obama grew up in Kenya. Never mind that the truth is President Obama spent part of his youth in Indonesia, not Kenya. The president’s biological father was Kenyan, and Obama barely knew him. What a doofus Huckabee is! And, he’s one of the front runners for the 2012 GOP nomination. 😉


    • indypendent

      Huckabee knows he very little chance at the nomination but has absolutely zero chance without his fellow birthers……perhaps this was a wink and nod to that particular group?

  14. Regulators Reject Proposal That Would Bring Fox-Style News to Canada

    Canada’s Radio Act requires that “a licenser may not broadcast….any false or misleading news.” The provision has kept Fox News and right wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom. As a result of that law, Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage including the kind of foreign affairs and investigative journalism that flourished in this country before Ronald Reagan abolished the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987.

    • indypendent

      I am reminded of a line in an old John Candy movie – Canadians are like Americans only without guns.

      I think that was true at one time…..but Canadians have surpassed us on so many levels – health care, education, overall satisfaction of its citizens

      I would move there in a minute if it was not so dang cold up there…..

  15. I highly recommend this blog post. Both the content and the pictures are worth the time —


    • wicked

      Just makes me want to cry.

      Even worse, we could be much the same here in Dumbfuckistan. (hats off to pp)

  16. CapnAmerica

    I voted.

    GO OM!

  17. CapnAmerica

    If you have an hour to spare, quick turn on Channel 8 (KPTS).

    At 8 PM, they’re showing a Frontline special that is excellent–College, Inc–about the For Profit colleges now plaguing our education system. The filthy rich get richer on the bent backs of poor students and federal funding.

    Outrageous . . .

    • indypendent

      Oh, but that taxpayer money being given to the already wealthy private colleges is okay – as long as they vote for every little R on the ballot.

      I wonder how much evil government money is sent to all those fundamental christian private colleges and all their other ‘endeavors’?

  18. CapnAmerica

    University of Phoenix spends 10 percent of tuition on teacher salaries.

    It spends 25 percent on advertising.


  19. I’m a little late getting here. Spent the afternoon baking bierocks for a fund raiser.

    Did any of you see the latest from Fox News…

    Palm trees in Wisconsin?

    • I’m sure there is some illogical excuse that will be bought hook line and sinker by their viewers. Their viewers aren’t known for critical thinking skills, thus no effort is required to lead them around by the nose. They convinced them long ago of that ‘fair and balanced’ nonsense.